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Veille mensuelle bibliographique : Le Rift de l’Afrique de l’Est

Septembre 2021

21 – Characteristics and formation mechanism of the Olkaria geothermal system, Kenya revealed by well temperature data

Y Shi, E Rop, Z Wang, G Jiang, S Wang, S Hu – Geothermics, 2021

… Abstract. The Olkaria geothermal system located on the Red Sea – Gulf of Aden –
East African Rift high-temperature geothermal belt is a typical rift-volcanic geothermal
system. The formation of this system is closely related with …

20 – Nature of the crust beneath the islands of the Mozambique Channel: Constraints from receiver functions

A Dofal, FR Fontaine, L Michon, G Barruol, H Tkalčić – Journal of African Earth …, 2021

… Elsevier. Journal of African Earth Sciences. Available online 21 September … Journal of
African Earth Sciences. Nature of the crust beneath the islands of the Mozambique Channel:
Constraints from receiver functions. Author links open overlay … 

19 – [HTML] Assessing the Effect of Land/Use Land Cover and Climate Change on Water Yield and Groundwater Recharge in East African Rift Valley using Integrated Model

BA Yifru, IM Chung, MG Kim, SW Chang – Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies, 2021

Abstract Study region East African Rift Valley basin. Study focus Water availability in 
the rift valley relies heavily on the discharge from the highlands to rivers that run to 
the rift floor. This research explores the effect of Land use/Land cover (LULC) and …

18 – Distributed Extension across the Ethiopian Rift and Plateau Illuminated by Joint Inversion of Surface Waves and Scattered Body Waves

J Petruska, ZC Eilon – 2021

… QR Code. Abstract. The East African Rift System provides a rare location in which
to observe a wide scope of rifting states. Well-defined active narrow rifting in the Main
Ethiopian Rift (MER) transitions to incipient extension and …

17 – Variations in melt emplacement beneath the northern East African Rift from radial anisotropy

EL Chambers, N Harmon, CA Rychert, D Keir – Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2021

Where and how melt is stored in the crust and uppermost mantle is important for 
understanding the dynamics of magmatic plumbing systems and the evolution of 
rifting. We determine shear velocity and radial anisotropy in the magmatically rifting …

16 – Improving depth estimations of African earthquakes using teleseismic data, and influence for the East-African rift seismic hazard characterization

A Gounon, J Letort, F Cotton, G Weatherill, M Sylvander… – Geophysical Journal …, 2021

Well-constrained earthquake depth estimations are important for seismic hazard 
determination. As local networks of the EastAfrican Rift are usually too sparse for 
reliable depth estimations, we used detections of pP and sP phase arrivals (the so …

15 – [PDF] Geothermal energy resources in Ethiopia: Status review and insights from hydrochemistry of surface and groundwaters

N Burnside, N Montcoudiol, K Becker, E Lewi – Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water, 2021

… Page 2. 1 | INTRODUCTION 1.1 | East African Rift setting The East African Rift System
(EARS) is an active intracontinental ridge system, which extends from the Afar Triple
Junction in the north to the Mozambique Channel in the south (Chorowicz, 2005) …

14 – Origin of nitrate and sulfate sources in volcano-sedimentary aquifers of the East Africa Rift System: An example of the Ali-Sabieh groundwater (Republic of Djibouti)

MO Awaleh, T Boschetti, AE Adaneh, MA Chirdon… – Science of The Total …, 2021

… Within the East African Rift System (EARS), the complex Ali-Sabieh aquifers
system, located in the south of the Republic of Djibouti, was overexploited
and subjected to anthropogenic and/or geogenic pollution with high …

13 – New tectonic model and division of the Ubendian-Usagaran Belt, Tanzania: A review and in-situ dating of eclogites

N Boniface, T Tsujimori – Plate Tectonics, Ophiolites, and Societal Significance …, 2021

The Geological Society of America Special Paper 552 New tectonic model
and division of the Ubendian-Usagaran Belt, Tanzania: A review … In East
Africa (Tanzania), the Paleoproterozoic Ubendian-Usagaran Belt records … 

12 – Plio-Pleistocene Sediment Provenance and Erosion Rates Along the East African Rift System

EE Zawacki – 2021

The tectonism, volcanism, and sedimentation along the East African Rift System 
(EARS) produced a series of rift basins with a rich paleoanthropological record, 
including a Late Miocene–present record of hominin evolution. To better understand …

11 – Mantle xenolith-bearing phonolites and basanites feed the active volcanic ridge of Mayotte (Comoros archipelago, SW Indian Ocean)

C Berthod, E Médard, A Di Muro, T Hassen Ali… – Contributions to Mineralogy …, 2021

… Abstract. Since 2018, the submarine east flank of Mayotte Island (Comoros archipelago)
is the site of a major eruption located at 3.5 km depth bsl on a WNW-ESE volcanic
ridge. Samples brought by oceanographic cruises carried …

10 – [HTML] Focused groundwater recharge in a tropical dryland: Empirical evidence from central, semi-arid Tanzania

D Seddon, JJ Kashaigili, RG Taylor, MO Cuthbert… – Journal of Hydrology …, 2021

… 1. Introduction. African climate is characterised by erratic precipitation (UNEP, 2010),
which is markedly variable at intra-annual (Peel et al., 2001), annual (Nicholson, 1998),
and decadal to millennial (Nicholson, 2000; Olago et al., 2009) timescales …

9 – [PDF] Tight bounds on missing late veneer in early Archean peridotite from triple oxygen isotopes

STM Peters, MB Fischer, A Pack, K Szilas, PWU Appel…

… having erupted in continental rift settings. We studied xenoliths from the EastAfrican
Rift system (Great Rift Valley, Ethiopia), the European Cenozoic Rift System (French
Massif Central, West Eifel, Hessian Graben, Vogelsberg …

8 – New tectonic model and division of the Ubendian-Usagaran Belt, Tanzania: A review and in-situ dating of eclogites

N Boniface, T Tsujimori – Plate Tectonics, Ophiolites, and Societal Significance …, 2021

… 2013). Metasedimentary rocks (marble, metapelites, semipelitic, etc.) overlie the
Eastern Granulites and were meta-morphosed during the East African Orogeny
(650–620 Ma) (Möller et al., 2000; Hauzenberger et al., 2007). the …

7 – Three-stage modification of lithospheric mantle: Evidence from petrology, in-situ trace elements, and Sr isotopes of mantle xenoliths in the Cenozoic basalts …

X Xu, Y Tang, J Ying, X Zhao, Y Xiao – GSA Bulletin, 2021

… the north, and the Mesozoic-Cenozoic subduction of the Pacific Plate in the
east (Fig … mantle xenoliths underwent the meta- somatism of melts/fluids
derived from subducted Paleo-Pacific slab … they are different from those of …

6 – [HTML] Shear Velocity (Vsv and Vsh) and radial anisotropy model from Inversion of Rayleigh and Love dispersion curves

EL Chambers, D Keir, C Rychert, N Harmon – 2021

… 2021, Variations in melt emplacement beneath the northern East African
Rift from radial anisotropy, Earth and Planetary Science Letters.\n\nThe dataset
contains longitude, latitude, depth, shear velocity and radial anisotropy …

5 – [PDF] Implementation of native tree species in Rwandan forest plantations

RE Stelstra – 2021

… by hills and mountains and its altitudes range from 900 to 4507 masl, which
follows a strong East-West gradient … This rift is one of Africa’s biodiversity …
It was formed by the diverging movements of the Nubian African Plate and …

4 – [PDF] Spatial variations of teleseismic P-wave attenuation and scattering beneath the southeastern United States and the Malawi and Luangwa rift zones in East Africa

A Shrivastava – 2021

… Malawi and Luangwa rift zones in East Africa … Recommended Citation
Shrivastava, Ashutosh, “Spatial variations of teleseismic P-wave
attenuation and scattering beneath the southeastern United States and …

3- [PDF] Magnetic Mineralogy of Nb-bearing Carbonatites from Oldoinyo Dili (Tanzania)

J Frejd – 2021

… The aim of the study is thus to determine if such correlation exists or not. 2. Background
2.1 Geological setting Oldoinyo Dili is a carbonatite complex located in Northern Tanzania,
just west of the eastern branch of the East African Rift System (EARS; Fig …

2 – [HTML] The unexpected Mayotte 2018–2020 seismic sequence: a reappraisal of the regional seismicity of the Comoros

D Bertil, N Mercury, C Doubre, A Lemoine… – Comptes Rendus …, 2021

… We discuss the distribution of seismicity in time and space within the context of the south
eastward propagation of the East African rift system towards Madagascar. Supplementary
Materials: Supplementary materials for this article are supplied as separate files …

1 – Deciphering Source and Lithospheric Imprints on Magmas Formed in a Continental Flood Basalt Province Using Petrological and Geochemical Indicies: Nw Ethiopian …

SR Krans – 2021

… evaluated are a depleted mantle source (DM), an enriched mantle plume source (Afar
Plume), the sub-continental lithospheric mantle (SCLM), and the Pan African lithosphere
(PAL). Parental … In addition, the contribution of Pan African lithosphere is greatest during …



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