Oct 2021: East African society

Monthly bibliography review: East African society

October 2021

28 – Assisting Polyculture Farming in Africa

S Adebola, K Goldberg – 2021 IEEE AFRICON, 2021

… grows; 20% of people in North Africa live in agricultural areas seriously affected 
by water shortage while 5% (50 Million) of the sub-Saharan Africa population live in 
areas with water … Strickland, “Medical delivery drones take flight in east africa,” …

27 – [HTML] Social innovations in rural communities in Africa’s Great Lakes region. A social work perspective

H Spitzer, J Twikirize – Journal of Rural Studies, 2021

… context of a post-genocide society, where family and community structures and 
the social fabric in society were extremely distorted in the … The village savings and 
loan associations, which are prevalent in most rural areas in East Africa, provide an …

26 – [PDF] Co-Produced Research Supports Pastoralists to Pursue Transformative Social and Ecological Change in Rangelands

RS Reid, KA Kassam, T Pickering, A Yasin… – 2021

… of the partnership’s clients or the environment, and impacts as longer-term effects 
of the partnership’s outcomes on society and the … In East Africa, it appears that the 
research may have helped catalyze and accelerate transformations already in …

25 – [PDF] Whose Knowledge Counts?: Irrigation Development in Turkana, Kenya (1963-2019)

GL Akall – 2021

Abstract Irrigation has long been promoted in Africa’s drylands as a means to 
improve food security and livelihoods. Turkana County, one of the driest regions of 
Kenya, has a long history of irrigation interventions, extending from the colonial era …

24 – Borehole siting and construction in rural Malawi: A sociotechnical process?

T Larson, Z Dulanya, E Mwathunga – Geophysics, 2021

… rifting associated with the development of the East African Rift System (EARS) 
continues to the … through the village to the trading center east of the village (Figure 
3C). Three distinct … agreed to move the site about 100 m further east, still within …

23 – [HTML] Review of Land, Investment & Politics: Reconfiguring East Africa’s Pastoral Drylands. Edited by Jeremy Lind, Doris Okenwa & Ian Scoones. Woodbridge, Suffolk …

JG Galaty – 2021

… the efflorescence of institutions providing services in health, education, markets 
and civil society, and class formation. Major investment projects are not rejected 
locally but demands … Research on social change, land tenure, and conservation …

22 – [PDF] Analysis of Actors and Activities at Dagoretti Livestock Market in Nairobi City, Kenya

WM Wafula, OV Wasonga – 2021

… This railway line was formally used in transportation of people and livestock for 
trade from white-settler farms in Rift Valley region to City of … zebu, Boran, Ankole, 
Sahiwal, crosses of cattle and Jersey cattle), Goats (Galla, Small East African goat …

21 – [PDF] Growth of dairy farming societies in Kenya

AK Lagat, VK Koech, CJ Biwott

… The variables extracted for the analysis comprised of cooperative society 
information such number of cooperative societies, memberships … The analysis 
was applied on cooperative society as well as the milk and milk product variables to …

20 – Interpreting Africa: Imperialism and independence in African Affairs

N Westcott – African Affairs, 2021

… Founded simultaneously with the African Society in 1901 to better inform the 
British public about Africa, its pages provided a valuable … In West Africa, white 
settlement was actively discouraged. So East Africa became the battleground …

19 – How is gender investigated in African climate change research? A systematic review of the literature

S Vercillo, C Huggins, L Cochrane – Ambio, 2021

… about gender and the environment, this systematic review analyzes both the 
evidence from emerging research based in Africa and the … primarily in Central and 
East Africa. He uses largely qualitative methods in his own research and is inspired …

18 – [PDF] Mining habitat, house and home during an East African gold boom: economic and emotional dimensions

DF Bryceson, JB Jønsson, MC Shand – Journal of Eastern African Studies, 2021

… -section of residents’ economic circumstances and feelings about their residential 
and working environment. Our aim is to explore mining residents’ economic decision-making 
and … Geita was reportedly the fastest growing urban area in East Africa …

17 – [HTML] East African quintessential plants claimed to be used as blood purifiers, cleansers, detoxifiers and tonics: an appraisal of ethnobotanical reports and correlation with …

T Omara – Bulletin of the National Research Centre, 2021

… Medicinal plants used in blood purification, cleansing, detoxification and 
strengthening in East Africa play a holistic role in rejuvenation of … This non-systematic 
review retrieved scholarly information on ethnomedicinal plants claimed to be used …

16 – [PDF] Effect of Trade on Income Inequality in sub-Saharan Africa: A note

K Ogundari – 2021

… At the same time, Africa ranks second after Latin America in terms of inequality in … 
or political right is not a sufficient condition to ensure a corruption-free society. … 
The study employs a balanced panel data from 11 countries in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) …


15 – [PDF] Soil Organic Carbon and Total Nitrogen Stock Response to Traditional Enclosure Management in Eastern Ethiopia

M Abdulahi, A Ebro, L Nigatu – 2021

… Traditional enclosures are widely used by pastoralists in East Africa. However, 
the response of basic soil properties to the establishment of … grazing intensities (light 
and heavy) based on the history and intensity of livestock grazing and discussion …

14 – [HTML] Small farms and development in sub-Saharan Africa: Farming for food, for income or for lack of better options?

KE Giller, T Delaune, JV Silva, M van Wijk, J Hammond… – Food Security, 2021

… The fertile soils resulting from volcanic rejuvenation of the landscape in the East 
African Rift, coupled with well-distributed rainfall that allows two cropping seasons 
each year, led to sedentary agriculture already before the 19 th Century (eg Crowley …

13 – [PDF] The pursuit of inclusion: Conditions for civil society inclusion in peace processes in communal conflicts in Kenya

E Elfversson, D Nilsson – Cooperation and Conflict, 2021

… For instance, negotiations in pastoralist conflicts in East Africa have often entirely 
excluded the youth, who are the ones carrying out raids and fighting but traditionally 
do not have a say in conflict resolution in this cultural context. NGO-led third-party …

12 – [PDF] Interactions between Climate Change and Infrastructure Projects in Changing Water Resources: An Ethnobiological Perspective from the Daasanach, Kenya

AB Junqueira, Á Fernández-Llamazares… – Journal of Ethnobiology, 2021

The fast and widespread environmental changes that have intensified in the last 
decades are bringing disproportionate impacts to Indigenous Peoples and Local 
Communities. Changes that affect water resources are particularly relevant for …                                                

11 – Africa’s security landscape of securitised-development and human rights issues

F Kumah-Abiwu – African Security Review, 2021

… Consequently, the security policy of the US and its allies towards Africa
specifically East Africa has continued to receive attention. David … issues in East 
Africa/Horn of Africa with about USD$100 million support. A joint military command …

10 – [PDF] An Invitation to Sociology of Climate Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa: Concealing the Intersections of Environmental Justice, Inequality, and the Nation State

SS Mugambiwa – Technium Social Sciences Journal, 2021

… where humans strain the environment, representation is required to determine 
better ways to utilise the environment and adapt to … This section combines the 
approaches initiated by countries in the East Africa Community (EAC) and the …

9 – Fertilizer and grain prices constrain food production in sub-Saharan Africa

C Bonilla-Cedrez, J Chamberlin, RJ Hijmans – Nature Food, 2021

Fertilizer and grain prices constrain food production in sub-Saharan Africa.
Download PDF. Article; Published: 07 October 2021. Fertilizer and grain
prices constrain food production in sub-Saharan Africa …

8 – Factors and Constraints Hindering Effective Municipal Solid Waste Management Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa: Case Study of Northern Uganda

JO Ongia, L Turyabanawe, B Barasa, A Mulabbi… – International Journal of …, 2021

… The World Bank. Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), 2016, The National Population
and Housing Census 2014 – Main Report, Kampala, Uganda … Variability of extreme weather
events over the equatorial East Africa, a case study of rainfall in Kenya and Uganda …

7 – [PDF] Resilient Generation: supporting young people’s prospects for decent work in the drylands of east and west Africa

M Dupar, E Lovell, O Walmsley, V Diwakar, C Balcou… – 2021

… September 2021 Page 2. 2 SPARC Resilient generation Introduction The east and west
regions of Africa have a youthful population – with people under the age of 18 comprising
around one half of the population for most countries (World Bank, nd) …

6 – [PDF] Starting up and starting over: how networking can enable refugee entrepreneurs to regain livelihoods in East Africa

C Katsiaficas, C Wilson, FA Tufa, J Ruhundwa… – 2021

… How networking can enable refugee entrepreneurs to regain livelihoods
in East Africa … diaspora organisations in Europe engaging in development
activities in Africa, is one … Italy ICMPD (International Centre for Migration Policy …

5 – [PDF] IoT-based system for automated floodwater detection and early warning in the East Africa Region: a case study of Arusha and Dar es salaam, Tanzania

A Uwayisenga – 2021

… on the society (Sholihah et al., 2020). Flooding has drastically impacted
lives and livelihoods for countries located in Sub- Sahara Africa and most
vulnerable due to climatic fluctuations … of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) of …

4 – Citizenship, Resistance and Animals: Karamoja Region Pastoralists’ Resilience against State Violence in Uganda

I Hazama – Nomadic Peoples, 2021

… Although ethnicity in East African pastoral society is characterised by flexibility and
attribution, the concept of the territorial state is now embedded in East Africa; however,
the concept of a two-dimensional surface area enclosed by a boundary remains foreign …

3 – What drives income inequality in sub‐Saharan Africaand its sub‐regions? An examination of long‐run and short‐run effects

O Jonathan Gimba, M Seraj, H Ozdeser – African Development Review

… Population growth in the long run and short run aggravates the distribution of income …
Similarly, Ncube et al. (2014) conclude that uneven income distribution lessens economic
growth and exacerbates poverty in the Middle East and North Africa …

2 – Dynamics of Cultural Value of Non-Pastoral Activities among the Daasanach in East Africa

T Sagawa – Nomadic Peoples, 2021

… 1990s,2 many research studies have focused on livelihood diversi- fication3
by pastoral people in East Africa and the people’s resilience in an uncertain
natural and social environment.4 General driving factors of diversi- fication …

1 – Chinese investment in East Africa: History, status, and impacts

Y Xia – Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 2021

… Estimates provided by the Chinese Business Confederation in Tanzania
suggested that nearly 30,000 Chinese migrants, or half of the entire Chinese
population in Tanzania, have moved to neighboring countries since 2015 …


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