Sept 2021 : Biblio environnements de l’Afrique de l’Est

Veille mensuelle bibliographique : environnements de l’Afrique de l’Est

Septembre 2021

33 – [PDF] Remote Sensing Data Analysis to Identify Seaweeds Presence

DF Tonion – 2021

… Sensors, 7(11), 2636–2651. Ouma, YO, & Tateishi, R. (2006). A water index
for rapid mapping of shoreline changes of five East African Rift Valley lakes:
an empirical analysis using Landsat TM and ETM+ data. International Journal …

32 – [PDF] Water for Bongo: Creative Adaptation, Resilience & Dar es Salaam’s Water Supply

MV Bender – Dædalus, 2021

… in urban adapta- tion, thus indicates a need to rethink notions of resilience
in a way that recogniz- es the long history of Africa’s urban populations … the
Arabic for “Harbor of Peace.”4 In the late 1880s, the town came under the …

31 – [PDF] Current Research in Environmental Sustainability

B Okumu, AG Kehbila, P Osano – Current Research in Environmental Sustainability, 2021

… studies in East Africa … a The National Treasury and Planning, Kenya b EfD-Kenya, School
of Economics, University of Nairobi, Kenya c Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Africa
Centre, Sweden d EcoXergy Solutions, Vancouver, Canada ARTICLEINFO …

30 – [PDF] Local Perceptions of Climate Change and Adaptation Responses from Two Mountain Regions in Tanzania

KR Kaganzi, A Cuni-Sanchez, F Mcharazo, EH Martin… – Land, 2021

… For instance, in East Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro provides water to the 3.8
million people who live within the … most of the water to Southern Africa, while
several countries in West Africa depend on … 6]. For instance, the Ethiopian …

29 – [PDF] Rare and widespread: integrating Bayesian MCMC approaches, Sanger sequencing and Hyb‐Seq phylogenomics to reconstruct the origin of the enigmatic Rand …

V Culshaw, T Villaverde, M Mairal, S Olsson… – American Journal of Botany, 2021

… group (Pokorny et al., 2015). However, some Rand Flora lineages exhibit an even
wider disjunction, spanning the entire African continent, a west/east/ south
biogeographic disjunct pattern. Examples are found in genus Kleinia …

28 – Afro-alpine flagships revisited II: elucidating the evolutionary relationships and species boundaries in the giant senecios (Dendrosenecio, Asteraceae)

A Gizaw, JM Gorospe, M Kandziora, D Chala… – Alpine Botany, 2021

… The tropical eastern African mountains are found along the two branches of the
East African Rift System (EARS), occurring throughout the Ethiopian Highlands
and as scattered peaks in East Africa. The peaks in the western … 

27 – [HTML] Inner Workings: Reeling in answers to the “freshwater fish paradox”

A McDermott – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2021

… Some 500 species of cichlid fish dart through the turbid yellowish waters
of East Africa’s Lake Victoria; little insectivores fin over … of fishes in these two
habitats?” Angelfishes and butterflyfishes waft through saltwater reefs, while …

26 – [PDF] Future Changes in Precipitation Extremes over East Africa Based on CMIP6 Models. Water 2021, 13, 2358

B Ayugi, D Dike, H Ngoma, H Babaousmail, R Mumo… – 2021

… This will affect the broader population’s livelihoods that mainly rely on rainfed agriculture
[33] … Other than recording high spatiotemporal rainfall variability, the East Africa region
witnesses unusual weather events such as droughts and floods [29,36,45–48] …

25 – CMIP6 Evaluation and Projection of East African Precipitation

EK Makula, B Zhou – International Journal of Climatology

… Ongoma, V., Chen, H., Gao, C. (2019) Evaluation of CMIP5 twentieth century rainfall
simulation over the equatorial East Africa. Theorical and Applied Climatology 135(3-4),
893–910 … Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 98(1), 95–105 … 

24 – Analysis of climatic trends in the upper Blue Nile basin based on homogenized data

TA Woldesenbet, NA Elagib – Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 2021

… amount and an increase in heavy precipitation. East African countries (Ethiopia, Kenya,
and Tanzania) witnessed an increasing tendency in extreme temperature indices,
and uneven rainfall patterns (Gebrechorkos et al. 2018) …

23 – Monitoring and assessment of environmental resources in the changing landscape of Ethiopia: a focus on forests and water

SG Gebrehiwot, W Bewket, T Mengistu, H Nuredin… – … Monitoring and Assessment, 2021

… Hence, the highlands are often referred to as the water tower of East Africa
(Gebrehiwot et al., 2014) … In addition, climate change has profound
implications for the environment, economy, and society in general, but …

22 – [HTML] Impacts of climate variability and changing land use/land cover on River Mpanga flows in Uganda, East Africa

C Onyutha, C Turyahabwe, P Kaweesa – Environmental Challenges, 2021

… changes resulted into an increased surface runoff and decreased groundwater
recharge for the Njoro watershed located in Kenya’s Rift Valley … by 7%. Further
information regarding impacts of LULC changes on the surface runoff of the …

21 – [PDF] Environmental Changes and Problem of Desertification in East Africa: A Case of Uganda

G Busingye – New Trends of Global Influences in Africa, 2021

… In the Butamra Forest Reserve case, Advocates Coalition for Development
and Environment, a Civil Society Organisation took up the matter on behalf
of all Ugandans and obtained a Court … Environmental Changes and Problem …

20 – [HTML] Differences and similarities between precipitation patterns of different climates

C Ilyés, VAJA Wendo, YF Carpio, P Szűcs – Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica, 2021

… Kenya. Kenya is located on the east coast of Africa, with the equator running almost straight
through the middle of the country. Kenya borders with Somalia, Ethiopia and South Sudan
in the north, Uganda in the west, Tanzania in the south and the Indian Ocean in the east …

19 – [HTMLVocalisations, taxonomy and nomenclature of the pied boubous of eastern Africa

JE Bradley – Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club, 2021

… identical species were involved: birds from the East Usambara and Rubeho
Mountains of north-east Tanzania were … Boubou L. turatii (J. Verreaux, 1858:
type locality Guinea-Bissau; see Bannerman 1939) from West Africa … (2008) … 

18 – [PDF] Enhancing Gender Equality in Climate Change Communication Services in Uganda

WT Okaka

… Strategy For Environment and Natural Resources Management Policy
Awareness For The East African Community … Linking environment to
development: A deliberate choice..Kampala, Uganda … The fourth conference … 

17 – Observed and projected trends in climate extremes in a tropical highland region: an agroecosystem perspective

D Ademe, BF Ziatchik, K Tesfaye, B Simane… – International Journal of …

… Addis Ababa University, College of Development Studies (Center for
Environment and Development Studies), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia … The present
study is consistent with the “East Africa Paradox” that observations show … 

16 – [HTML] Biowastes as a Potential Energy Source in Africa

D Kazawadi, J Ntalikwa, G Kombe – 2021

High population and industrialization have brought the need for a reliable and
sustainable source of energy and protection of the environment. Although Africa
has a low energy consumption capacity (3.4% of the global share in 2019) … 

15 – [PDF] Eolian chronology reveals causal links between tectonics, climate, and erg generation

S Vainer, A Matmon, YB Dor, E Verrecchia, G Aumaitre – 2021

… 42 Sand as a climatic indicator in southern Africa 43 The southern part
of the African continent lies within a pronounced rainfall gradient attributed
to 44 … interior (Ecker et al., 2018), only 30% of the rift-filling lacustrine archives … 

14 – [PDF] Regional Energy Integration for Sustainable Development in Eastern Africa: The Case for Geothermal Energy

M Nzomo, Z Getachew – Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 2021

… 12. Bellanca, R., & Wilson, E. (2012). Sustainable Energy for All and the
private sector (p. 8). International Institute for Environment and Development
(IIED) … https://b- Burchill, S. (Ed.) … Environmental …

13 – [PDF] Performance Evaluation of Arsi, Kereyu and Their Crossbred Cattle Under Current Climate Change in Mid Rift Valley of Oromia, Ethiopia

Y Nigatu – Research & Development, 2021

… The Arsi cattle are categorized under large East African Zebu cattle and
distributed throughout the Arsi and Bale and also at some part of Shewa,
up to the higher altitude of Sidama and West Harerghe and certain part of … 

12 – [PDF] Integrated water resources management

AN Mersha

… The significant portion of the basin lies within the Great East African Rift Valley. The total
length of the main river course is about 1200 km … The Upper, Middle and Lower Valley
are part of the Great East African Rift Valleys. Page 27. Chapter 2 10 … 

11 – [PDF] Long Term Sugarcane Cultivation Effect on Selected Physical and Hydraulic Properties of Soils at Three Ethiopian Sugarcane Estates

T Wakgari – American Journal of Plant Biology, 2021

… Wonji-Shoa and Metahara Estates are located in the central part of the East African Rift
Valley at 8°21’3.84” to 8°27’25.86” and 8°45’4.16” to 8°53’20.75” N latitude, 39°12’13.28”
to 39°18’34.46” and 39°49’10.74” to 40°0.21’1.48” E longitude, respectively …

10 – [HTML] Rainfall seasonality and timing: implications for cereal crop production in Ethiopia

MT Wakjira, N Peleg, D Anghileri, D Molnar… – Agricultural and Forest …, 2021 

9 – [PDF] Livestock sustainability research in Africa with a focus on the environment

M Balehegn, E Kebreab, A Tolera, S Hunt, P Erickson… – Animal Frontiers, 2021

… However, African livestock also have significant impacts on the environment
(Gerber et al., 2013). More than 70% of agricultural GHG emission in Africa
comes from the livestock sector … gas emission intensity (ie, emissions per … 

8 – Ficus-frugivore interactions, especially in areas of land-use change, in Africa: A systematic review

IA Raji, CT Downs – Acta Oecologica, 2021

… Rwanda had two, the least number of Ficus spp. recorded. East Africa had the highest
Ficus spp. richness recorded (96 species), followed by southern Africa (74 species),
Central and Northern Africa (72 species), and West Afric. 

7 – [PDF] Food and Nutrition Policies of African Countries

T Lurch, T Rhushine, N Shimpiwe – International Journal Papier Public Review, 2021

… Famine in East Africa is a natural occurrence, but the issue is exacerbated
by the ongoing … to control land and thereby force small farmers from their land
in Africa, tax reduction … inputs, and the use of genetically modified agricultural …

6 – Impact of foreign direct investment, remittances and official development assistance on economic growth: panel data approach

A Zardoub, F Sboui – PSU Research Review, 2021

… Governments in these countries should improve the business environment by establishing
a framework that further encourages domestic and foreign investment. Originality/value …
FDI flows to East Africa, fell by 3% from 2016 to reach $ 7.6bn in 2017 … 

5 – The efficacy of seasonal terrestrial water storage forecasts for predicting vegetation activity over Africa

BI Cook, K Slinski, C Peters-Lidard, A McNally… – Journal of …, 2021

… CONDENSED CLIMATOLOGICAL SUMMARY. Next Article. The efficacy of seasonal
terrestrial water storage forecasts for predicting vegetation activity over Africa … Article History.
Published Online: 14 Sep 2021. Download PDF. © Get Permissions. Full access.

4 – [PDF] What can we know about recent past precipitation over Africa? Daily characteristics of African precipitation from a large ensemble of observational products for model …

A Dosio, I Pinto, C Lennard, MB Sylla, C Jack, G Nikulin – Earth Space Sci

… data over East Africa and Ethiopia … (2018). Evaluation of rainfall simulations
over West Africa in dynamically downscaled CMIP5 global circulation models.
Theor. Appl … Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 96(1), 69–83 … 

3 – Limnological responses of a shallow tropical reservoir to recent incidence of hydro-climatic anomaly suggest potential challenges of future restoration efforts

S Tilahun, D Kifle – Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2021

… 1994; Muvundja et al. 2009; Tamatamah et al. 2005; Tilahun and Kifle 2020). Several
African rift valley lakes have been impacted by nutrient loading from diffuse sources
associated with land use changes (Baker and Miller 2013; Muvundja et al. 2009) …

2 – [HTML] … Ecosystem Service Supply-demand Relationship and its Link With Smallholder Farmers’ Well-being in Contrasting Agro-ecological Zones of the East African Rift

H Ketema, W Wei, A Legesse, Z Wolde, T Endalamaw – Global Ecology and …, 2021

Ecosystem service supply (ESS) has experienced a progressive decline due to 
degradation and increased ecosystem social demands (ESD). Quantitative studies 
assessing ecosystem services have mostly focused on ESS with limited attention to … 

1 – [HTML] Ecological and Evolutionary Drivers of Fish Community Diversity in Lake Tanganyika

J Golcher-Benavides – 2021

… The genomic substrate for adaptive radiation in African cichlid fish. Nature,
513(7518), pp.375-381 … Upwelling couples chemical and biological dynamics
across the littoral and pelagic zones of Lake Tanganyika, East Africa …


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