March 14-18 2022:
the thirteenth AFEQ – CNF INQUA
international conference

The thirteenth AFEQ – CNF INQUA international conference

“Q13 – Palaeoclimate changes, landscape evolution and human societies: from sedimentary basins to industrial landscapes”

March 14-18 2022

Abstract submission: 29 October – 1 December 2021

Registration deadline: December 15 2021

The conference will focus on:

  • climate change and landscape evolution at the Quaternary timescale
  • interactions between climate, environments and human populations
  • impacts of human societies on landscapes and anthropisation processes

Its objectives are to provide an overview of both novel research carried out in the various branches of the Quaternary, and advances in associated scientific methods (development, application). In addition, it will focus on regional-scale studies and approaches, with an opening towards modern – in particular urban – environments.

The Q13 meeting will have a strong international dimension, which reflects the strategic position of Strasbourg at the heart of Europe. In particular, scientific communities of bordering countries (Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg,…) are highly welcome to take part in this conference.



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