Veille mensuelle bibliographique :
décembre 2021

Veille mensuelle bibliographique

Décembre 2021

Vous trouverez ici les références de quelques articles et ouvrages glanés au fil du mois sur le web concernant les principales thématiques de nos communautés. Cette liste ne se veut pas exhaustive, et vous pouvez nous mentionner tout ouvrage ou texte supplémentaire pour la compléter. Ces références seront archivées au bout d’un an dans l’onglet Diffusion du savoir / ouvrages.

Le Rift de l’Afrique de l’Est

10 – The gravity field and tectonic features in the southeast of the Anza Basin, Kenya

Q CHEN, B YUAN, X HUANG, J LI… – Journal of …, 2021 –

… The southeast of the Anza Basin in Kenya, located in the East African Rift
System, has developed a very thick Mesozoic and Cenozoic sedimentary cover. However, the
low level of exploration in this area restricts us from understanding its structural system and …

9 – Reservoir forming mechanisms of the lake albert basin in the western branch of the east african rift system

S JIA, W HAN, C QIU, B HU… – Marine Geology …, 2021 –

… Initiation of the western branch of the East African Rift coeval with the eastern
branch[J]. Nature Geoscience,2012,5(4):289-294. doi… History of the development of the
East African Rift System: a series of interpreted maps through time[J]. Journal of African Earth …


8 – [PDF] Petrological and Geochronological investigation of the Lundy granite and its role in the North Atlantic Igneous Province (NAIP)

K Lisica – 2021 –

… My first introduction to igneous processes and volcanism was during the
time I was writing my bachelor thesis: rift volcanism of East African Rift at University of Zagreb.
The introduction to research and the topics I was particularly interested in, made me want to …


7 – [PDF] Geoscientific Monitoring of Olkaria’s

I Fadel, C Hecker, J Kimata, E Bonyo, M van der Meijde… –

… (a) Regional topography around the East African Rift System (EARS). Red
lines represent surface expressions ofthe EARS continental segments. (b) The Olkaria
geothermal field and Quaternary volcanoes are located along the Kenya Rift …

6 – [HTML] Petrology, Geochemistry and tectonic setting of basalts from Bojan area, Northeast of Neyshabur

SM Homam, H Hafezi Moghadas… – Journal Of Economic …, 2021 –

… Chondrite-normalized REE patterns for basalts from Bojan area show very
similar pattern with those from transitional – mildly alkalic basalts from the Eastern branch of
the East African Rift. Spider diagram patterns for Bojan basalts normalized according to …

5 – [PDF] Opening of the Red Sea: from Afar to Suez

E BonattiA Cipriani, L Lupi –

… One is the East African Rift, a linear “crack” that cuts through the African
continent ending up in the Afar region of Eastern Ethiopia. The other is the Gulf of Aden, an
oceanic rift that started over 15 million years ago, propagating gradually from east to west: today it …


4 – [PDF] Review on the Geomorphological Approaches to the Landslide Susceptibility Analysis in Rwanda

F Hategekimana, C Nsengiyumva… – Academia …, 2021 –

… Rwandan geomorphology is closely related to the compression induced by the
extension of the East African Rift System. The western part of Rwanda is generally composed
of high mountains and hills which make it prone to landslides. Landslide occurrence is …

3 – Investigating Potential Melt Sources for the Magma-Poor Albertine-Rhino Graben of the East African Rift System Using 3D Geodynamic Modeling with ASPECT

A Kwagalakwe – 2021 –

…, which is the northernmost rift in the Western Branch of the East African Rift
System. The two prevailing models explaining magma-poor … These early results indicate LMC
can generate melt beneath the northernmost Western branch of the East African Rift System. …

2 – [HTML] Monitoring Land Cover Change: Towards Sustainability

I Manakos, G Gutman, C Kalaitzidis – Land, 2021 –

… Research areas range from the entire globe to large regions (Europe, East Africa)
to specific countries (Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria). … Population growth in developing countries
results in increasing demand for urban space and agricultural land for food production [5]. …

1- [HTML] Analysis of the characteristics and causes of ground fissures in Kenya rift region

P TAN, Y LIU, F JIANG, X WEN… – The Chinese Journal …, 2021 –

… The Kenya Rift valley is located in the middle section of the eastern branch of
the Great Rift valley in East Africa. Modern tectonic movement … In this paper, we have studied
the geological environment background, plane characteristics and shallow section structure …


Les populations de l’Afrique de l’Est

14 – [HTML] Estimated incidence and case fatality rate of traumatic brain injury among children (0–18 years) in Sub-Saharan Africa. A systematic review and meta-analysis

M Ackah, M Gazali Salifu, C Osei Yeboah – PLoS one, 2021 –

… The most common causes of TBI among this population in SSA were RTA
and falls. TBI incidence and case fatality rate of people aged 0–18 years could be significantly
reduced if novel policies focusing on reducing RTA and falls are introduced and implemented …


13 – Changing Climate – Climatic Whimsies and Its Effect on Sedentarisation Process and Livelihood of Pastoral community at Jigjiga Woreda, Somali Region, Ethiopia (East Africa):(A Brie-View on on Inclusive Growth and Development Perspectives)

PS Bhattacharjee, MAM Weli, MA Igge – NVEO-NATURAL VOLATILES & …, 2021 –

… The sample size is the subset of population used as representatives and
observation to provide the statistical information about universe. This study used a simplified
formula provided by Yamane (1967) to determine the required sample size at 95% confidence …

12 – [HTML] Alcohol consumption and oesophageal squamous cell cancer risk in east Africa: findings from the large multicentre ESCCAPE case-control study in Kenya …

DRS Middleton, BT MmbagaD Menya… – The Lancet Global …, 2021 – Elsevier

… the perplexing geographical distribution of ESCC in east Africa is ongoing, this
analysis … specific intake levels, contributes to ESCC risk in east Africa. In this Article, we present
results of … Finally, we estimated population attributable fractions of ESCC incident cases …

11 – Genetic Diversity and Population Structure Analysis of Vernonia [Vernonia galamensis (Cass.) Less L.] Germplasm in Ethiopia using ISSR Markers

E Gete – 2021 –

… is a wild plant from the family Asteraceae which is endemic to East Africa.
This crop has the potential to become a new oil crop for … Therefore, the present study was
designed to investigate the genetic diversity and population structure of 60 V. galamensis L. …

10 – Hidden Histories: Indian Influence on Architecture and Urbanism across the East African Interior

AK Wako, M Olweny – 2022 –

… They established a vigorous and ingenious Indian community in the interior
of East Africa … influences on the built environments across East Africa, and a necessary
frame of … Jinja was home to a large population of ‘Ugandan’ Asians’ during the middle of the …

9 – Factors Affecting Strategy Implementation Among Small Business Organizations: A Case of Second-Hand Car Dealers in Selected Showrooms in Nairobi County

K Kabiru, GM Tshibangu, B Warue – Impact: Journal of Transformation, 2021 –

… A census was used in this study whereby all the participants included in the
target population had an equal chance to participate in the study. Data were collected using
a quantitative structured questionnaire. Multiple regression analysis was used to determine …

8 – Findings of a community screening programme for human cystic echinococcosis in Bungoma County, western Kenya

T MutwiriJ Magambo, E Zeyhle, A Muigai, L Alumasa… – 2021 –

… It is prevalent among transhumant communities in East Africa, including in
northern Kenya. The movement of livestock from these … At each site, the research team set up
at a central location, sensitized and invited the local population to attend the screening. Those …

7 – The Ghai in our Constitution

JO Ambani – 2021 –

… texts include Hansard debates on Asian dominance of small trading, population
… has narrated to me experiences of discrimination both at the University of East Africa Dar …
the social, political and legal developments in East Africa since the colonial epoch, offered a …

6 – [HTML] Plasmodium falciparum parasite prevalence in East Africa: Updating data for malaria stratification

VA AleganaPM Macharia, S Muchiri… – PLOS Global Public …, 2021 –

… Using the available data since 2010 within a time-space MBG framework
predicted that only 8.5% of East Africa’s population lived in areas that support high transmission
(PAPfPR 2-10 ≥ 30%) in 2019. This varied between Kenya (6.4%), Tanzania (12.1%) and …

5 – Empirical Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth: Evidence from the East African Community

M BAHİZİ, K SAFARİ, GW BUTARE… – International Review of … –

… This paper examines the impact of foreign direct investment on economic growth
in the East Africa Community throughout the period … incentives to investors, and providing
basic infrastructure, as well as the establishment of a better macroeconomic environment. …


4 – [HTML] A transdisciplinary approach to snakebite envenoming

RR de Castañeda, I Bolon, JM Gutiérrez – Toxicon: X, 2022 –

… on public health community engagement around SBE and other NTDs in East
Africa, to the work done by Kieran Barnes et al. … provide a critical analysis of what we know
and what we need to know about SBE and the ongoing global environmental change. This …


3 – [HTML] Dental fluorosis among people and livestock living on Gihaya Island in Lake Kivu, Rwanda

T Habiyakare, JM Schurer, B Poole, S Murcott… – One health outlook, 2021 – Springer

environment. In 2018, oral health examinations were conducted to assess the
prevalence of fluorosis in children (aged 9 to 15 years), cattle and goats residing on Gihaya
Island (Rwanda, East Africa). … no relevant social or environmental changes impacting natural …


2 – [PDF] State Formation and National Security in North East Africa: A Case Study of Sudan

MAY Omar, AM Solomon, E Charles – 2021 –

The purpose of this study was to look into State Formation and National
Security in Africa: A Case Study of Sudan. The study assumed that, despite the fact that Sudan
has institutions built through the process of State formation to protect the State of Sudan; its …


1 – Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus

JA Al-Tawfiq, EI Azhar, ZA Memish… – Seminars in respiratory …, 2021 –

… Human-to-human transmission occurs in varying frequency, being highest in
healthcare environment and to a lesser degree in the community and among family members.
Several nosocomial outbreaks of human-to-human transmission have occurred, the largest …

Les environnements de l’Afrique de l’Est

23 – [HTML] A continent-wide high genetic load in African buffalo revealed by clines in the frequency of deleterious alleles, genetic hitchhiking and linkage disequilibrium

P van HooftWM Getz, BJ Greyling, B Zwaan… – Plos one, 2021 –

… A high genetic load can negatively affect population viability and increase
susceptibility to diseases and other environmental … ), showing up to a 16% decrease in southern
Africa compared to East Africa. Furthermore, continent-wide linkage disequilibrium (LD) at …

22 – Status and habitat description of the globally threatened Udzungwa Forest Partridge Xenoperdix udzungwensis thirty years after discovery

L Dinesen, FP Jensen, J Sonne, I Levinsky… – Bird Conservation …, 2021 –

… Tanzania – a global biodiversity hotspot in the Eastern Arc Mountains of East
Africa. The partridge is categorised as globally ‘Endangered’ and this study aims at assessing
its population status and habitat requirements in the two separate montane forests where it …

21 – Component Endoparasite Communities Mirror Life-History Specialization in Syntopic Reed Frogs (Hyperolius spp.)

U Sinsch, C Balczun, P Scheid, JM Dehling – Diversity, 2021 –

… Amphibians are hosts with an ample diversity of life history patterns, reproductive
modes, … As a specific model system to study the effects of ecological fitting we used the East
African … intensity and impact on host life-history may be similar in the two syntopic hosts. …

20 – Distinct roles of land cover in regulating spatial variabilities of temperature responses to radiative effects of aerosols and clouds

L Wei, Y Wang, S Liu, GJ Zhang… – Environmental Research …, 2021 –

… Indonesia, Brazil, East Africa, and South Africa are grouped into the future
potential major emitting regions. Their main land cover types … East Africa and South Africa are
in the arid climate zone where vegetation-scarce grasslands and baerlands exist abundantly. …

19 – [PDF] Parasitic nematodes in smallholder maize cropping systems in East Africa

JW Kimenju, PK Wendot, AK Thuo – … : State-of-the-art and visions for …, 2022 –

… source of livelihood to millions of families in East Africa (Shiferaw et al., 2011).
Demand for maize is rapidly increasing due to population growth coupled with increasing
industrial and animal feed usage. Most countries in East Africa (EA) are already experiencing …

18 – Heterogeneous Trends of Precipitation Extremes in Recent Two Decades over East Africa

ZF Mtewele, X Xu, G Jia – Journal of Meteorological Research, 2021 – Springer

… East Africa is so vulnerable to the impacts of precipitation extremes varying from frequent floods to prolonged droughts. However, systematic regional assessment of precipitation extremes across seaso

17 – Climate Risk Management in Agricultural Extension

A Grossi, T DinkuJ Hansen, S Trzaska… – 2021 –

Its mission is to enhance society’s capability to understand, anticipate and
manage the impacts of climate in order to improve human welfare and the … The partners
therefore requested more of a geographic focus on Ethiopia/East Africa within this module. …

16 – Applicability of Biochar as microbial carrier for biological leachate treatment

N Higashi, A Tachifuji, S Suzuki… – 廃棄物資源循環学会研究 …, 2021 –

… site is discharged without treatment into rivers and is causing the environmental
pollution, due to the lack of financial and human resources… This study focuses on a corncob
as a carbonization material, which is one of main food wastes in East Africa region, and the …


15 – Pesticide Research on Environmental and Human Exposure and Risks in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic Literature Review

S Fuhrimann, C Wan, E Blouzard, A Veludo… – … of Environmental …, 2022 –

… , one in West Africa, and two in East Africa. The major research focus was
on insecticides like … environmental samples but only a few environmental risks. Human risk
assessments were dominated by model-based risk assessment on measured environmental …

14 – [HTML] Delivering the Sustainable Development Goals through development corridors in East Africa: A Q-Methodology approach to imagining development futures

KE Gannon, L Pettinotti, D ConwayS Surminski… – Environmental Science …, 2022 – Elsevier

In this paper we advance a novel approach to integrated assessment of the
ways in which the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are likely to manifest and interact
within a given development context, using Q-Methodology and the conceptual framing of …

13 – What do we (not) know on forest management institutions in sub-Saharan Africa? A regional comparative review

JN KimengsiR OwusuINS Djenontin, J Pretzsch… – Land Use Policy, 2022 – Elsevier

… amidst the critical role of forests in addressing current global environmental
challenges? We contribute answers to such interrogation by … For the quantitative studies, East
Africa also recorded the greatest proportion (47%). This is not so surprising since East Africa …

12 – [HTML] Alcohol consumption and oesophageal squamous cell cancer risk in east Africa: findings from the large multicentre ESCCAPE case-control study in Kenya …

DRS Middleton, BT MmbagaD Menya… – The Lancet Global …, 2021 – Elsevier

… Although research into additional factors underpinning the perplexing
geographical distribution of ESCC in east Africa is ongoing, this analysis provides immediately
actionable information on a modifiable risk factor that, if effectively mediated, could result in a …

11 – Musical composition as a tool of ethnographic research in a rural Ugandan village

C Banting – 2021 –

… As a visiting musician to this environment, one is also de facto a charitable
representative, where all interaction takes place against … an extension of the dynamics through
which the West controlled East Africa during the era of Empire. What are the alternatives to so…

10 – Hidden Histories: Indian Influence on Architecture and Urbanism across the East African Interior

AK Wako, M Olweny – 2022 –

… in the interior of East Africa. They established a vigorous and ingenious
Indian community in the interior of East Africa that thrived … appreciation of the multifaceted
influences on the built environments across East Africa, and a necessary frame of reference for …


9 – [PDF] Investment value analysis of China’s participation in port projects along the 21st century maritime

X Zhang – 2021 –

… location,port infrastructure level,economic factors and political environment
of the host country; The method to improve the … Djibouti port is a free port of the Republic
of Djiboutian in East Africa and a transit port in Ethiopia. It is located at the entrance of the …


8 – [HTML] A continent-wide high genetic load in African buffalo revealed by clines in the frequency of deleterious alleles, genetic hitchhiking and linkage disequilibrium

P van HooftWM Getz, BJ Greyling, B Zwaan… – Plos one, 2021 –

… susceptibility to diseases and other environmental stressors. Prior microsatellite
… a 16% decrease in southern Africa compared to East Africa. Furthermore, continent-wide …
in our case male-deleterious alleles), an environmental gradient, or a combination of the two […

7 – [HTML] Global health burden of ambient PM2. 5 and the contribution of anthropogenic black carbon and organic aerosols

S ChowdhuryA PozzerA Haines, K Klingmüller… – Environment …, 2022 – Elsevier

… 5 in South and East Asia and East Africa. We find that domestic energy use by
the burning of solid biofuels is the largest contributor to ambient BC, POA and aSOA globally.
Epidemiological and toxicological studies indicate that these compounds may be relatively …


6 – [HTML] Plasmodium falciparum parasite prevalence in East Africa: Updating data for malaria stratification

VA AleganaPM Macharia, S Muchiri… – PLOS Global Public …, 2021 –

… Bayesian spatiotemporal model-based approaches were used to interpolate
space-time data at fine spatial resolution adjusting for population, environmental and ecological
covariates across the three countries. A total of 18,940 time-space age-standardised and …

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5 – [HTML] Transformative Humanities

M Christensen –

… The question, for some, was what Thunberg’s environmental protests had to
do with peace. The answer can be found in, among … on the environment), nor can it be
separated from how human impact on the environment shapes migration, mobility and peace. …

4 – Financing sustainability: A trend analysis of impact fund allocation in East Africa

L Dal Negro, Y Madjitey – 2021 –

… To understand why the measurement of social and environmental impact by
impact investors in East Africa is inconsistent, it is relevant to … Recently, a frequently employed
tool to measure social and environmental goals of business ventures in East Africa is the …

3 – [HTML] Can soilless farming feed urban East Africa? An assessment of the benefits and challenges of hydroponics in Uganda and Tanzania

MS Gumisiriza, JML Kabirizi, M Mugerwa… – Environmental …, 2022 – Elsevier

East Africa has the potential to boost its urban food production through
adoption of soilless farming techniques. The case study assessed the benefits and drawbacks
allied with hydroponic vegetable farming among urban and peri‑urban farms in Northern …


ns has received little attention, and most previous studies of …

2 – Changing Climate-Climatic Whimsies and Its Effect on Sedentarisation Process and Livelihood of Pastoral community at Jigjiga Woreda, Somali Region, Ethiopia …

PS Bhattacharjee, MAM Weli, MA Igge – NVEO-NATURAL VOLATILES & …, 2021 –

Abstract Changes of climate and climatic whimsies have become routine phenomenon
throughout the world in general and Ethiopia in particular because of rising unnecessary
and intolerable human activities against nature (for say burning fossil fuels, deforestation …

1 – Phylogeographic analysis reveals an ancient East African origin of the human herpes simplexvirus 2 dispersal out-of-Africa.

JL HavensS Calvignac-Spencer, K Merkel, S Burrel… – bioRxiv, 2022 –

Human herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2) is a globally ubiquitous, slow evolving
DNA virus. HSV-2 genomic diversity can be divided into two main groups: an African lineage
and worldwide lineage. Competing hypotheses have been put forth to explain the history of …

Les sociétés de l’Afrique de l’Est

8 – [PDF] The Dilemma of Women taking Post-graduate Studies

DO Odhiambo –

… The position of women in East Africa has been subordinate by virtue of the
structures that were set based on our traditional cultural practices which determined the extent
of participation of women in education. As pointed out by Thomas Jr (1990), women succeed …

7 – Empirical Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth: Evidence from the East African Community

M BAHİZİ, K SAFARİ, GW BUTARE… – International Review of … –

… investment on economic growth in the East Africa Community throughout the
period 1970… in the region, while inflation and population growth negatively correlated with
economic … of this study also revealed that population growth rate was negative and statistically …


6 – Effect of Non-Tariff Barriers on The Financial Performance Of Motor Vehicle Assemblers In Kenya

PN MUTWIRI – 2021 –

… design with the population being all the four car assemblers in Kenya
namely; Isuzu East Africa, Associated Vehicle Assemblers (AVA) Mombasa, Kenya Vehicle
Manufacturers (KVM) Thika and Trans Africa Motors Mombasa. The target population was 880 …


5 – … Whimsies and Its Effect on Sedentarisation Process and Livelihood of Pastoral community at Jigjiga Woreda, Somali Region, Ethiopia (East Africa):(A Brie-View on …

PS Bhattacharjee, MAM Weli, MA Igge – NVEO-NATURAL VOLATILES & …, 2021 –

… Therefore, these issues have invited many experts, think tanks, social and
human rights activists and society at large to think about a lasting solution in order to see inclusive
growth and development nation as a whole and the Somali region in particular. Therefore…

4 – Sustainable packaging materials for processed fruits and vegetables in East Africa: A case study of Nairobi, Kenya

C Chen, GO Abong, S Hartwig, G Keding – Journal of Consumer Sciences, 2021 –

… , at the same time, excessive use of packaging material creates environmental
challenges. The purpose of this paper is to explore the … available in East Africa. Four focus
group discussions (FGD) and 14 key informant interviews were conducted in Nairobi, Kenya. …


3 – Women in Colonial East Africa

SM Kilonzo, JA Akallah – Springer

… the role and place of women in colonial East Africa. Several factors including
land, labor… -colonial era, in many communities within East Africa, had a voice and were
respected … relations influenced the status quo for societies in East Africa and elsewhere on the …

2 – Stateless Armenians in Ethiopia Under Fascist Occupation (1936–1941): Foreignness and Integration, From Local to Colonial Subject

B Adjemian – Citizens and Subjects of the Italian Colonies: Legal …, 2021 –

… and their descendants into the local Ethiopian society is not an easy task, since
available … shed light on the deep integration of Armenians to precolonial Ethiopian society.
… were to be considered as subjects of Italian East Africa by the Italian administration. Hence, …

1 – [HTML] The Hamar cattle model: the semantics of appearance in a pastoral linguaculture

S Petrollino – Language Sciences, 2022 – Elsevier

… The methods, tasks and stimuli used in the study were tailored for the
collection of comparative data among different pastoral societies of East Africa. Their practical
application is discussed, illustrating the effectiveness in revealing important aspects of cattle-…

La paléo de l’Afrique de l’Est

4 – The Archaeology of Feasts and Feasting in Africa

L Gijanto – Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Anthropology, 2021 –

… events in more hierarchical societies. Where feasting has been identified, it is done with the aid of documentary or oral sources. Most of these studies are focused on locations and time periods of interoceanic trade in west and east Africa. Feasting has been …

3 – The Fossil Record of Aardvarks (Mammalia: Tubulidentata: Orycteropodidae) in Greece

GD Koufos – Fossil Vertebrates of Greece Vol. 1, 2022 – Springer

… Their oldest occurrence is in the early Miocene of East Africa, and they are
represented today by the single living species Orycteropus afer. Fossil Tubulidentata are
known from several localities across the Old World, but they are scarce. The Greek fossil record …

2 – Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of the Turkana Basin through pedogenic carbonate analyses (1.9 to 1.2 Ma)

C Beck –

Eastern Africa contains a well-preserved pedogenic carbonate record, useful for
contextualizing the paleoenvironment associated with key fossil and archeological
evidence. One significant paleoanthropological discovery from the Turkana Basin in Kenya …

1 – [PDF] The Islamic Archaeology of the Eastern African Coast

S Wynne-JonesJ Fleisher –

… A range of sources, including historical documents and features of mosque
architecture, have been used to explore possible sectarian distinctions among early east
African Islamic communities, including Shi’a, Ibadi, and Sunni/Shafiʿi. Horton has offered a …

L’histoire de l’Afrique de l’Est

15 – Shades of White: African Climate and Jewish European Bodies, 1903–1905

N Cohen – The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 2021 – Taylor & Francis

… This paper focuses on the East Africa Plan and the ensuing, tempestuous Zionist
… aims to highlight the racial and environmental discourses that were intertwined with these
… Thus, the racial and environmental discourse on climate in East Africa and its influence on …


14 – [HTML] ‘Should auld acquaintance be forgot’: On the Portuguese Empire in Asia, 1500-1700

S Subrahmanyam – Ler História, 2021 –

… Notably, the book’s plea to insert Portuguese activities in their full Asian and
East African historical and historiographical contexts … First, it was intended as a statement
regarding the importance of the Asian and East African historical context for any understanding …

13 – British Imperialism and Globalization, c. 1650-1960: Essays in Honour of Patrick O’Brien

JE Inikori – JSTOR

… to the establishment of global economic history as a coherent and respected
field in the … Further, the effects of the crises and the imperial reaction on the East African
colonies … ’s contributions to global economic history and the history of globalization. However, …


12 – The Impact of Colonial Policies on the Waata People of Kilifi County, Kenya, 1895-1963

CK Wambua, PW Wekesa… – East African Journal of …, 2021 –

… The objective of the study was to examine the impact of colonial policies on
the history of the Waata people of Kilifi County in the … The findings of the study revealed that
colonial policies impacted significantly on the history of the Waata forcing them to adapt to …

11 – [HTML] Modern Diplomacy

SZA Rizvi –

… of Ethiopia, that has transitioned into one of the bloodiest civil wars in the history
of Africa. What started as defiance by the Tigray People’s … Ethiopia is a landlocked EastAfrican
country, the second populous country in Africa. Despite an unstable history, Ethiopia is …

10 – The Challenges and Benefits of Discussion Method of Teaching History Lesson at Teachers’ Training Colleges: Injibara College of Teachers Education in Focus

WT Zeleke – East African Journal of Education Studies, 2021 –

The study was conducted based on primary and secondary sources of data.
To achieve the objectives of the study, I used qualitative research methods. The techniques
employed in the study were Semi-structured Interviews, Observations, Focus Group …

9 – [HTML] ‘The Men Watching Our Borders’: The Evolution, Identity, and Tenacity of Chinkororo in Gusii, Kenya

CN Bosibori – … Cahiers d’Afrique de l’Est/The East African …, 2021 –

… The author outlines the history and activities of Chinkororo and the reasons
for its continuing vibrancy despite a government ban through the enactment of the Prevention
of Organized crime Act. The paper argues that Chinkororo is, in fact, a vigilante that …

8 – [CITATION] Reimagining Money: Kenya in the Digital Finance Revolution. Sibel Kusimba. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2021. 240 pp.

D Rodima‐Taylor – 2022 – Wiley Online Library

… Reimagining Money: Kenya in the Digital Finance Revolution is an insightful
ethnography about digital payment in the East African country … Chapter 5 tracks the history of
changing money forms in Kenya, showing that contemporary money networks still coordinate …


7 – [PDF] Diverse voices for diverse experiences: what can post-bellum, pre-harlem writers teach secondary students?


… Although his comment originated in post-colonial literary thought within an East
African … Chesnutt 1931, inter alia) offers a window into the complex sociocultural, historical,
… aware of “the historical background of the black American, the historical development of the …

6 – Shades of White: African Climate and Jewish European Bodies, 1903–1905

N Cohen – The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 2021 – Taylor & Francis

… In specific, I analyse a range of arguments for and against the Plan, focusing
on the East African climate and its potential physical and mental effects on Jewish European
settlers. On this account, the utilisation of climate as an argument in the context of the East …

5 – Osteoarthritis and Other Indications for Total Knee Arthroplasty: An East African Perspective

SM Yasin – Essentials of Cemented Knee Arthroplasty, 2022 – Springer

Osteoarthritis (OA) is characterized by degeneration of cartilage and its
underlying bone within a joint. Often seen in obese and aged individuals with family history of
the condition, it could also follow trauma and other mechanical factors. In obese patients, weight …

4 – Another World? East Africa, Decolonisation, and the Global History of the Mid-Twentieth Century

I Milford, G McCannE Hunter… – … Journal of African History, 2021 –

history, but of historiographical developments which themselves grew out of
the specific postindependence contexts of East African … intervention, explaining why we argue
for a consciously regional East African framing and a focus on individual lives which shows …

3 – The Denial of African History and the Blindness of Colonial Writers on Arab and African Moslem Sources: An Appraisal from East African Sources

M MİKİDADY – Katre Uluslararası İnsan Araştırmaları Dergisi –

This study describes traditions of writing in East Africa early to colonialism and
the attitude of colonial writers toward sources produced from these early traditions. East Africa
started to appear in writings from the classical era when Roman visitors Documented the …

2 – How Poetry as A Dual Genre Draws its Themes from the Author’s Origin, History and Setting: A Case Study of Two Selected Kiswahili Poetry Books

KM Lukamika – East African Journal of Education Studies, 2021 –

… it puts into consideration the words used, the history and culture of the author,
context, … teaching and depicting the author’s origin, history, and setting in the society is
concerned … There is also a need for the poetry learners to identify the history of the author in order …

1 – [HTML] Dual Citizenship: A comparative study of Kenya and Uganda

A Ssembatya – 2021 –

… Therefore, in the comparative analysis, I examine the role of the East African
… those assertions above, point to the historical divergence between the republican model of
… citizenship legal reforms are closely linked to the historical factors of both countries. I further …


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