2022: GDR-Rift 2022 conference


November 2022 

GDR-Rift conference

In November 2022, the GDR-Rift will organise its second general colloquium over 3 days.

All sessions will be organised in a mixed attendance/virtual format to allow the participation of as many people as possible.

The conference will be divided into two parts:

  • 2 days dedicated to scientific meetings, around oral presentations, posters and special sessions
  • 1 day of workshop to identify target areas, or pilot-sites, and determine the actions to be taken to create them. These pilot-sites would allow us to gather our complementary knowledge and skills on common areas.

The venue and dates of this conference will be decided and communicated very soon, but it should be held between the 6th and the 25th of November.



Great African Rift
Interdisciplinary Group

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