2022 : mobility grant

Mobility grant 2022

In order to promote student exchanges and training, the GDR Rift is renewing its Mobility Grant for 2022.

Even if we do not know yet the amount of the allocations from our tutelles for 2022, the scientific committee will dedicate a part of its budget for this mission.

We, therefore, suggest that you submit your applications for mobility via this form from now on, until 26 November 2021. The applications will be evaluated and arbitrated during the scientific committee meeting of 5 December 202, for an early 2022 attribution.

The grant will be transferred to the requesting UMR and can only be used for missions (travel, mission expenses). They must be used before the end of the 2022 financial year. The allocated aid will be subject to financial justification, and we will ask the beneficiaries for written feedback and a small presentation (podcast type) for the GDR website.

When filling this application form, please mention any element allowing to judge the feasibility of the project and its integration in one of the scientific axes of the GDR will be appreciated (calendar, co-funding, objectives of the mobility, …).

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