May 2023: Divergence FM – An English version for the RIFT podcasts!

Rift Chronicle (Divergence FM) (93.4) – Montpellier

An English version for the RIFT podcasts!

A collaborative project between the Montpellier Language Department and first-year students of the Geology of Exploration and Reservoirs Master’s degree ( has resulted in the translation and recording of the first RIFT English podcasts on Divergence FM.

The idea was to initiate a transversal collaboration between English and scientific vocabulary for the students and allow the English speakers of the GDR to access the audio material already available. This project, tutored by Sonia Chalbi (Professor of English, University of Montpellier), resulted in English texts used by the radio to dub the initial recordings and English podcasts recorded by the students, soon available on our website.

We are grateful to the 16 students, Bruno Bertrand and his team at Divergence FM and Sonia Chalbi, for accepting and enthusiastically carrying out this project.

A second podcast version is already in progress with the Master Aléas Géologiques and Géodynamiques et Géomatériaux of Montpellier.

RIFT English podcasts on Divergence FM


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