Oct 2021 : East African Rift

Monthly bibliography review : East African Rift

October 2021

20 – Quantification of reservoir rock properties (Porosity, Permeability and Vshale) in the reservoir rock units of South Lake Albert Basin, Albertine Rift, Western Uganda.

MW Tumushabe, W Helland-Hansen, B Nagudi… – Journal of African Earth …, 2021

… The South Lake Albert Basin (SLAB) is part of the Albertine graben, the 
northernmost part of the western arm of the East African Rift System (EARS). The 
study focused on interpretation of three-dimension (3D) seismic and suites of …

19 – Aridification and orbital forcing of eastern African climate during the Plio-Pleistocene

CJ Lepre, RL Quinn – Global and Planetary Change, 2021

… The East African Rift System is known for many geological records of terrestrial 
ecosystem evolution and has accumulated sediment sequences with volcanic ash 
layers that can be radiometrically dated to provide detailed Plio-Pleistocene records …

18 – [HTML] The central African soil spectral library: a new soil infrared repository and a geographical prediction analysis

L Summerauer, P Baumann, L Ramirez-Lopez… – SOIL, 2021

… Soil samples were collected from past projects in the Congo Basin and along the 
Albertine Rift, the western branch of the East African Rift System. Table 1 gives an 
overview of corresponding data sources and data contributors to the different …

17 – Effects of asthenospheric flow and orographic precipitation on continental rifting

P Sternai, VAP Muller, L Jolivet, E Garzanti, G Corti… – Tectonophysics, 2021

… Paleo-climate models also suggest that uplift of the Ethiopian-Somalian plateaus 
led the East African climate to conditions similar to present-day since at least 8 Ma (Sepulchre 
et al., 2006), although such models depend on the assumed timing of topographic …

16 – Scenario-based earthquake risk assessment for central-southern Malawi: The case of the Bilila-Mtakataka Fault

K Goda, V Novelli, R De Risi, P Kloukinas, N Giordano… – International Journal of …, 2021

… A regional seismic risk analysis for central-southern Malawi is conducted by 
focusing on the Bilila-Mtakataka Fault within the East African Rift System and by 
incorporating local information on population exposure and building vulnerability …

15 – He, Ne, Ar and CO2 systematics of the Rungwe Volcanic Province, Tanzania: Implications for fluid source and dynamics

CN Kimani, CH Kasanzu, RL Tyne, KM Mtili, DJ Byrne… – Chemical Geology, 2021

… During magma ascent in volcanically active regions (eg, the East African Rift 
System (EARS)), CO 2 , noble gases and other volatile elements are exsolved from 
magma bodies as a function of their solubility (Jambon et al., 1986; Gilfillan, 2006; …

14 – [PDF] Preliminary Fluid Geochemical Survey in Tete Province and Prospective Development of Geothermics in Mozambique

M Procesi, L Marini, D Cinti, A Sciarra, P Basile… – 2021

… However, most of the power generated by this power station is exported to South 
Africa. In general, due to lack of power transmission lines and distribution networks, 
the availability of hydroelectricity is mainly restricted to urban areas and, in general …

13 – [PDF] Rising Water Levels in Kenya’s Rift Valley Lakes

TG Dam, L Victoria

… The topography is striking, a product of the East African Rift Valley tectonism and 
volcanism. The Elgeyo escarpment runs NS for 140 km in its section between 
Biretwo and Marich Pass. At its southern end the escarpment trends NNE-SSW for at …

12 – Imaging the Ethiopian Rift Region Using Transdimensional Hierarchical Seismic Noise Tomography

A Eshetu, T Mammo, F Tilmann – Pure and Applied Geophysics, 2021

… The Ethiopian Rift system, the northernmost part of the East African Rift System, is 
a seismically and volcanically highly active region, which is stretching and 
fragmenting Archean–Proterozoic continental lithosphere (Acocella et al., 2008) (Fig …

11 – Middle Miocene (∼ 14 Ma) and Late Miocene (∼ 6 Ma) Paleogeographic Boundary Conditions

Z He, Z Zhang, Z Guo, CR Scotese, C Deng – Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology

… These data suggest that East Africa was rapidly elevated during the middle-late 
Miocene and reached modern elevations by the late … For example, we used fossils 
from the PBDB to constrain the paleo-coastlines; we used deep-sea cores to revise …

10 – Proterozoic–Paleozoic orogenic gold mineralization along the southwestern margin of the Tanzania Craton: A review

SC Dunn, P Bjorn – Journal of African Earth Sciences, 2021

… Here we present the commonalities and differences among a series of goldfields 
in the Ubendian Belt, that collectively provide a unique East African perspective on 
gold mineralization along a reworked Archean cratonic margin. This review lays the …

9 – Magmatic rifting in the Main Ethiopian Rift began in thick continental lithosphere; the case of the Galema Range

B Chiasera, TO Rooney, ID Bastow, G Yirgu… – Lithos, 2021

… We provide evidence for magma stalling at the lithosphere-asthenosphere 
boundary within the East African Rift System. … in still-thick lithosphere beneath the 
margin of the East African rift, prior to the development of the progressively rift-axial …

8 – [PDF] Evaluation of GGMs Based on the Terrestrial Gravity Data of Gravity Disturbance and Moho Depthin Afar, Ethiopia

E Alemu – Artificial Satellites

… rift is changing into oceanic ridge and also it is an ideal locale to study the role of 
extension and magmatism as rifting progresses to seafloor spreading. Furthermore, 
the crustal thickness of the Afar rift is attenuated due to the upwelling magma and …

7 – Structural controls on slope evolution and sediment dispersal pathways along the northern Tanzania continental margin, western Indian Ocean

MD Stagna, V Maselli, D Grujic, P Reynolds… – Marine Geology, 2021

… with the tectonics of the East African Rift System. Our results provide new
insights on the evolution … KEYWORDS: Tanzania margin; Pemba and Zanzibar
islands, East African Rift System; Indian Ocean; Submarine canyons; Tectonics …

6 – [PDF] Ground fissures within the Main Ethiopian Rift: Tectonic, lithological and piping controls

J Valenta, K Verner, K Martínek, T Hroch, D Buriánek…

… Ground-fissures often occur in the tectonically active continental rift structures such as
the Main Ethiopian Rift (MER; Figure 1) belong- ing to the East African Rift System that
separates the Nubia and Somalia plates (eg, Agostini et al., 2011) …

5 – Characterizing Permeability from Geological and Geochemical Data in the Olkaria Domes Field in Kenya.

HN Achini, OC Adeigbe, BK Rop – East African Journal of Environment and Natural …, 2021

… A history of hot dry rock geothermal energy systems. Journal of Volcanology
and Geothermal Research, 15(1-3), 1-20. Smith, M., and Mosley, P., 1993:
Crustal heterogeneity and basement influence on the development of the …



… Page 10. Udahogora et al.: Comparing factors conditioning landscape change
during volcanic eruption at Virunga National Park, East Africa – 3798 … observed
in the central parts of the park where the population of the fourteen fishing …

3 – The origin of high helium concentrations in the gas fields of southwestern Tanzania

KM Mtili, DJ Byrne, RL Tyne, EO Kazimoto, C Kimani… – Chemical Geology, 2021

2 – Thermo-tectonic imaging of the Gulf of Aden-Red Sea rift systems and Afro-Arabian hinterland

SC Boone, ML Balestrieri, B Kohn – Earth-Science Reviews, 2021

1 – [HTML] A New Conceptual Framework for Integrating Earth Observation in Large-scale Wetland Management in East Africa

S Steinbach, N Cornish, J Franke, K Hentze, A Strauch… – Wetlands, 2021

… SpringerLink. Search: Search SpringerLink Search. A New Conceptual
Framework for Integrating Earth Observation in Large-scale Wetland
Management in East Africa. Download PDF. Download PDF. Associated …



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