Oct 2021 : Biblio environnements de l’Afrique de l’Est

Veille mensuelle bibliographique : environnements de l’Afrique de l’Est

Octobre 2021

29 – [PDF] Performance of African eggplant (Solanum aethiopicum) entries across environments, and hints for selection environment in northern Tanzania

FF Dinssa, P Hanson, M Matovolwa, R Mallogo…

… Farmers grow local landraces with few improved varieties released so far in East 
Africa and West Africa from WorldVeg lines (Dinssa et al., 2016). Two popular S. 
aethiopicum open-pollinated varieties, ‘Mshumaa’ (‘DB3’) and ‘Tengeru White’ …

28 – [HTML] Effects of livestock and wildlife grazing intensity on soil carbon dioxide flux in the savanna grassland of Kenya

S Wachiye, P Pellikka, J Rinne, J Heiskanen… – Agriculture, Ecosystems & …, 2022

… Our results contribute to closing the existing knowledge gap regarding the effects 
of grazing intensity on R S in East Africa savannas. Therefore, this information is of 
great importance in understanding carbon cycling in savanna grassland, as well as …

27 – Meteorological causes of the catastrophic rains of October/November 2019 in equatorial Africa

SE Nicholson, AH Fink, C Funk, DA Klotter… – Global and Planetary …, 2021

… In East Africa tremendous rains triggered flooding and landslides in Kenya, 
causing over 100 deaths and the displacement of some 18,000 people. The 
situation was exacerbated by an unprecedented locust plague made possible by the …

26 – [PDF] Projected Changes in Meteorological Drought Over East Africa Inferred from Bias-Adjusted CMIP6 Models

B Ayugi, ZW Shilenje, H Babaousmail, KTCLK Sian… – 2021

… This research uses the sixth phase of Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP6) 
data to investigate the projected changes in drought events over East Africa (EA) 
under four Shared Socioeconomic Pathway (SSP) emission scenarios (SSP1-2.6 …                                 

25 – Coarse Particulate Organic Matter Drift in the Njoro River, Kenya, as a Function of Drift Net Mesh size, Exposure time and Position of Drift sampler

PW Mureithi, CM M’Erimba, JG Mbaka – African Journal of Education, Science and …, 2021

Abstract Streams transport organic materials to downstream areas and provide food 
resources and habitat to downstream consumers. Organic matter drift has been 
reported in streams and is affected by factors such as human-induced disturbances (eg …

24 – [PDF] An Integrated Approach for Identifying the Influences of Nubia Swells On Aquifer Distributions and Potentialities

AF Yousef – J Geol Geophys, 2021

… impact of Nubia swell on the aquifer distributions and potentialities in East Africa
Kom Ombo area north Aswan of Egypt was selected as a … It is made up of 
limestone with shale and sand layers that deposited under the marine environment …

23 – Global trends in vegetation fractional cover: Hotspots for change in bare soil and non-photosynthetic vegetation

MJ Hill, JP Guerschman – Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 2022

… The natural vegetation in East Africa has been reduced by expansion of 
agroecosystems (Maitima et al., 2009, Jew et al., 2016, Jew et al., … 24 ranked 
countries for area of increasing BS were in Africa indicating significant …

22 – [HTML] Greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sink potential in Eastern Africa rangeland ecosystems: A review

ME Mgalula, OV Wasonga, C Hülsebusch, U Richter… – Pastoralism, 2021

… On a per capita basis in Africa, livestock-related GHG emissions are highest in 
East and Southern Africa which are about 0.6 t CO 2 -equivalent/year and in West 
and Central Africa are 0.4 and 0.3 t CO 2 -equivalent/year in 2010 (Otte et al. ). It is …

21 – Study of Climate Change Detection in North East Africa using Machine learning and Satellite Data

S Khalil, I Ziedan, A Ahmed – IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth …, 2021

… The North-East African part lacks the studies for climate change detection, despite 
it being one of the most affected parts worldwide. The relationship between the 
emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and climate change is an important factor to …

20 – [PDF] Climate change literacy in Africa: the main role of experiences

J Alenda-Demoutiez – International Journal of Environmental Studies, 2021

… Individuals are socially situated, ie they are influenced by norms, by their 
belonging to a particular group and by their environment, in a … In the second model, 
living in East Africa compared to West Africa largely increases the odds in …

19 – Hydro-climatic and Water Availability Changes and its Relationship with NDVI in Northern Sub-Saharan Africa

FK Ogou, VN Ojeh, E Naabil, CI Mbah – Earth Systems and Environment, 2021

… ) reported that the precipitation projection showed a modest increase over the 
Sahel and East Africa that is similar to our finding. According to Maidment et al. (2015), 
observations exhibit rational upturns in annual Sahel precipitation (about 29–43 mm …

18 – [PDF] Risk spillover between climate variables and the agricultural commodity market in East Africa

JL Mubenga-Tshitaka, JW Muteba Mwamba, J Dikgang… – 2021

… Crop output is limited by crop type and planting area, soil degradation, growing 
environment, and water availability throughout the growing season. Water 
availability and agricultural output will decline in the future as temperatures rise and …

17 – [PDF] Effects of Biochar on the Growth of Vachellia etbaica and Faidherbia albida Planted in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia


… However, its effect on woody plant seedlings has not been studied in African 
forests. Kayama et al. (2019) recently reported that although biochar application on … 
regeneration: are Faidherbia albida parklands heading for extinction in the central …

16 – Surface runoff modeling using SWAT analysis in Dabus watershed, Ethiopia

BT Diriba – Sustainable Water Resources Management, 2021

… Runoff from the Ethiopian Highlands contributes to high surface water for much of 
the East African countries (Derib et al. ). The … The ArcSWAT is one of the well-known 
and commonly used watershed-based hydrological models in African countries. The …

15 – [PDF] Volcanic hazard exacerbated by future global warming–driven increase in heavy rainfall.

JI Farquharson, F Amelung – 2021

… Nineteen volcanoes (1.5 %) exhibit a mean FMR ≥20 % C-1, all of which are 302 
located in the Galápagos, the East African Rift, and Papua New Guinea, between 
3.125S 303 and 25.000N. Highlighted in Fig. 2b, only 111 volcanoes (9 %) are …

14 – ” Human impacts on ecosystem health and resources of Lake Edward” Final Report

A Borges, T Lambert, JP Descy, F Darchambeau… – 2021

… differentiate habitats, but this compromises their use as archives for paleo-environmental 
reconstruction in the area since exact provenance of … The basin of Lake Edward 
has a fish fauna that is typical for East Africa and consists of two components: a …

13 – [HTML] Modelling the impacts of climate change on faba bean (Vicia faba L.) production in Welmera area, central Ethiopia

GA Bogale, MM Maja, GH Gebreyohannes – Heliyon, 2021

… with Sululta district in the north, Sebeta-Awas district in the south, Burayu City 
Administration in the west and Ejere district in the east. … In this study, the models 
were selected based on previous information that they are highly applicable for …

12 – Physico‐chemical characterization of littoral water of Lake Kivu (Southern basin, Central Africa) and use of water quality index to assess their anthropogenic …

BL Hyangya, JW Riziki, PM Masilya, FZ Zabene… – World Water Policy

… The negative influences of the human environment on aquatic ecosystems have 
already been highlighted by several studies throughout … As one of the Great Lakes 
of East Africa, Lake Kivu faces similar challenges that might degrade its ecological …

11 – On the diurnal cycle of rainfall and convection over Lake Victoria and its catchment. Part 1: Rainfall and Mesoscale Convective Systems

SE Nicholson, AT Hartman, DA Klotter – Journal of Hydrometeorology, 2021

… of other East African lakes (Camberlin et al. 2018) … Precipitation over Lake
Victoria, East Africa, in the 21st Century. Water, 6, 2634–2659. DOI: 380
10.3390/w6092634 … rainfall over the Rift Valley lakes of East Africa during …

10 – [PDF] Techno-economic feasibility of small-scale pressurized irrigation in Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Uganda through an integrated modeling approach.

J Izar-Tenorio, P Jaramillo, N Williams – Environmental Research Letters, 2021

… 29 investments with electricity infrastructure in East Africa. 30 Keywords:
small-scale irrigation, techno-economic analysis, electricity use, East Africa …
Page 3. 2 31 1. Introduction 32 Agriculture is the backbone of East Africa’s …

9 – Environmental Sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa: the Case of Production and Consumption Activities

EP Mesagan – Journal of the Knowledge Economy, 2021

… This is even more precarious in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) where less
attention is placed on environmental sustainability measures … Such pollution
of the SSA environment is strongly linked with production and consumption …

8 – Tropical Cyclogenesis and Its Relation to Interactions Between African Easterly Waves and Mesoscale Convective Systems

KMN Ocasio – 2021

… Schematic is not to scale. . . . . 41 3.4 Pie charts showing the fraction of the population
of MCS coupled to DAEWs and NDAEWs that are associated to convection of the type
MCC, CCC and DLL for East, Central and West Africa. . . . . 43 viii Page 9 …

7 – [PDF] Understanding the Trend of NO2, SO2 and CO over East Africa from 2005 to 2020

R Opio, I Mugume, J Nakatumba-Nabende – Atmosphere, 2021

… Study Region This study focused on five countries in the East African region:
Uganda, Kenya … The combined population of the region is estimated at 177.2
million inhabitants, gaining annual increments … Such regions of sub-Saharan …

6 – [PDF] Contributions of Human Activities and Climatic Variability to Changes in River Rwizi Flows in Uganda, East Africa

C Onyutha, R Nyesigire, A Nakagiri – Hydrology, 2021

… Give Feedback. Information. Visit our dedicated information section to learn more about
MDPI. Get Information. clear. Open AccessArticle. Contributions of Human Activities and
Climatic Variability to Changes in River Rwizi Flows in Uganda, East Africa …

5 – Climate Change in Eastern Africa

R Marchant – Oxford Research Encyclopedia of African History, 2021

… 61. The population of East Africa was estimated at 330 million in 2015. 62 This
population is mainly dependent on agriculture, complemented by crop production
and livestock rearing (nomadism). 63 Agriculture and drought …

4 – Biogeography of the Mangrove Ecosystem: Floristics, PopulationStructure, and Conservation Strategies

P Ragavan, K Kathiresan, S Kumar, B Nagarajan… – … : Ecology, Biodiversity and …, 2021

… as well as south and east, along the coasts of Asia, East Africa, Malagasy,
and Greater India. Subsequent continental drift resulted current distribution
pattern of mangroves. 2.4.1 Founder Effect Speciation- Causes for …

3 – [HTML] Rainfall variability in southeast and west-central Africa during the Little Ice Age: do documentary and proxy records agree?

MJ Hannaford, KK Beck – Climatic Change, 2021

… and Angola lie within the Summer Rainfall Zone (SRZ) of sub-equatorial
Africa, where most precipitation falls between November and April. For
the purposes of this paper, these areas can be separated into two climatic …

2 – [HTML] Heterotrophic soil respiration and carbon cycling in geochemically distinct African tropical forest soils

B Bukombe, P Fiener, AM Hoyt, LK Kidinda, S Doetterl – SOIL, 2021

… Original research article 01 Oct 2021. Original research article | 01 Oct 2021.
Heterotrophic soil respiration and carbon cycling in geochemically distinct African
tropical forest soils. Heterotrophic soil respiration and carbon cycling …

1 – Naturally occurring potentially toxic elements in groundwater from the volcanic landscape around Mount Meru, Arusha, Tanzania and their potential health hazard

I Tomašek, H Mouri, A Dille, G Bennett, P Bhattacharya… – Science of The Total …, 2021

… 2009; Fordyce, 2013). Groundwater quality problems are a well-established feature
of the East African Rift Valley (EARV). This area is a host of prominent tectonic activity,
volcanism and associated hydrothermal systems which …


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