Oct 2021: East African history

Monthly bibliography review: East African history

October 2021

6 – Political Culture in Africa

R Nyenhuis, R Mattes – Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics, 2021

… However, an altogether different picture of African understandings of democracy 
emerges from a different approach that offers respondents a range of political and 
economic outcomes and then asks how important each was in order for a society to …

5 – Bone Tool Technology in the Stone Age of Africa

J Bradfield – Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Anthropology, 2021

Summary Bone, like other organic materials, featured prominently in the 
technological repertoires of most historically documented hunter-gatherer 
communities practising a Stone Age economy. Unlike stone, however, bone does …

4 – Revisiting a colonial landmark: caravanserais as tools of urban transformation in early colonial Tanzania

A Greiner – Journal of Eastern African Studies, 2021

… in the towns during the annual trade season, from the urban population for the 
purpose of social and sanitary control. The analysis also … The aim of this article is 
to connect the caravanserais in German East Africa with this wider “carceral …

3 – [PDF] The Bright Continent: African Art History

K Curnow – 2021

… Archaeology and physical anthropology show us human life originated in East 
Africa, yet our depth of knowledge relating to the earliest African history is limited 
either to those regions that had early writing systems (Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia) or to …

2 – [HTML] The evolution of the Nile regulatory regime: a history of cooperation and conflict

A Tayia, A Ramos Barrado, F Alonso Guinea – Water History, 2021

… The Portuguese rulers had the control of the Nile as one of the objectives of their 
explorations in East Africa. During the Muslim–Christian conflicts of the medieval 
period, Albuquerque, Viceroy of Portugal at the beginning of the sixteenth century …

1 – Reconsidering the Resilience of Pastoralism from the Perspective of Reliability: The Case of Conflicts between the Samburu and the Pokot of Kenya, 2004-2009

S Konaka – Nomadic Peoples, 2021

… For sure, several works exist that formulate ‘pastoral resilience’. For instance, Liao and
Fei (2016), in comparing East Africa and Central Asia, proposed indicators of ‘pastoral
resilience’ comprising livestock mobility, land use patterns and livelihood diversification …


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