Sept 2021: East african paleo

Monthly bibliography review: East African paleo

September 2021

20 – Seasonality and Oldowan behavioral variability in East Africa

GJ Linares-Matás, J Clark – Journal of Human Evolution, 2021

19 – Orbital control of Pleistocene euxinia in Lake Magadi, Kenya

DM Deocampo, RB Owen, TK Lowenstein, RW Renaut… – Geology, 2021

… 7. Campisano, CJ, et al., 2017, The Hominin Sites and Paleolakes Drilling
Project: High-resolution pa- leoclimate records from the East African Rift
System and their implications for understanding the environmental context …

18 – [PDF] Fjord network in Namibia: A snapshot into the dynamics of the late Paleozoic glaciation

P Dietrich, NP Griffis, DP Le Heron, IP Montañez… – Geology, 2021

… to the west and segments of the Kaoko (Pan-African) orogen to the east
(Gos- combe … The potential for paleo-fjords of southwestern Gondwana to
have played an important role in atmospheric … P. Dietrich and D. Le Heron … 

17 – [HTML] Continental interior parabolic dunes as a potential proxy for past climates

L Vimpere, SE Watkins, S Castelltort – Global and Planetary Change, 2021

16 – A lonely dot on the map: exploring the climate signal in tree-ring density and stable isotopes of Clanwilliam cedar, South Africa

T De Mil, M Meko, S Belmecheri, E February, M Therrell… – Dendrochronologia, 2021

… Dendrochronologia. ORIGINAL ARTICLE. A lonely dot on the map: exploring
the climate signal in tree-ring density and stable isotopes of Clanwilliam
cedar, South Africa. Author links open overlay panel.

15 – [PDF] Mollusc Shells from Neolithic Contexts in the Lake Eyasi Basin, Northern Tanzania

MS Mwitondi, AS Mjandwa, PM Bushozi – Tanzania Journal of Science, 2021

… Introduction The Neolithic period between 5000-1200 BP marked the beginning of animal
domestication in the East African Rift Valley (Bower 1991, Ambrose 1998, Lane 2004, Grillo
et al. 2018, 2020, Prendergast et al. 2019, Wang et al. 2020) … 


MB Mednikova, PR Kazansky

… the scan- ning of two Neanderthal specimens from excava- tions of Altai Caves
(Okladnikov 2, Chagyrskaya 56b), two middle phalanges of East-European
CroMagnons … It was reported that fragility fracture rates in South Africa are …

13 – Plio-Pleistocene Sediment Provenance and Erosion Rates Along the East African Rift System

EE Zawacki – 2021

… 1.2 The Hominin Sites and Paleolakes Drilling Project Understanding the
relationship between Earth system history and human evolution has long
been at the forefront of scientific inquiry … the last 6–7 My in East Africa (eg …

12 – New tectonic model and division of the Ubendian-Usagaran Belt, Tanzania: A review and in-situ dating of eclogites

N Boniface, T Tsujimori – Plate Tectonics, Ophiolites, and Societal Significance …, 2021

… metapelites, semipelitic, etc.) overlie the Eastern Granulites and were
meta-morphosed during the East African Orogeny … L A K 530-500 Ma** Basin
West Africa E N Y A Africa 0 Nyika Phanerozoic sediments and volcanics …

11 – Plio-Pleistocene Sediment Provenance and Erosion Rates Along the East African Rift System

EE Zawacki – 2021

… 3.4 Comparison of Modern and Paleoerosion Rates Across East Africa …..84 3.5 Range
of Sediment Accumulation Rates in the NA and WTK drill cores and … the last 6–7 My in
East Africa (eg, Dart, 1925; deMenocal, 2004; Potts, 1998; Vrba, 1995) …

10 – [PDF] Eolian chronology reveals causal links between tectonics, climate, and erg generation

S Vainer, A Matmon, YB Dor, E Verrecchia, G Aumaitre – 2021

… 42 Sand as a climatic indicator in southern Africa 43 The southern part
of the African continent lies within a pronounced rainfall gradient attributed
to 44 … interior (Ecker et al., 2018), only 30% of the rift-filling lacustrine archives …

9 – [PDF] Osteometric Study of the Mandibular Foramen in Dry Adult Human Mandibles of South-East Nigerian Population

MO Gloria, UL Uche, BL Bamidele… – Journal of Medical and …, 2021

… Besides, availability of data on morphological and positional variations
of MF among Blacks in West Africa, will be beneficial during paleo
anthropological studies … foramen is localized in the horizontal and vertical …

8 – A Paleo-Lake and wetland paleoecology associated with human use of the distal Old River Bed Delta at the Pleistocene-Holocene transition in the Bonneville Basin …

MR Palacios-Fest, D Duke, DC Young, JD Kirk… – Quaternary Research, 2021

… A Paleo-Lake and wetland paleoecology associated with human use of the
distal Old River Bed Delta at the Pleistocene-Holocene transition … The
geographic boundaries of the basin include the Cedar Mountains to the east …

7 – Only in Africa: The Ecology of Human Evolution

N Owen-Smith – 2021

… Abundance: Bottom-up and Top-down Influences 181 13 How Large
Herbivores Transform Savanna Ecosystems 199 14 Paleo-faunas: Rise … Page
22. Chapter 1: High Africa: Eroding Surfaces The formation of High Africa …

6 – [PDF] The shrinkage of Lake Manyara: causes and management options for lake protection

VLP Compen – 2021

… side of Lake Manyara are covered by a tropical semi humid vegetation cover
with highland forests and the flat areas on the east side of the … Projections
for future rainfall patterns in Eastern Africa vary widely (eg Endris et al., 2019; …

5 – Testing dental calculus as a means to determine paleodiet of extinct equid Merychippus sp.

RZS Virk, KE Gobetz – Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 2021

JavaScript is disabled on your browser. Please enable JavaScript to use all
the features on this page. Skip to main content Skip to article …

4 – [HTML] … flow patterns, hydrogeochemistry and metals background levels of shallow hard rock aquifer in a humid tropical urban area in sub-Saharan Africa-A case study from …

AF Bon, TAMN Ngoss, GE Mboudou, LA Banakeng… – Journal of Hydrology …, 2021

3 – [HTML] Microbial community of soda Lake Van as obtained from direct and enriched water, sediment and fish samples

E Ersoy Omeroglu, M Sudagidan, MNZ Yurt… – Scientific Reports, 2021

Soda lakes are saline and alkaline ecosystems that are considered to have
existed since the first geological records of the world. These lakes support
the growth of ecologically and economically important microorganisms due …

2 – [PDF] Miocene Climate and Habitat Change Drove Diversification in Bicyclus, Africa’s Largest Radiation of Satyrine Butterflies

PM Brakefield, O Brattström, DJ Lohman – 2021

… factors may involve large-scale perturbations in the physical environment
such as climate change or major shifts in geology, such as mountain building
or rift formation (Barnosky … Moreover, the orogeny of the East African Plateau …

1 – Contribution of the geochemical, physico-chemical, mineralogical, and statistical approaches to the reconstructing of the Holocene depositional environments along …

A Gammoudi, A Tlili, E Essefi, H El Feki, H Rigane – Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 2021

The characterization of organic matter (OM) composition, physico-chemical, geochemical,
and mineralogical studies of sedimentary core can help to better un.


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