Sept 2021: East African populations

Monthly bibliography review: East African populations

September 2021

24 – [PDF] Traditional cattle breeding practices and rate of inbreeding in the mid rift valley of Oromia, Ethiopia

A Gudeto, T Mirkena, T Kebede – Int J Vet Sci Res, 2021

… districts which are located in the mid-rift of Oromia. ATJK, Bora and
Negele-Arsi are situated on the main road from Addis Ababa to Shashamane
and located at 110, 160, and 226km south of Addis Ababa city, respectively … 

23 – [HTML] Phylogenetic relationships and biogeography of the Hybomys division (Muridae: Murinae: Arvicanthini), rodents endemic to Africa’s rainforests

N Pradhan, RW Norris, J Decher, JK Peterhans… – Journal of Vertebrate …, 2021

The Journal of Vertebrate Biology publishes original insights into vertebrate zoology,
including scientific articles, in-depth review papers and monographs.

22 – [HTML] Unequal access and use of contraceptives among parenting adolescent girls in sub-Saharan Africa: a cross-sectional analysis of demographic and health surveys

BO Ahinkorah, MT Obisesan, AA Seidu, AI Ajayi – BMJ Open, 2021

… Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; 2 Faculty of Health Sciences, University of
Fort Hare, East London, South Africa; 3 Department of Population and Health,
University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana; 4 College of Public … 

21 – [HTML] Population normative data for three cognitive screening tools for older adults in sub-Saharan Africa

WK Gray, SM Paddick, A Ogunniyi, O Olakehinde… – Dementia & …, 2021

… More recent studies have taken place in Tanzania, in East Africa (ie, a
population aged 60 and above, 4.6%, life expectancy at age 60, 17.5 years).
26 26. He W, Aboderin I and Adjaye-Gbewonyo D. US Census Bureau …

20 –  [HTML] Sporadic Rift Valley Fever Outbreaks in Humans and Animals in Uganda, October 2017–January 2018

D Birungi, FL Aceng, L Bulage, IH Nkonwa… – Journal of Environmental …, 2021

… fever virus has been found in several wild mammals in Africa such as African
buffaloes and … Rift Valley fever virus patients may present with fever,
generalized weakness, back pain, and dizziness … Africa; for ex- ample, in … 

19 – [PDF] Uncertainties In The Effectiveness of Biological Control of Stem Borers Under Different Climate Change Scenarios In Eastern Africa

IG Jendritzki, HEZ Tonnang, PA Calatayud… – 2021

… labor (ILO, 2021; Salami et al., 2010; World Bank, 2021). Still more than half of the working
population works in the 43 agricultural sector (World Bank, 2021). In East Africa, agricultural
activity is dominated by smallholder farmers (Salami 44 et al., 2010) … 

18 – [HTML] Refugee Related Political Violence in Asia and Africa

L Konečná, D Mrva – Central European Journal of International and Security …, 2021

… [33] For example, developed authoritarian countries such as China have
the capacity to manage the refugee population, while in countries like Turkey
and Egypt, the refugees can integrate more easily … African Great Lakes region … 

17 – Development and Psychometrics Evaluation of the Happiness Scale for Africans

RK Awosola, IE Sunday – Educational Research Quarterly, 2021

… Stratified random sampling was adopted because Africa was divided into
four regions; these were North Africa, West AfricaEast Africa as well as
Southern Africa … The choice of this target population was based on the fact …

16 – [PDF] The Role of Labour in Agricultural Production in Colonial East and West Africa.

P Torru, W Island

… Abstract The paper argues that the presence of a settler population of
European extraction in East Africa paved the way for the enactment of
discriminatory laws against Africans whose sole Purpose was to sufficiently … 

15 – The History and Evolution of Branding in Africa

S Starčević – Marketing Brands in Africa, 2021

… Archaeological sites in East Africa provided numerous remnants of Chinese
ceramics from different periods … The population of African countries still
consumes mostly imported goods, even food. Considering that Africa was …

14 – A review of the ‘Candidatus Liberibacter africanus’ citrus pathosystem in Africa

JV da Graça, G Cook, IJ Ajene, TG Grout, G Pietersen… – Phytopathology, 2021

… cannot be overlooked. The liberibacter population structure in East Africa is expected
to change with the presence of both CLas and D. citri in the region (Ajene et al. 2020c;
Rwomushana et al. 2017; Saponari et al. 2010) as …

13 – [PDF] Community views on water demands under a changing climate: The case of River Mpanga Water Catchment, Western Uganda

I Mugume, R Semyalo, P Wasswa, T Ngailo, RI Odongo… – African Journal of …, 2021

… The increasing population often misuse water sources (especially the
boreholes) leading to authorities to block access … Additionally, studies show
that East Africa experienced persistent droughts in 2016 and 2017 (Branch …

12 – [PDF] Uganda’s Artists on the Political Frontline: The 2021 General Elections in Context

G Kyeyune, E Kitamirike – Public Policy Institute, Kampala. PPI, 2021

… The two are now bedfellows, in part because (a) music as a medium of artistic
gratification is itself ‘infectious’; (b) the content in the music resonates with
the hopes and fears of the local population; and (c) music has a … Heinemann …

11 – [PDF] Evaluation of the Sustainability of the Knowledge Acquired on Volcanic Risks by the Population of Goma Several Years After the 2002 Eruption of Nyiragongo

BR Marcel, F Esther, BN Anicet, MK Françoise… – Research & Development, 2021

… Nat Hazards (2018) 93: 31.] [Balagizi, Charles
& Kies, Antoine & Kasereka, Marcellin & Yalire, Mathieu & McCausland, Wendy. (2018).
Natural hazards in Goma and the surrounding villages, East African Rift System … 

10 – [HTML] Prelacteal feeding practice and its associated factors among mothers having children less than 2 years of age in East Africa: a multilevel analysis of the recent …

AB Teshale, MG Worku, ZT Tessema, GA Tesema – International Breastfeeding …, 2021

… Methods. Data source, data collection, and study population. We used pooled data from
the 12 east Africa countries Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) that were conducted
from 2008 to 2019. All these surveys used a stratified two-stage cluster sampling technique … 

9 – [PDF] Challenges of Coordination–Improving partnerships in the East African Educational Technology Sector

J Nieminen – 2021

… This is especially true in the Global South, as rapid population growth is
compounded by … study focuses on expanding the use of EdTech by improving
partnerships in the East African EdTech … I then introduce the EdTech sector …

8 – [PDF] Livestock sustainability research in Africa with a focus on the environment

M Balehegn, E Kebreab, A Tolera, S Hunt, P Erickson… – Animal Frontiers, 2021

… the demand for animal-source food (ASF) is projected to increase due to
population growth, increased … More than 70% of agricultural GHG emission
in Africa comes from the livestock sector … gas emission intensity (ie, emissions …

7 – Influence of terror activities on Kenya’s Foreign policy

LM Ambeyi – 2021

… The East Africa region has experienced prolonged and severe intra- and
inter-state conflict which has led to poverty, instability and … The target
population of this study was comprised the KDF, National Intelligence …

6 – Gendering Environment and Climate Change in the Economic Community of West African States & the East African Community: Why Representation Matters

N Sackeyfio, AJ Kaba – The Review of Black Political Economy, 2021

The heightened prospect of a “rising Africa” stems from multiple developments
across the continent. Technological innovation, economic empowerment,
increasing female leadership, and more continue t… 

5 – [PDF] Prevalence of Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in East Africa: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

K Alem – 2021

… in East Africa, where the TB prevalence and risk factors are highest [8].
MDR-TB, even though being nearly 100% treatable, it is one of the major
community health problems that is most-frequently the root cause of death … 

4 – A Grounded Theory of Self-Justifying-A life of rural women in Tanzania

R Kaikkonen – Agricultural Economics, 2021

… Tanzania is a rapidly growing country in East Africa and the majority of the population
lives in rural areas and relies on agriculture. Despite growth in the economy and
agricultural production the rural population struggles with poverty …

3 – A chimpanzee enamel-diet δ13C enrichment factor and a refined enamel sampling strategy: Implications for dietary reconstructions

MA Malone, LM MacLatchy, JC Mitani, R Kityo… – Journal of Human Evolution, 2021

2 – Advancing girls’ education in light of COVID-19 in East Africa: A synthesis report

M Daniels, Regional Education Learning Initiative – 2021

… 10.31899/sbsr2021.1014. Language. English. Recommended Citation.
Population Council, Regional Education Learning Initiative, and Mannion
Daniels. 2021. “Advancing girls’ education in light of COVID-19 in East Africa …

1 – [HTML] Review of Anopheles Mosquito Species, Abundance, and Distribution in Ethiopia

F Adugna, M Wale, E Nibret – Journal of Tropical Medicine, 2021

… 1, p. 35, 2020. [27] D. Yewhalaw and EJ Kweka, “Insecticide resistance in
East Africahistory, distribution and drawbacks on malaria vectors and
disease control,” Insecticides Resistance, pp. 189–215, INTECH Science …


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