Oct 2021: East African populations

Monthly bibliography review: East African populations

October 2021

13 – [PDF] Evidence of nutrient translocation in response to smoke exposure by the East African ant acacia, Vachellia drepanolobium

R Rabideau‐Childers, KIW Angier, BZM Dean… – Ecology and Evolution, 2021

… Vachellia drepanolobium make up >95% of trees on the black cotton clay soil 
savannas of East Africa and have been increasing in density since the 1970s (Niboye, 
2010). These trees have a symbiotic relationship with several species of ants …

12 – [PDF] Revisiting the Concept of the Planning Region in Settings with Dynamic Spatial-Temporal Conditions: Lessons from Land Use Planning in Pastoral Areas of Kenya …

H Musoga, LW Robinson – 2021

… The paper describes how frameworks for land use planning in pastoral areas now 
being rolled out in three different countries in East Africa address this problem. 
Among the strategies adopted are explicitly planning at multiple levels with cross-level …

11 – [HTML] Household Water is the Main Source of Iodine Consumption Among Women in Hargeisa, Somaliland: A Cross-Sectional Study

E Heen, M Romøren, AA Yassin, AA Madar – The Journal of Nutrition, 2021

… Knowledge of fluctuating mineral levels in underground water from the same Afro–Arabian 
Rift Valley complex in dry versus wet and cold versus hot seasons may indicate a 
possibility of … Drinking water quality in the Ethiopian section of the East African Rift …

10 – [PDF] Volcanic Gases Effects on Human Health; Case of Mazuku on The Population of the Goma City

M BahatiRusimbuka, F MuhambikwaKasiwa, F Esther… – International Journal of …, 2021

… Nyiragongo is a stratovolcano (3470 m asl) located on the floor of the western 
branch of the East African Rift. Nyiragongo along with Nyamulagira shield volcano (3058 
m asl) are the presently active volcanoes in a group of eight major edifices forming …

9 – [HTML] Estimating hourly lighting load profiles of rural households in East Africa applying a data-driven characterization of occupant behavior and lighting devices ownership

C Dominguez, K Orehounig, J Carmeliet – Development Engineering, 2021

… However, 11% of the global population still lacks access to electricity, and this is 
mostly located in rural areas of developing countries (IEA, 2020). To overcome this 
challenge and design the best energy access solutions, it is important to estimate …

8 – [PDF] A review of the food safety architecture in the East African Community: Animal-source foods, fruits and vegetables

E Kang’ethe, F Mutua, K Roesel, M Ntawubizi… – ILRI Discussion Paper, 2021

… i A review of the food safety architecture in the East African Community: Animal-source 
foods, and fruits and vegetables … histolytica), viral (avian influenza H5N7, Rift 
Valley fever, hepatitis A) and chemical (sodium metabisulphite). All countries listed …

7 – Biodiversity hotspot revisited: reptile and amphibian assemblages of the Uluguru Mountain Forest Reserves, south-eastern Tanzania

FJ Mkonyi – African Journal of Herpetology, 2021

ABSTRACT Although the knowledge about the Tanzanian reptiles and amphibians 
has drastically increased in recent years, the knowledge on the amphibian and 
reptile fauna of the remaining forest reserves of the Uluguru Mountains (UMs) is only …

6 – [PDF] Seismic Detection Model Using Machine Learning to Protect the Public from Landslide and Earthquake Disasters in Kenya

MK Githu, E Kagereki, S Munyua

… The East African region is characterized by a moderate level of seismicity, mainly 
controlled by the structural trend of the East African Rift … Also, we can see, apart 
from Murang’a county, most landslides occur in counties within in the rift valley …

5 – Revisiting the out of Africa event with a deep-learning approach

F Montinaro, V Pankratov, B Yelmen, L Pagani… – The American Journal of …, 2021

… 10 , 11 This observation might be explained by a back to Africa migration
involving a population harboring the haplogroup E 10 or a simple out of
Africa with haplogroup E remaining in Africa but haplogroup D and other …

4 – Climate Change and Young People in Uganda: A Literature Review

A Mugeere, A Barford, P Magimbi – The Journal of Environment & Development, 2021

The disruptions of anthropogenic climate change are increasingly severe.
People living in sub-Saharan Africa are especially exposed to these risks,
and amongst them young people. It is well establi…

3 – Resilience through Adaptation: Innovations in Maasai Livelihood Strategies

J Pollini, JG Galaty – Nomadic Peoples, 2021

… population growth, land loss, decreasing livestock holdings and land
degradation, aimed at achieving greater socio-economic resilience. Using
case studies mostly from Narok County and reviewing the increasingly rich …

2 – Does Livelihood and Asset Diversification Contribute to Pastoralist Resilience?: the Case of Il Chamus, Baringo County, Kenya, 1980-2018

PD Little – Nomadic Peoples, 2021

… large ex- panses of arid and semi-arid lands in sub-Saharan Africa for at
least the past 5,000 years, including in eastern Africa (Marshall 1990 … to
pre-drought levels in aggre- gate numbers even though per capita holdings …

1 – Tracking the Progress of Universal Access to Electricity in Africa: Status quo, Challenges and Opportunities

NL Mbanda, P Simiyu, Z Wu, IE Davidson – 2021 IEEE PES/IAS PowerAfrica, 2021

… 3, the North Africa region has almost achieved universal electricity access
reaching 98.5% compared respectively to 51.3% for West Africa, 46.4% for
Southern Africa, 37.2% for East Africa, and finally, 26.8% in Central Africa …


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