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Septembre 2021

39 – Do weather events affect income inequality in Africa?

ME Kunawotor, GA Bokpin, PO Asuming, KA Amoateng – Interdisciplinary …, 2021

… more from climate hazards not only because of their poverty status but also
because of their unequal standing in society … terms of the regional distributions
in Africa, inequality is much higher in Southern Africa (59.0659), than West … 

38 – [HTML] Controversies and opportunities of two development measures for the advancement of women in Uganda: Formal education and Women entrepreneurship

O Namasembe, RM Ruiz – Journal of Education Culture and Society, 2021

… Restoring African women to history: A history of pre-colonial East African
Baganda women [Unpublished bachelor’s dissertation] … The environment,
gender of unequal relations: A historical perspective … ESR Review: Economic … 

37 – Migration and development in Ethiopia: Exploring the mechanisms behind an emerging mobility transition

K Schewel, LB Asmamaw – Migration Studies, 2021

Abstract. This article examines the impact of Ethiopia’s historical development on the nature,
volume, and direction of internal and international migration. We. 

36 – An East African Comparative Study of Indigenous Versus Post-Colonial Restorative Justice in Tanzania

J Gabagambi – Comparative Restorative Justice, 2021

… Achieving the goals of criminal justice: A role for restorative justice. Quinnipiac Law Review,
30, 543.Google Scholar. Hamilton, R. (1935). Criminal justice in East Africa. Journal of the
Royal African Society, 34, 21.Google Scholar. Hurter, E. (1963) …

35 – Governance Without Participation: A Comparative Perspective of the Policies of Nigerian and Kenyan Political Parties

W Muna, LA Babamaragana – A Sleeping Giant?, 2021

… in East Africa and Nigeria in West Africa, were selected, drawing lessons
from each. Similar trends in these countries show that despite policy and
legal provisions advocating for expanded participation of critical communities … 

34 – [PDF] Laboratory Empires: How Diseases and Environmental History modify our perception of the History of Colonisation

I Sankey – Miroirs: Revue des civilisations anglophone, ibérique …, 2021

… In Ecology Control and Economic Development in East African History,
Helge Kjekshus came to a similar conclusion by developing the idea that
in pre-colonial times, people from Africa had come to establish some degree … 

33 – Whose State? Whose Nation? Representations of the History of the Arab Slave Trade and Nation-Building in Tanzania

DM Bondarenko, AA Banshchikova, OV Ivanchenko – Challenging Authorities, 2021

… The main research questions of this chapter are as follows: How is the Arab slave trade
in East Africa and the Indian Ocean kept in the popular cultural memory of African
Tanzanians who form the overwhelming majority of the country’s population … 

32 – [PDF] Geopolitical boundaries and urban borderlands in an Ethiopian frontier city

DK Thompson, K Mohamoud, JY Mahamed – Urban Geography, 2021

… groups in Ethiopia – reflects a historical dynamic Kopytoff (1987) analyzes
in terms of “internal frontiers.” Historically, much of Africa exhibited low … SRS
and Ethiopia’s Oromia Regional State (ORS) lies 40 kilometers to the west …

31 – [PDF] The Utility and Viability of Digital Technologies in the Production and Distribution of Critical Content in East Africa

G Nyamweya, M Otsieno

… working across diverse medium to produce content that is conscious and
elicits debate, dialogue, and dissent in society … for creatives across Kenya,
Uganda, Tanzania, and other regions where the project is active in Southern …

30 – Effectiveness of Access Policies in Addressing Inequalities of Access and Quality of Learning in East Africa

PM Wambua – 2021

… 7 ( However, these countries no longer have
a similar education system … In this study, I aim to understand the implications
of fee-free primary education policies in East Africa on the relationship … 

29 – [PDF] The Question of Popular Consent in the Governance of the East African Community Organization

W Rugutt

… Betty Kiraso. Arusha: East African Community, 55-86. Uhlin, A. (2009). Democratic …
14th-19th April. United Nations Economic Commission in Africa– UNEA. (2018). History
of Africa’s Regional Integration Efforts. Retrieved from https …

28 – [PDF] A review of effects of climate change on Agriculture in Africa

SA Gyamerah, D Ikpe – arXiv preprint arXiv:2108.12267, 2021

… Environment and Development Economics, 529-545 … The impacts of
technology adoption on smallholder agricultural productivity in sub-Saharan
Africa: A review … Observational evidence of climate change on extreme events …

27 – DInSAR-based monitoring of land subsidence related to groundwater over-exploitation: example from developing urban center of Nairobi, Kenya

DK Sahadevan, AK Pandey – Hydrogeology Journal, 2021

… The city of Nairobi in Kenya is among the fastest-growing urban centers in
Africa, with 4.4 million population increasing at a rate of 5.5%/year (Fig. 1c).
The city is situated on the eastern edge of the active East African Rift (EAR) …

26 – [HTML] The Energy and Climate Change Nexus in Uganda: Policy Challenges and Opportunities for Climate Compatible Development

R Twinomuhangi, AM Kato, AM Sebbit – 2021

Although Uganda has abundant energy resources including hydropower,
oil and gas, biomass, geothermal, and solar energy, energy poverty is still
very high and constrains socio-economic transformation. Biomass energy …

25 – East Africa after Liberation: Conflict, Security and the State since the 1980s. By Jonathan Fisher. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020. 342p.

T Glawion – Perspectives on Politics, 2021

… Fisher’s immensely detailed chronology of East Africa’s developments since
the 1980s is thus no less accurate or real than more “factual” accounts
of the last 50 years … An uncrit- ical reading could have biased and rewritten …

24 – India’s Interface with East and Southern Africa: Strengthening People Connections

N Ray – The African Review, 2021

… African Studies American Studies Ancient Near East and Egypt Art History
Asian Studies Book History and Cartography Biblical Studies Classical
Studies Education History Jewish Studies Literature and Cultural Studies … 

23 – [PDF] Enhancing Soil Carbon in East Africa: The biophysical evidence, socio-economic incentives, and policy implications

S Nyawira, A Jernbery, C Jallo, M Mayzelle, K Piikki… – 2021

… East Africa, including Kenya and Ethiopia, is characterized by eroded, low-
fertility soils; low yields and land degradation are widespread (Chere 2019 …
Subsistence farming is the main source of food and income for 70% of the …

22 – [PDF] Arsi Oromo Descent and Indigenous Moral system in Ethiopia: With particular emphasis on Guma System in Shashemene City of Oromia regional State

BM Abdisa

… It lies within the Great Rift Valley system and is close to the holiday resorts
at … Identity and the Colonizing Structure: The Case ofthe Oromo in East and
North East Africa … submitted to the Department of Anthropology, University … 

21 – [PDF] Effect of Government Infrastructure Expenditure on Poverty in the East African Community

PM Mwasagua, AJ Odondo, D Nyongesa – 2021

… Where refers to the value of population for country i at time t … Social Dimensions
of Adjustment in Sub-Saharan Africa Working Paper No.9. Washington, DC:
World Bank … Regional Integration, Poverty and the East African Community …

20 – Effects of increasing credit limit in digital microlending: A study of airtime lending in East Africa

A Shema – The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in …

… The recent decade has witnessed a significant increase in digital
micro-lending in Africa, boosted by the … these innovative loan products are
often hampered by a lack of credit history from customers … Working with an … 

19 – [HTML] African Ubuntu, the See-Reflect-Act Model, and Christian Social Practice: Reading Luke 10: 38–42 in Light of African Hospitality

ES Mligo – Diaconia, 2021

… Isichei, E. (2004), The Religious Traditions of Africa: A History, Westport:
Praeger … Pastoral Care Challenges and Possible Responses, Practical
Theology in South Africa 24, 180–198 … of the Blacks’ in Dialogue with the …

18 – [PDF] Community views on water demands under a changing climate: The case of River Mpanga Water Catchment, Western Uganda

I Mugume, R Semyalo, P Wasswa, T Ngailo, RI Odongo… – African Journal of …, 2021

… ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors appreciate the Ministry of Water and
Environment and local authorities of Kabarole district for the technical support;
Prof … A review of climate change impacts on water resources in East Africa …

17 – [PDF] Toxic Sensorium: Agrochemicals in the African Anthropocene

S Stein, J Luna – Environment and Society, 2021

Page 1. Environment and Society: Advances in Research 12 (2021):
87–107 © The Author(s) doi:10.3167/ares.2021.120106 Toxic Sensorium
Agrochemicals in the African Anthropocene … In various parts of socialist …

16 – Terrorism and War in Africa

R Shaffer – 2021

… This book will appeal to those interested in war as well as East Africa more
generally … the rise of terrorism and initiation of contemporary CT-COIN in Africa,
arguing laws … explores alternative perspectives with “soft platforms” for …

15 – Revolutionary State-Making in Dar es Salaam: African Liberation and the Global Cold War, 1961–1974

G Roberts – 2021

… The brilliant Kate Blackmer designed and produced the maps of East Africa
and Dar es Salaam, accommodating even the most arcane … by a doctoral
scholarship from the Arts and Humanities Research Council and travel funding …

14 – Small magazines in Africa: ecologies and genealogies

CEW Ouma, M Krishnan – Social Dynamics, 2021

… for the general public in English and Kiswahili, oriented towards the nascent
East African Community … well as their material contours, function not as a
supplement to the society and subjectivities … Reading the small magazine …

13 – Review of Ten Thousand Years of Inequality: The Archaeology of Wealth Differences

G Roland – Journal of Economic Literature, 2021

… The reason is that sustaining inequality requires poorer people in society to be able to
consume enough in order to reproduce. A higher surplus relative to that minimum is thus
needed to generate higher inequal- ity … East Africa (Mtwapa)—Oka et al …

12 – [PDF] Regional Energy Integration for Sustainable Development in Eastern Africa: The Case for Geothermal Energy

M Nzomo, Z Getachew – Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 2021

… It is the lifeblood of any society and is the passport to economic transformation … Geothermal
energy is East Africa’s signature energy resource and likely the preferred one to
supplement the hydro-based regional energy trade pattern for several reasons …

11 – [PDF] Women Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) study in East Africa Dairy Development project sites in Tanzania: Survey report

I Omondi, I Baltenweck, E Kariuki, E Kinuthia, L Korir – 2021

74 Women Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) study in East Africa
Dairy Development project sites in Tanzania: Survey report ILRI RESEAR …
Women Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) study in East Africa Dairy …

10 – [PDF] Livestock sustainability research in Africa with a focus on the environment

M Balehegn, E Kebreab, A Tolera, S Hunt, P Erickson… – Animal Frontiers, 2021

… Greenhouse gas emission intensity (ie, emissions per unit of livestock product) in
east Africa is four times greater than the global average (Pressman et al., 2018),
and estimates from other parts of SSA are likely similarly high …

9 – How Government Responses to Misinformation in Africa Restrict Freedom of Expression and Do Little to Tackle the Problem

P Cunliffe-Jones – African Journalism Studies, 2021

… Accessed September 15, 2020.
of-fake-news/. [Google Scholar]; Faive Le-Cadre, AS 2019 … [Google Scholar]; Halakhe,
A. 2017. “East Africa: Now is the Time to Stand Up for Media Freedom” (Nairobi) … 

8 – Karl Popper’s Critique of Nationalism: Exorcising Tribal Mentality in Modern African Society

O Salami – Karl Popper and Africa: Knowledge, Politics and …, 2021

… have extended to post-colonial periods; viz.: Hutus against Tutsi in East
Africa and the Mandiga/Hausa cultivators against the Fulani pastoralist in
West Africa (Rodney 1981, 52) … The post-colonial African society was … 

7 – [PDF] International Trade Challenges in East Africa

AM Ahmed – Siyaset Bilimi ve Uluslararası İlişkiler

… Switzerland: The International Trade Centre. Kiranda, Y.(2017). Civil Society and the War
on Terror in East Africa. Journal of African Democracy and Development, 54-58. McIntyre,
MA (2015). Trade Integration in the East African Community … 

6 – [PDF] Food safety investments in East Africa

F Mutua, D Grace, C Watts – 2021

… Of these, 26 were from East Africa and 29 had experience working in the EAC … Of these,
10 were working for the public sector, 10 for academia or research, six for the private sector,
two for civil society, and one for an international government organization … 

5 – [PDF] An analysis of the relationship between FDI and economic growth in selected East African countries

M Rautenbach – 2021

… East Africa has been on the receiving end of this phenomenon and has
become one of the biggest FDI destinations on the African continent …
Keywords: East Africa, economic growth, economic structure, foreign direct …

4 – [PDF] Examine of Status and Factors Influence Biogas Technology Adoption in Arsi Nagelle District, Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia

CT Geda, Y Melka

… to examine current status and factors affecting household decision to biogas
technology adoption in rural areas in Arsi Nagelle District, Central Rift Valley
of … In most of the sub-Saharan African countries, more than 80% of biomass … 

3 – [HTML] The Co-Existence of Sustainable Forest Management Amidst Oil Development-Analyzing Resource Policy Options for Uganda-East Africa

R Ddamulira – 2021


2 – Effectiveness of Access Policies in Addressing Inequalities of Access and Quality of Learning in East Africa

PM Wambua – 2021

… society. The assumption is that FPE gives all children equal opportunity to access schooling …
In this regard, this study investigates the implications of government policies in East Africa
that provide universal access to schooling and what that access means for the … 

1 – Assessing the Ecological and Anthropogenic Factors Affecting Giraffe Survival in East Africa

AB Muneza – 2021

… Foundation, Leiden Conservation Foundation, African Wildlife Foundation,
National Geographic Society, and Wildlife Conservation Network. I would
also like to thank all the staff … impacted giraffe survival in East Africa. In Chapter …


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