Monthly bibliography review : October 2021

Monthly bibliography review

October 2021

You will find some references monthly collected on the web related to the main topics of our communities. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, and you can mention any additional work or text to complete it. These references will be stored after one year in the tab Knowledge transfer / books – publications.

East African Rift

20 – Quantification of reservoir rock properties (Porosity, Permeability and Vshale) in the reservoir rock units of South Lake Albert Basin, Albertine Rift, Western Uganda.

MW Tumushabe, W Helland-Hansen, B Nagudi… – Journal of African Earth …, 2021

… The South Lake Albert Basin (SLAB) is part of the Albertine graben, the
northernmost part of the western arm of the East African Rift System (EARS). The
study focused on interpretation of three-dimension (3D) seismic and suites of …

19 – Aridification and orbital forcing of eastern African climate during the Plio-Pleistocene

CJ Lepre, RL Quinn – Global and Planetary Change, 2021

… The East African Rift System is known for many geological records of terrestrial
ecosystem evolution and has accumulated sediment sequences with volcanic ash
layers that can be radiometrically dated to provide detailed Plio-Pleistocene records …

18 – [HTML] The central African soil spectral library: a new soil infrared repository and a geographical prediction analysis

L Summerauer, P Baumann, L Ramirez-Lopez… – SOIL, 2021

… Soil samples were collected from past projects in the Congo Basin and along the
Albertine Rift, the western branch of the East African Rift System. Table 1 gives an
overview of corresponding data sources and data contributors to the different …

17 – Effects of asthenospheric flow and orographic precipitation on continental rifting

P Sternai, VAP Muller, L Jolivet, E Garzanti, G Corti… – Tectonophysics, 2021

… Paleo-climate models also suggest that uplift of the Ethiopian-Somalian plateaus
led the East African climate to conditions similar to present-day since at least 8 Ma (Sepulchre
et al., 2006), although such models depend on the assumed timing of topographic …

16 – Scenario-based earthquake risk assessment for central-southern Malawi: The case of the Bilila-Mtakataka Fault

K Goda, V Novelli, R De Risi, P Kloukinas, N Giordano… – International Journal of …, 2021

… A regional seismic risk analysis for central-southern Malawi is conducted by
focusing on the Bilila-Mtakataka Fault within the East African Rift System and by
incorporating local information on population exposure and building vulnerability …

15 – He, Ne, Ar and CO2 systematics of the Rungwe Volcanic Province, Tanzania: Implications for fluid source and dynamics

CN Kimani, CH Kasanzu, RL Tyne, KM Mtili, DJ Byrne… – Chemical Geology, 2021

… During magma ascent in volcanically active regions (eg, the East African Rift
System (EARS)), CO 2 , noble gases and other volatile elements are exsolved from
magma bodies as a function of their solubility (Jambon et al., 1986; Gilfillan, 2006; …

14 – [PDF] Preliminary Fluid Geochemical Survey in Tete Province and Prospective Development of Geothermics in Mozambique

M Procesi, L Marini, D Cinti, A Sciarra, P Basile… – 2021

… However, most of the power generated by this power station is exported to South
Africa. In general, due to lack of power transmission lines and distribution networks,
the availability of hydroelectricity is mainly restricted to urban areas and, in general …

13 – [PDF] Rising Water Levels in Kenya’s Rift Valley Lakes

TG Dam, L Victoria

… The topography is striking, a product of the East African Rift Valley tectonism and
volcanism. The Elgeyo escarpment runs NS for 140 km in its section between
Biretwo and Marich Pass. At its southern end the escarpment trends NNE-SSW for at …

12 – Imaging the Ethiopian Rift Region Using Transdimensional Hierarchical Seismic Noise Tomography

A Eshetu, T Mammo, F Tilmann – Pure and Applied Geophysics, 2021

… The Ethiopian Rift system, the northernmost part of the East African Rift System, is
a seismically and volcanically highly active region, which is stretching and
fragmenting Archean–Proterozoic continental lithosphere (Acocella et al., 2008) (Fig …

11 – Middle Miocene (∼ 14 Ma) and Late Miocene (∼ 6 Ma) Paleogeographic Boundary Conditions

Z He, Z Zhang, Z Guo, CR Scotese, C Deng – Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology

… These data suggest that East Africa was rapidly elevated during the middle-late
Miocene and reached modern elevations by the late … For example, we used fossils
from the PBDB to constrain the paleo-coastlines; we used deep-sea cores to revise …

10 – Proterozoic–Paleozoic orogenic gold mineralization along the southwestern margin of the Tanzania Craton: A review

SC Dunn, P Bjorn – Journal of African Earth Sciences, 2021

… Here we present the commonalities and differences among a series of goldfields
in the Ubendian Belt, that collectively provide a unique East African perspective on
gold mineralization along a reworked Archean cratonic margin. This review lays the …

9 – Magmatic rifting in the Main Ethiopian Rift began in thick continental lithosphere; the case of the Galema Range

B Chiasera, TO Rooney, ID Bastow, G Yirgu… – Lithos, 2021

… We provide evidence for magma stalling at the lithosphere-asthenosphere
boundary within the East African Rift System. … in still-thick lithosphere beneath the
margin of the East African rift, prior to the development of the progressively rift-axial …

8 – [PDF] Evaluation of GGMs Based on the Terrestrial Gravity Data of Gravity Disturbance and Moho Depthin Afar, Ethiopia

E Alemu – Artificial Satellites

… rift is changing into oceanic ridge and also it is an ideal locale to study the role of
extension and magmatism as rifting progresses to seafloor spreading. Furthermore,
the crustal thickness of the Afar rift is attenuated due to the upwelling magma and …

7 – Structural controls on slope evolution and sediment dispersal pathways along the northern Tanzania continental margin, western Indian Ocean

MD Stagna, V Maselli, D Grujic, P Reynolds… – Marine Geology, 2021

… with the tectonics of the East African Rift System. Our results provide new
insights on the evolution … KEYWORDS: Tanzania margin; Pemba and Zanzibar
islands, East African Rift System; Indian Ocean; Submarine canyons; Tectonics …

6 – [PDF] Ground fissures within the Main Ethiopian Rift: Tectonic, lithological and piping controls

J Valenta, K Verner, K Martínek, T Hroch, D Buriánek…

… Ground-fissures often occur in the tectonically active continental rift structures such as
the Main Ethiopian Rift (MER; Figure 1) belong- ing to the East African Rift System that
separates the Nubia and Somalia plates (eg, Agostini et al., 2011) …

5 – Characterizing Permeability from Geological and Geochemical Data in the Olkaria Domes Field in Kenya.

HN Achini, OC Adeigbe, BK Rop – East African Journal of Environment and Natural …, 2021

… A history of hot dry rock geothermal energy systems. Journal of Volcanology
and Geothermal Research, 15(1-3), 1-20. Smith, M., and Mosley, P., 1993:
Crustal heterogeneity and basement influence on the development of the …



… Page 10. Udahogora et al.: Comparing factors conditioning landscape change
during volcanic eruption at Virunga National Park, East Africa – 3798 … observed
in the central parts of the park where the population of the fourteen fishing …

3 – The origin of high helium concentrations in the gas fields of southwestern Tanzania

KM Mtili, DJ Byrne, RL Tyne, EO Kazimoto, C Kimani… – Chemical Geology, 2021

2 – Thermo-tectonic imaging of the Gulf of Aden-Red Sea rift systems and Afro-Arabian hinterland

SC Boone, ML Balestrieri, B Kohn – Earth-Science Reviews, 2021

1 – [HTML] A New Conceptual Framework for Integrating Earth Observation in Large-scale Wetland Management in East Africa

S Steinbach, N Cornish, J Franke, K Hentze, A Strauch… – Wetlands, 2021

… SpringerLink. Search: Search SpringerLink Search. A New Conceptual
Framework for Integrating Earth Observation in Large-scale Wetland
Management in East Africa. Download PDF. Download PDF. Associated …

East African populations

13 – [PDF] Evidence of nutrient translocation in response to smoke exposure by the East African ant acacia, Vachellia drepanolobium

R Rabideau‐Childers, KIW Angier, BZM Dean… – Ecology and Evolution, 2021

… Vachellia drepanolobium make up >95% of trees on the black cotton clay soil
savannas of East Africa and have been increasing in density since the 1970s (Niboye,
2010). These trees have a symbiotic relationship with several species of ants …

12 – [PDF] Revisiting the Concept of the Planning Region in Settings with Dynamic Spatial-Temporal Conditions: Lessons from Land Use Planning in Pastoral Areas of Kenya …

H Musoga, LW Robinson – 2021

… The paper describes how frameworks for land use planning in pastoral areas now
being rolled out in three different countries in East Africa address this problem.
Among the strategies adopted are explicitly planning at multiple levels with cross-level …

11 – [HTML] Household Water is the Main Source of Iodine Consumption Among Women in Hargeisa, Somaliland: A Cross-Sectional Study

E Heen, M Romøren, AA Yassin, AA Madar – The Journal of Nutrition, 2021

… Knowledge of fluctuating mineral levels in underground water from the same Afro–Arabian
Rift Valley complex in dry versus wet and cold versus hot seasons may indicate a
possibility of … Drinking water quality in the Ethiopian section of the East African Rift …

10 – [PDF] Volcanic Gases Effects on Human Health; Case of Mazuku on The Population of the Goma City

M BahatiRusimbuka, F MuhambikwaKasiwa, F Esther… – International Journal of …, 2021

… Nyiragongo is a stratovolcano (3470 m asl) located on the floor of the western
branch of the East African Rift. Nyiragongo along with Nyamulagira shield volcano (3058
m asl) are the presently active volcanoes in a group of eight major edifices forming …

9 – [HTML] Estimating hourly lighting load profiles of rural households in East Africa applying a data-driven characterization of occupant behavior and lighting devices ownership

C Dominguez, K Orehounig, J Carmeliet – Development Engineering, 2021

… However, 11% of the global population still lacks access to electricity, and this is
mostly located in rural areas of developing countries (IEA, 2020). To overcome this
challenge and design the best energy access solutions, it is important to estimate …

8 – [PDF] A review of the food safety architecture in the East African Community: Animal-source foods, fruits and vegetables

E Kang’ethe, F Mutua, K Roesel, M Ntawubizi… – ILRI Discussion Paper, 2021

… i A review of the food safety architecture in the East African Community: Animal-source
foods, and fruits and vegetables … histolytica), viral (avian influenza H5N7, Rift
Valley fever, hepatitis A) and chemical (sodium metabisulphite). All countries listed …

7 – Biodiversity hotspot revisited: reptile and amphibian assemblages of the Uluguru Mountain Forest Reserves, south-eastern Tanzania

FJ Mkonyi – African Journal of Herpetology, 2021

ABSTRACT Although the knowledge about the Tanzanian reptiles and amphibians
has drastically increased in recent years, the knowledge on the amphibian and
reptile fauna of the remaining forest reserves of the Uluguru Mountains (UMs) is only …

6 – [PDF] Seismic Detection Model Using Machine Learning to Protect the Public from Landslide and Earthquake Disasters in Kenya

MK Githu, E Kagereki, S Munyua

… The East African region is characterized by a moderate level of seismicity, mainly
controlled by the structural trend of the East African Rift … Also, we can see, apart
from Murang’a county, most landslides occur in counties within in the rift valley …

5 – Revisiting the out of Africa event with a deep-learning approach

F Montinaro, V Pankratov, B Yelmen, L Pagani… – The American Journal of …, 2021

… 10 , 11 This observation might be explained by a back to Africa migration
involving a population harboring the haplogroup E 10 or a simple out of
Africa with haplogroup E remaining in Africa but haplogroup D and other …

4 – Climate Change and Young People in Uganda: A Literature Review

A Mugeere, A Barford, P Magimbi – The Journal of Environment & Development, 2021

The disruptions of anthropogenic climate change are increasingly severe.
People living in sub-Saharan Africa are especially exposed to these risks,
and amongst them young people. It is well establi…

3 – Resilience through Adaptation: Innovations in Maasai Livelihood Strategies

J Pollini, JG Galaty – Nomadic Peoples, 2021

… population growth, land loss, decreasing livestock holdings and land
degradation, aimed at achieving greater socio-economic resilience. Using
case studies mostly from Narok County and reviewing the increasingly rich …

2 – Does Livelihood and Asset Diversification Contribute to Pastoralist Resilience?: the Case of Il Chamus, Baringo County, Kenya, 1980-2018

PD Little – Nomadic Peoples, 2021

… large ex- panses of arid and semi-arid lands in sub-Saharan Africa for at
least the past 5,000 years, including in eastern Africa (Marshall 1990 … to
pre-drought levels in aggre- gate numbers even though per capita holdings …

1 – Tracking the Progress of Universal Access to Electricity in Africa: Status quo, Challenges and Opportunities

NL Mbanda, P Simiyu, Z Wu, IE Davidson – 2021 IEEE PES/IAS PowerAfrica, 2021

… 3, the North Africa region has almost achieved universal electricity access
reaching 98.5% compared respectively to 51.3% for West Africa, 46.4% for
Southern Africa, 37.2% for East Africa, and finally, 26.8% in Central Africa …

East African environments

29 – [PDF] Performance of African eggplant (Solanum aethiopicum) entries across environments, and hints for selection environment in northern Tanzania

FF Dinssa, P Hanson, M Matovolwa, R Mallogo…

… Farmers grow local landraces with few improved varieties released so far in East
Africa and West Africa from WorldVeg lines (Dinssa et al., 2016). Two popular S.
aethiopicum open-pollinated varieties, ‘Mshumaa’ (‘DB3’) and ‘Tengeru White’ …

28 – [HTML] Effects of livestock and wildlife grazing intensity on soil carbon dioxide flux in the savanna grassland of Kenya

S Wachiye, P Pellikka, J Rinne, J Heiskanen… – Agriculture, Ecosystems & …, 2022

… Our results contribute to closing the existing knowledge gap regarding the effects
of grazing intensity on R S in East Africa savannas. Therefore, this information is of
great importance in understanding carbon cycling in savanna grassland, as well as …

27 – Meteorological causes of the catastrophic rains of October/November 2019 in equatorial Africa

SE Nicholson, AH Fink, C Funk, DA Klotter… – Global and Planetary …, 2021

… In East Africa tremendous rains triggered flooding and landslides in Kenya,
causing over 100 deaths and the displacement of some 18,000 people. The
situation was exacerbated by an unprecedented locust plague made possible by the …

26 – [PDF] Projected Changes in Meteorological Drought Over East Africa Inferred from Bias-Adjusted CMIP6 Models

B Ayugi, ZW Shilenje, H Babaousmail, KTCLK Sian… – 2021

… This research uses the sixth phase of Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP6)
data to investigate the projected changes in drought events over East Africa (EA)
under four Shared Socioeconomic Pathway (SSP) emission scenarios (SSP1-2.6 …

25 – Coarse Particulate Organic Matter Drift in the Njoro River, Kenya, as a Function of Drift Net Mesh size, Exposure time and Position of Drift sampler

PW Mureithi, CM M’Erimba, JG Mbaka – African Journal of Education, Science and …, 2021

Abstract Streams transport organic materials to downstream areas and provide food
resources and habitat to downstream consumers. Organic matter drift has been
reported in streams and is affected by factors such as human-induced disturbances (eg …

24 – [PDF] An Integrated Approach for Identifying the Influences of Nubia Swells On Aquifer Distributions and Potentialities

AF Yousef – J Geol Geophys, 2021

… impact of Nubia swell on the aquifer distributions and potentialities in East Africa.
Kom Ombo area north Aswan of Egypt was selected as a … It is made up of
limestone with shale and sand layers that deposited under the marine environment …

23 – Global trends in vegetation fractional cover: Hotspots for change in bare soil and non-photosynthetic vegetation

MJ Hill, JP Guerschman – Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 2022

… The natural vegetation in East Africa has been reduced by expansion of
agroecosystems (Maitima et al., 2009, Jew et al., 2016, Jew et al., … 24 ranked
countries for area of increasing BS were in Africa indicating significant …

22 – [HTML] Greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sink potential in Eastern Africa rangeland ecosystems: A review

ME Mgalula, OV Wasonga, C Hülsebusch, U Richter… – Pastoralism, 2021

… On a per capita basis in Africa, livestock-related GHG emissions are highest in
East and Southern Africa which are about 0.6 t CO 2 -equivalent/year and in West
and Central Africa are 0.4 and 0.3 t CO 2 -equivalent/year in 2010 (Otte et al. ). It is …

21 – Study of Climate Change Detection in North East Africa using Machine learning and Satellite Data

S Khalil, I Ziedan, A Ahmed – IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth …, 2021

… The North-East African part lacks the studies for climate change detection, despite
it being one of the most affected parts worldwide. The relationship between the
emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and climate change is an important factor to …

20 – [PDF] Climate change literacy in Africa: the main role of experiences

J Alenda-Demoutiez – International Journal of Environmental Studies, 2021

… Individuals are socially situated, ie they are influenced by norms, by their
belonging to a particular group and by their environment, in a … In the second model,
living in East Africa compared to West Africa largely increases the odds in …

19 – Hydro-climatic and Water Availability Changes and its Relationship with NDVI in Northern Sub-Saharan Africa

FK Ogou, VN Ojeh, E Naabil, CI Mbah – Earth Systems and Environment, 2021

… ) reported that the precipitation projection showed a modest increase over the
Sahel and East Africa that is similar to our finding. According to Maidment et al. (2015),
observations exhibit rational upturns in annual Sahel precipitation (about 29–43 mm …

18 – [PDF] Risk spillover between climate variables and the agricultural commodity market in East Africa

JL Mubenga-Tshitaka, JW Muteba Mwamba, J Dikgang… – 2021

… Crop output is limited by crop type and planting area, soil degradation, growing
environment, and water availability throughout the growing season. Water
availability and agricultural output will decline in the future as temperatures rise and …

17 – [PDF] Effects of Biochar on the Growth of Vachellia etbaica and Faidherbia albida Planted in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia


… However, its effect on woody plant seedlings has not been studied in African
forests. Kayama et al. (2019) recently reported that although biochar application on …
regeneration: are Faidherbia albida parklands heading for extinction in the central …

16 – Surface runoff modeling using SWAT analysis in Dabus watershed, Ethiopia

BT Diriba – Sustainable Water Resources Management, 2021

… Runoff from the Ethiopian Highlands contributes to high surface water for much of
the East African countries (Derib et al. ). The … The ArcSWAT is one of the well-known
and commonly used watershed-based hydrological models in African countries. The …

15 – [PDF] Volcanic hazard exacerbated by future global warming–driven increase in heavy rainfall.

JI Farquharson, F Amelung – 2021

… Nineteen volcanoes (1.5 %) exhibit a mean FMR ≥20 % C-1, all of which are 302
located in the Galápagos, the East African Rift, and Papua New Guinea, between
3.125S 303 and 25.000N. Highlighted in Fig. 2b, only 111 volcanoes (9 %) are …

14 –  » Human impacts on ecosystem health and resources of Lake Edward » Final Report

A Borges, T Lambert, JP Descy, F Darchambeau… – 2021

… differentiate habitats, but this compromises their use as archives for paleo-environmental
reconstruction in the area since exact provenance of … The basin of Lake Edward
has a fish fauna that is typical for East Africa and consists of two components: a …

13 – [HTML] Modelling the impacts of climate change on faba bean (Vicia faba L.) production in Welmera area, central Ethiopia

GA Bogale, MM Maja, GH Gebreyohannes – Heliyon, 2021

… with Sululta district in the north, Sebeta-Awas district in the south, Burayu City
Administration in the west and Ejere district in the east. … In this study, the models
were selected based on previous information that they are highly applicable for …

12 – Physico‐chemical characterization of littoral water of Lake Kivu (Southern basin, Central Africa) and use of water quality index to assess their anthropogenic …

BL Hyangya, JW Riziki, PM Masilya, FZ Zabene… – World Water Policy

… The negative influences of the human environment on aquatic ecosystems have
already been highlighted by several studies throughout … As one of the Great Lakes
of East Africa, Lake Kivu faces similar challenges that might degrade its ecological …

11 – On the diurnal cycle of rainfall and convection over Lake Victoria and its catchment. Part 1: Rainfall and Mesoscale Convective Systems

SE Nicholson, AT Hartman, DA Klotter – Journal of Hydrometeorology, 2021

… of other East African lakes (Camberlin et al. 2018) … Precipitation over Lake
Victoria, East Africa, in the 21st Century. Water, 6, 2634–2659. DOI: 380
10.3390/w6092634 … rainfall over the Rift Valley lakes of East Africa during …

10 – [PDF] Techno-economic feasibility of small-scale pressurized irrigation in Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Uganda through an integrated modeling approach.

J Izar-Tenorio, P Jaramillo, N Williams – Environmental Research Letters, 2021

… 29 investments with electricity infrastructure in East Africa. 30 Keywords:
small-scale irrigation, techno-economic analysis, electricity use, East Africa …
Page 3. 2 31 1. Introduction 32 Agriculture is the backbone of East Africa’s …

9 – Environmental Sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa: the Case of Production and Consumption Activities

EP Mesagan – Journal of the Knowledge Economy, 2021

… This is even more precarious in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) where less
attention is placed on environmental sustainability measures … Such pollution
of the SSA environment is strongly linked with production and consumption …

8 – Tropical Cyclogenesis and Its Relation to Interactions Between African Easterly Waves and Mesoscale Convective Systems

KMN Ocasio – 2021

… Schematic is not to scale. . . . . 41 3.4 Pie charts showing the fraction of the population
of MCS coupled to DAEWs and NDAEWs that are associated to convection of the type
MCC, CCC and DLL for East, Central and West Africa. . . . . 43 viii Page 9 …

7 – [PDF] Understanding the Trend of NO2, SO2 and CO over East Africa from 2005 to 2020

R Opio, I Mugume, J Nakatumba-Nabende – Atmosphere, 2021

… Study Region This study focused on five countries in the East African region:
Uganda, Kenya … The combined population of the region is estimated at 177.2
million inhabitants, gaining annual increments … Such regions of sub-Saharan …

6 – [PDF] Contributions of Human Activities and Climatic Variability to Changes in River Rwizi Flows in Uganda, East Africa

C Onyutha, R Nyesigire, A Nakagiri – Hydrology, 2021

… Give Feedback. Information. Visit our dedicated information section to learn more about
MDPI. Get Information. clear. Open AccessArticle. Contributions of Human Activities and
Climatic Variability to Changes in River Rwizi Flows in Uganda, East Africa …

5 – Climate Change in Eastern Africa

R Marchant – Oxford Research Encyclopedia of African History, 2021

… 61. The population of East Africa was estimated at 330 million in 2015. 62 This
population is mainly dependent on agriculture, complemented by crop production
and livestock rearing (nomadism). 63 Agriculture and drought …

4 – Biogeography of the Mangrove Ecosystem: Floristics, PopulationStructure, and Conservation Strategies

P Ragavan, K Kathiresan, S Kumar, B Nagarajan… – … : Ecology, Biodiversity and …, 2021

… as well as south and east, along the coasts of Asia, East Africa, Malagasy,
and Greater India. Subsequent continental drift resulted current distribution
pattern of mangroves. 2.4.1 Founder Effect Speciation- Causes for …

3 – [HTML] Rainfall variability in southeast and west-central Africa during the Little Ice Age: do documentary and proxy records agree?

MJ Hannaford, KK Beck – Climatic Change, 2021

… and Angola lie within the Summer Rainfall Zone (SRZ) of sub-equatorial
Africa, where most precipitation falls between November and April. For
the purposes of this paper, these areas can be separated into two climatic …

2 – [HTML] Heterotrophic soil respiration and carbon cycling in geochemically distinct African tropical forest soils

B Bukombe, P Fiener, AM Hoyt, LK Kidinda, S Doetterl – SOIL, 2021

… Original research article 01 Oct 2021. Original research article | 01 Oct 2021.
Heterotrophic soil respiration and carbon cycling in geochemically distinct African
tropical forest soils. Heterotrophic soil respiration and carbon cycling …

1 – Naturally occurring potentially toxic elements in groundwater from the volcanic landscape around Mount Meru, Arusha, Tanzania and their potential health hazard

I Tomašek, H Mouri, A Dille, G Bennett, P Bhattacharya… – Science of The Total …, 2021

… 2009; Fordyce, 2013). Groundwater quality problems are a well-established feature
of the East African Rift Valley (EARV). This area is a host of prominent tectonic activity,
volcanism and associated hydrothermal systems which …

East African society

28 – Assisting Polyculture Farming in Africa

S Adebola, K Goldberg – 2021 IEEE AFRICON, 2021

… grows; 20% of people in North Africa live in agricultural areas seriously affected
by water shortage while 5% (50 Million) of the sub-Saharan Africa population live in
areas with water … Strickland, “Medical delivery drones take flight in east africa,” …

27 – [HTML] Social innovations in rural communities in Africa’s Great Lakes region. A social work perspective

H Spitzer, J Twikirize – Journal of Rural Studies, 2021

… context of a post-genocide society, where family and community structures and
the social fabric in society were extremely distorted in the … The village savings and
loan associations, which are prevalent in most rural areas in East Africa, provide an …

26 – [PDF] Co-Produced Research Supports Pastoralists to Pursue Transformative Social and Ecological Change in Rangelands

RS Reid, KA Kassam, T Pickering, A Yasin… – 2021

… of the partnership’s clients or the environment, and impacts as longer-term effects
of the partnership’s outcomes on society and the … In East Africa, it appears that the
research may have helped catalyze and accelerate transformations already in …

25 – [PDF] Whose Knowledge Counts?: Irrigation Development in Turkana, Kenya (1963-2019)

GL Akall – 2021

Abstract Irrigation has long been promoted in Africa’s drylands as a means to
improve food security and livelihoods. Turkana County, one of the driest regions of
Kenya, has a long history of irrigation interventions, extending from the colonial era …

24 – Borehole siting and construction in rural Malawi: A sociotechnical process?

T Larson, Z Dulanya, E Mwathunga – Geophysics, 2021

… rifting associated with the development of the East African Rift System (EARS)
continues to the … through the village to the trading center east of the village (Figure
3C). Three distinct … agreed to move the site about 100 m further east, still within …

23 – [HTML] Review of Land, Investment & Politics: Reconfiguring East Africa’s Pastoral Drylands. Edited by Jeremy Lind, Doris Okenwa & Ian Scoones. Woodbridge, Suffolk …

JG Galaty – 2021

… the efflorescence of institutions providing services in health, education, markets
and civil society, and class formation. Major investment projects are not rejected
locally but demands … Research on social change, land tenure, and conservation …

22 – [PDF] Analysis of Actors and Activities at Dagoretti Livestock Market in Nairobi City, Kenya

WM Wafula, OV Wasonga – 2021

… This railway line was formally used in transportation of people and livestock for
trade from white-settler farms in Rift Valley region to City of … zebu, Boran, Ankole,
Sahiwal, crosses of cattle and Jersey cattle), Goats (Galla, Small East African goat …

21 – [PDF] Growth of dairy farming societies in Kenya

AK Lagat, VK Koech, CJ Biwott

… The variables extracted for the analysis comprised of cooperative society
information such number of cooperative societies, memberships … The analysis
was applied on cooperative society as well as the milk and milk product variables to …

20 – Interpreting Africa: Imperialism and independence in African Affairs

N Westcott – African Affairs, 2021

… Founded simultaneously with the African Society in 1901 to better inform the
British public about Africa, its pages provided a valuable … In West Africa, white
settlement was actively discouraged. So East Africa became the battleground …

19 – How is gender investigated in African climate change research? A systematic review of the literature

S Vercillo, C Huggins, L Cochrane – Ambio, 2021

… about gender and the environment, this systematic review analyzes both the
evidence from emerging research based in Africa and the … primarily in Central and
East Africa. He uses largely qualitative methods in his own research and is inspired …

18 – [PDF] Mining habitat, house and home during an East African gold boom: economic and emotional dimensions

DF Bryceson, JB Jønsson, MC Shand – Journal of Eastern African Studies, 2021

… -section of residents’ economic circumstances and feelings about their residential
and working environment. Our aim is to explore mining residents’ economic decision-making
and … Geita was reportedly the fastest growing urban area in East Africa …

17 – [HTML] East African quintessential plants claimed to be used as blood purifiers, cleansers, detoxifiers and tonics: an appraisal of ethnobotanical reports and correlation with …

T Omara – Bulletin of the National Research Centre, 2021

… Medicinal plants used in blood purification, cleansing, detoxification and
strengthening in East Africa play a holistic role in rejuvenation of … This non-systematic
review retrieved scholarly information on ethnomedicinal plants claimed to be used …

16 – [PDF] Effect of Trade on Income Inequality in sub-Saharan Africa: A note

K Ogundari – 2021

… At the same time, Africa ranks second after Latin America in terms of inequality in …
or political right is not a sufficient condition to ensure a corruption-free society. …
The study employs a balanced panel data from 11 countries in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) …

15 – [PDF] Soil Organic Carbon and Total Nitrogen Stock Response to Traditional Enclosure Management in Eastern Ethiopia

M Abdulahi, A Ebro, L Nigatu – 2021

… Traditional enclosures are widely used by pastoralists in East Africa. However,
the response of basic soil properties to the establishment of … grazing intensities (light
and heavy) based on the history and intensity of livestock grazing and discussion …

14 – [HTML] Small farms and development in sub-Saharan Africa: Farming for food, for income or for lack of better options?

KE Giller, T Delaune, JV Silva, M van Wijk, J Hammond… – Food Security, 2021

… The fertile soils resulting from volcanic rejuvenation of the landscape in the East
African Rift, coupled with well-distributed rainfall that allows two cropping seasons
each year, led to sedentary agriculture already before the 19 th Century (eg Crowley …

13 – [PDF] The pursuit of inclusion: Conditions for civil society inclusion in peace processes in communal conflicts in Kenya

E Elfversson, D Nilsson – Cooperation and Conflict, 2021

… For instance, negotiations in pastoralist conflicts in East Africa have often entirely
excluded the youth, who are the ones carrying out raids and fighting but traditionally
do not have a say in conflict resolution in this cultural context. NGO-led third-party …

12 – [PDF] Interactions between Climate Change and Infrastructure Projects in Changing Water Resources: An Ethnobiological Perspective from the Daasanach, Kenya

AB Junqueira, Á Fernández-Llamazares… – Journal of Ethnobiology, 2021

The fast and widespread environmental changes that have intensified in the last
decades are bringing disproportionate impacts to Indigenous Peoples and Local
Communities. Changes that affect water resources are particularly relevant for …

11 – Africa’s security landscape of securitised-development and human rights issues

F Kumah-Abiwu – African Security Review, 2021

… Consequently, the security policy of the US and its allies towards Africa,
specifically East Africa has continued to receive attention. David … issues in East
Africa/Horn of Africa with about USD$100 million support. A joint military command …

10 – [PDF] An Invitation to Sociology of Climate Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa: Concealing the Intersections of Environmental Justice, Inequality, and the Nation State

SS Mugambiwa – Technium Social Sciences Journal, 2021

… where humans strain the environment, representation is required to determine
better ways to utilise the environment and adapt to … This section combines the
approaches initiated by countries in the East Africa Community (EAC) and the …

9 – Fertilizer and grain prices constrain food production in sub-Saharan Africa

C Bonilla-Cedrez, J Chamberlin, RJ Hijmans – Nature Food, 2021

Fertilizer and grain prices constrain food production in sub-Saharan Africa.
Download PDF. Article; Published: 07 October 2021. Fertilizer and grain
prices constrain food production in sub-Saharan Africa …

8 – Factors and Constraints Hindering Effective Municipal Solid Waste Management Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa: Case Study of Northern Uganda

JO Ongia, L Turyabanawe, B Barasa, A Mulabbi… – International Journal of …, 2021

… The World Bank. Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), 2016, The National Population
and Housing Census 2014 – Main Report, Kampala, Uganda … Variability of extreme weather
events over the equatorial East Africa, a case study of rainfall in Kenya and Uganda …

7 – [PDF] Resilient Generation: supporting young people’s prospects for decent work in the drylands of east and west Africa

M Dupar, E Lovell, O Walmsley, V Diwakar, C Balcou… – 2021

… September 2021 Page 2. 2 SPARC Resilient generation Introduction The east and west
regions of Africa have a youthful population – with people under the age of 18 comprising
around one half of the population for most countries (World Bank, nd) …

6 – [PDF] Starting up and starting over: how networking can enable refugee entrepreneurs to regain livelihoods in East Africa

C Katsiaficas, C Wilson, FA Tufa, J Ruhundwa… – 2021

… How networking can enable refugee entrepreneurs to regain livelihoods
in East Africa … diaspora organisations in Europe engaging in development
activities in Africa, is one … Italy ICMPD (International Centre for Migration Policy …

5 – [PDF] IoT-based system for automated floodwater detection and early warning in the East Africa Region: a case study of Arusha and Dar es salaam, Tanzania

A Uwayisenga – 2021

… on the society (Sholihah et al., 2020). Flooding has drastically impacted
lives and livelihoods for countries located in Sub- Sahara Africa and most
vulnerable due to climatic fluctuations … of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) of …

4 – Citizenship, Resistance and Animals: Karamoja Region Pastoralists’ Resilience against State Violence in Uganda

I Hazama – Nomadic Peoples, 2021

… Although ethnicity in East African pastoral society is characterised by flexibility and
attribution, the concept of the territorial state is now embedded in East Africa; however,
the concept of a two-dimensional surface area enclosed by a boundary remains foreign …

3 – What drives income inequality in sub‐Saharan Africaand its sub‐regions? An examination of long‐run and short‐run effects

O Jonathan Gimba, M Seraj, H Ozdeser – African Development Review

… Population growth in the long run and short run aggravates the distribution of income …
Similarly, Ncube et al. (2014) conclude that uneven income distribution lessens economic
growth and exacerbates poverty in the Middle East and North Africa …

2 – Dynamics of Cultural Value of Non-Pastoral Activities among the Daasanach in East Africa

T Sagawa – Nomadic Peoples, 2021

… 1990s,2 many research studies have focused on livelihood diversi- fication3
by pastoral people in East Africa and the people’s resilience in an uncertain
natural and social environment.4 General driving factors of diversi- fication …

1 – Chinese investment in East Africa: History, status, and impacts

Y Xia – Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 2021

… Estimates provided by the Chinese Business Confederation in Tanzania
suggested that nearly 30,000 Chinese migrants, or half of the entire Chinese
population in Tanzania, have moved to neighboring countries since 2015 …

East African paleo

10 – [PDF] Resolving the “muddle in the middle”: The case for Homo bodoensis sp. nov.

M Roksandic, P Radović, XJ Wu, CJ Bae – Evolutionary Anthropology: Issues, News, and …

… It is also clear that this taxon was dispersing out of Africa prior to 60 ka, likely in
multiple smaller waves, … Based on the current fossil record, this suggests East
Africa around 1 Ma as the most likely … Paleo-demes, species clades, and …

9 – Paradise lost: large mammal remains as a proxy for environmental change from MIS 6 to the Holocene in southern Africa

JP Reynard – South African Journal of Geology, 2021

… A key reason for this is probably the expansion of the southern coastal plain or
paleo-Agulhas plain of the southwestern and southern Cape. Marine regression
during glacial periods expose the broad Agulhas Bank continental shelf off the … 

8 – Isotopes and Diet in African Hominins and Hunter-Gatherers

E Loftus – Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Anthropology, 2021

… The success of stable isotope methods for informing dietary behavior among the
southern Africa fossil hominins created enthusiasm for … 2.7 Ma in East Africa that
does not neatly correspond with a change in the vegetation in the region, and thus …

7 – From Trees to the Ground: The Significance of Australopithecus anamensis in Human Evolution

Y Haile-Selassie – Journal of Anthropological Research, 2021

… afarensis may have had a much wider geographic distribution extending outside
the East African Rift System. … afarensis, which quickly spread across the East
African Rift corridor and became the dominant hominin species, population size and … 

6 – [HTML] Oromianism–The Indigenous Philosophy of Oromo

G Gemeda

… In the process, he makes Barara an East African metropolis whose commercial
networks extended from northeast Africa to the Middle East, India, China, and Europe.
But the sources do not support such an overarching conclusion. Tegegne could not …

5 – [PDF] … megafauna and landscape structure–rock engravings from Namibia encourage a comparative approach to central Europe and southern Africa. Vertebrate Zoology 71 …

U Zeller, T Göttert – 2021

… Examples of this are the Maasai, who traditionally frequent the savanna
landscapes of East Africa as migrant nomads with their herds of cattle and live in a
functioning coexistence with the local wildlife communities. As part of our … 

4 – Debating the Swahili: Archaeology Since 1990 and into the Future

C Kusimba, JR Walz – Archaeologies, 2021

… The Swahili are arguably the most studied society in ancient Sub-Saharan Africa.
The Swahili are of African in origin but balance their … Swahili and the affirmations,
critiques, and suggestions offered here, which we intend to promote future … 

3 – [HTML] Subspecific taxonomy of African porcupines Hystrix spp.: is there anything beyond the species level?


… DNA sequences. Lectures on Mathematics in the Life Sciences, 17, 57–86. Thomas,
O. (1893) Description of a New Porcupine from East Africa. The Annals and Magazine
of Natural History, Series 6, 11 (63), 229–231. https://doi …

2 – [PDF] Genetic and paleoecological signatures of African rainforest dynamics: pre-adapted to change?


… 4.1. Acquisition of paleo-climate simulations, tests and downscaling to the
Guineo- Congolian region Regional … lineages (or genetic clusters), often
coinciding with (1) Upper Guinea (West Africa), (2) the … Line), (4) the north …

1 – Early Maritime Cultures in East Africaand the Western Indian Ocean

A Beyin, DEBY Mayer

… Early Maritime Cultures in East Africa and the Western Indian Ocean: Papers from
a conference held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (African Studies Program)
23-24 October 2015, with additional contributions. Edited …

East African history

6 – Political Culture in Africa

R Nyenhuis, R Mattes – Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics, 2021

… However, an altogether different picture of African understandings of democracy
emerges from a different approach that offers respondents a range of political and
economic outcomes and then asks how important each was in order for a society to …

5 – Bone Tool Technology in the Stone Age of Africa

J Bradfield – Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Anthropology, 2021

Summary Bone, like other organic materials, featured prominently in the
technological repertoires of most historically documented hunter-gatherer
communities practising a Stone Age economy. Unlike stone, however, bone does …

4 – Revisiting a colonial landmark: caravanserais as tools of urban transformation in early colonial Tanzania

A Greiner – Journal of Eastern African Studies, 2021

… in the towns during the annual trade season, from the urban population for the
purpose of social and sanitary control. The analysis also … The aim of this article is
to connect the caravanserais in German East Africa with this wider “carceral …

3 – [PDF] The Bright Continent: African Art History

K Curnow – 2021

… Archaeology and physical anthropology show us human life originated in East
Africa, yet our depth of knowledge relating to the earliest African history is limited
either to those regions that had early writing systems (Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia) or to …

2 – [HTML] The evolution of the Nile regulatory regime: a history of cooperation and conflict

A Tayia, A Ramos Barrado, F Alonso Guinea – Water History, 2021

… The Portuguese rulers had the control of the Nile as one of the objectives of their
explorations in East Africa. During the Muslim–Christian conflicts of the medieval
period, Albuquerque, Viceroy of Portugal at the beginning of the sixteenth century …

1 – Reconsidering the Resilience of Pastoralism from the Perspective of Reliability: The Case of Conflicts between the Samburu and the Pokot of Kenya, 2004-2009

S Konaka – Nomadic Peoples, 2021

… For sure, several works exist that formulate ‘pastoral resilience’. For instance, Liao and
Fei (2016), in comparing East Africa and Central Asia, proposed indicators of ‘pastoral
resilience’ comprising livestock mobility, land use patterns and livelihood diversification …


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