2024 – colloque du GDR Rift
Workshop on interdisciplinarity

Les rencontres du GDR Rift 2024

Workshop on interdisciplinarity

Animated by Christel Tiberi & Stéphanie Gautier-Raux

25 participants

The workshop was dedicated to the interdisciplinarity: how can we promote and favour interdisciplinary studies? What are the difficulties and how can we tackle them?

What is interdisciplinary for you?
Two types of frameworks:

  • Researchers from different disciplines gather, discuss together and a common question arises
  • A common question/interest/object gather researchers from different disciplines and they work together to address the problem.

What are the difficulties for interdisciplinarity?

  • Access to the other disciplines
  • Lack of interdisciplinary journals to publish
  • Lack of acknowledgement for interdisciplinary students, collaborative work
  • Different languages (discipline oriented)

What can favour interdisciplinary?

  • workplaces
    • meetings
    • colloquium
    • local and international extend
    • field work / visit
  • time
    • to find collaborators
    • to adapt to a common frame/language
  • Sharing, communicating
    • Colloquium
    • Exchange (students, researcher, teaching)
  • Society issues
    • Easiest to publish and to be visible.
    • Not necessary in all projects though


  • Go on a common field trip in the middle of the colloquium, and organize workshops associated to the field trip just after to favour project initiation and discussions.
  • Favour teaching exchange (through lecturer/professor invitation in foreign institutions, student exchanges)
  • Keep interdisciplinary colloquium
  • Create an interdisciplinary journal on the rift (open-access, free, Multilanguage)
  • Start on-line training / lessons
    • The participants agree to initiate a small “in a nutshell” lessons database
    • 4-5 slides are expected in which each participant can summarize the method, skill, analyse he/she has and can share.
    • The slides will be accessible for all on the GDR website
    • Deadline: 1st July 2024

Emails of participants

  • Sintayehu Gobezie Abebe sintanni[at]gmail.com (WEP and Ethnomedecine in Omo Valley)
  • Matiwos Damitew Yifatu mdtteruwerk[at]gmail.com (anthropology, cultural heritage)
  • Theophilus Kiprono kipronotheophilus19[at]gmail.com (Electronics)
  • Martha Moseti Marthamoseti94[at]gmail.com Water (geology)
  • Yusuf bello belloyusuf21[at]yahoo.com (climatology)
  • Jane Macharia jaynemmacharia[at]gmail.com (biodiversity)
  • Feiruz Adan feiruz25[at]gmail.com (water quality analysis (environmental science))
  • Charity Rotioh rotiohcharity69[at]gmail.com (Msc physics renewable energy)
  • Beatrice Langat langat[at]kewi.or.ke (data analytics tools)
  • Mohamed Soud mohamedm@nm-aist.ac.tz (Clean Energy technology)
  • Yawe John johny[at]nm-aist.ac.tz (green energy technology)
  • Henry Kahimbih kahimbih[at]nm-aist.ac.tz (Clean energy technology (biodiesel))
  • Edwin De Jaeger ejd62[at]cam.ac.uk (Human evolution, anatomy, imaging)
  • Pierre Nevers pierre.nevers[at]univ-fcomte.fr (Hydrogeology water ressources management)
  • Elizabeth Odunga elizabethodunga1[at]gmail.com (solar energy)
  • Remigius Gama remmygama[at]yahoo.com (geology rift)
  • Pierre Linchamps pierre.linchamps[at]gmail.com (paleontology)
  • Laura Marechal marechal.laura[at]hotmail.com (biological anthropology)
  • Bisrat Gebreegziabher bisratgebreegziabher[at]gmail.com
  • Hélène Celle Helene.celle[at]univ-fcomte.fr (hydrogeology)
  • Mpayan Cosmas Emejen cosmas1909[at]student.mmarau.ac.ke (mathematics)

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