sept 2021 : Biblio l’Histoire de l’Afrique de l’Est

Veille mensuelle bibliographique : L’histoire de l’Afrique de l’Est

Septembre 2021

18 – Insights into human history from the first decade of ancient human genomics

Y Liu, X Mao, J Krause, Q Fu – Science, 2021

… Between ~5 and 1 ka, multiple admixture events among herders and farmers
in sub-Saharan Africa gave rise to present-day East African populations
(49, 50). Arguably, one of the most important events in recent African …

17 – [PDF] The Dominance of Violence in Colonial Africa: Reasons and Effects

IJ Uwazierem, OC Okoko

… Page 6. Port Harcourt Journal Of History & Diplomatic Studies www. The Dominance of Violence in
Colonial Africa: Reasons and Effects 84 … We had no rights over all these vast …

16 – Before the Acheulean: The emergence of bifacial shaping at Kokiselei 6 (1.8 Ma), West Turkana, Kenya

H Duke, C Feibel, S Harmand – Journal of Human Evolution, 2021

15 – [PDF] Exploring the Concept of Art Theories and Art Practice in Africa

SA Orubu, PH Rumuolumeni, B Chinwendu-Nwogu

… includes ancient art, Muslim art of North and West Africa, the Christian art
of East Africa, and the … The Role of Art Theory and Art Practice in Africa Art
theory plays very vital role in … Port Harcourt Journal Of History & Diplomatic …

14 – East African regional relations face a period of flux

Oxford Analytica – Emerald Expert Briefings

… and Somalia proposed a new “Horn of Africa Cooperation” regional bloc
(see EAST AFRICA: Borders will … However, Odinga is also a longstanding
member of the East African ‘opposition’, which also … The EAC, by contrast …

13 – [PDF] Magnitudes and Determinants of Antenatal Care Utilization among Pregnant Women in East Africa: Evidence from Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) from 2010 …

TB Raru, B Negash, B Shalmenu, A Birhanu… – 2021

… This might be attributed to difference in sample size, socioeconomic and sociocultural
aspect of the society … survey and the variables in the 11 East Africa DHS dataset
were the same hence, comparable across all countries …

12 – The History and Evolution of Branding in Africa

S Starčević – Marketing Brands in Africa, 2021

… Archaeological sites in East Africa provided numerous remnants of Chinese
ceramics from different periods spanning from 800 to 1510 AD … evidence
of the emergence of practice of conspicuous consumption, which displays …

11 – Observed and projected trends in climate extremes in a tropical highland region: an agroecosystem perspective

D Ademe, BF Ziatchik, K Tesfaye, B Simane… – International Journal of …

… The present study is consistent with the “East Africa Paradox” that observations show
drying in summer season rainfall while GCMs project wetting. This has an expression
in summertime Ethiopian rain that has not received significant attention in previous studies …

10 – [PDF] Enhancing Gender Equality in Climate Change Communication Services in Uganda

WT Okaka

… of the social, cultural, economic, political, legal or environmentally sustainable development
for the transformation of society. Gender equality optimizes a workforce for competitiveness
based on strategic gender needs based on gender perspective. • East Africa has a good …

9 – A Moral Response to the Corruption of Individualism in Kenya Today

PG Kabui, R Rwiza, S Bedijo – Journal of Sociology, Psychology & Religious Studies, 2021

… The recommendations invite the church, government, community, and every
individual to take part in building a society harmonized by justice and … Bedijo,
Samuel, The Moral Problem Posed by Individualism in the Church in East …

8 – Terrorism and War in Africa

R Shaffer – 2021

… Consequently, while the book does not assume readers know a large amount of history,
this should not be the first book students read about the Ethiopia-Eritrea War. This book
will appeal to those interested in war as well as East Africa more generally …

7 – Revolutionary State-Making in Dar es Salaam: African Liberation and the Global Cold War, 1961–1974

G Roberts – 2021

… The brilliant Kate Blackmer designed and produced the maps of East Africa
and Dar es Salaam, accommodating even the most arcane requests … Arts
and Humanities Research Council and travel funding from the Royal Historical …

6 – Review of Ten Thousand Years of Inequality: The Archaeology of Wealth Differences

G Roland – Journal of Economic Literature, 2021

… in the book does not (yet) deliver us the keys from the past about the causes
and consequences of inequality in ancient human history … and Central and
Southern America (Oaxaca and Colombia), one set of sites was from China …

5 – Integrating sub-Saharan Africa into a historical and cultural study of the Holocaust

E Kissi – Holocaust Studies, 2021

… Thus, what makes this piece of Holocaust history in West Africa significant
and also integral to this article is that emancipated former slaves in Liberia
did for European Jews what British settlers and colonial administrators in …

4 – The place of Africa in international relations: the centrality of the margins in Global IR

L Raineri, E Baldaro – Italian Political Science Review/Rivista Italiana di …, 2021

… Driven by a racialised interpretation of African history and politics, the
European empires created explicit hierarchies among … and the ‘
ethnographers’ sanctioned a civilisational cleavage between a complex …

3 – History of East-Africa and popular music in Central Africa

D Marks – 2021

… exhibiting, reproduction or broadcasting is obtained from the Assignee or
SAMRO (Southern African Music Rights Organisation) or an affiliated
performing rights society … Abstract. This document speaks about the history …

2 – Post-colonial Period in the History of Africa: Development Challenges

WM Kassaye Nigusie, NV Ivkina – Africa and the Formation of the New System of …, 2021

… The first decades of African history are generally known as the age of optimism …
Representatives of the first generation of the ruling elite of Africa somehow
idealized the original aspect … ideologies, Africans were forced to orient …

1 – The role of informal networks in promoting illegal wildlife trade: a qualitative analysis from Uganda

J Costa, C Baez-Camargo, S Kassa, R Lugolobi – Trends in Organized Crime, 2021

… and out of Uganda. This East African country is an essential entrepôt for wildlife
trafficking in East Africa. The analysis is informed by qualitative fieldwork conducted
in Uganda between 2019 and 2020. It comprises 47 interviews …


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