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The GDR Rift is renewing its Mobility Grant

The last 2022 semester

In order to promote student exchange and training, and considering the difficult sanitary and political situation, the GDR Rift is renewing its Mobility Grant for the last 2022 semester.

The applicants should submit their project by the 15th September 2022. Applications will be evaluated by the scientific committee in September 2022.

Please note: The 22-23-24 November 2022, the GDR Rift is organizing its first in-person scientific conference in Lyon (France) (https://gdrrift2022.sciencesconf.org). The mobility grant can be used to participate in this conference (preference goes to those presenting papers or posters). For those applying to participate in the GDR-Rift 2022 scientific conference, please detail the budget regarding fees for conference participation, and in every case highlight the interdisciplinary nature of the project.

To apply, please fill in the following form here.

Upon award, the grant will be paid to the requesting UMR and can only be used for travel, fieldwork and mission expenses, and can only be used for the applicant. The grant must be spent before the end of financial year, at the beginning of 2022 December. The allocated stipend will be subject to financial justification, and we ask the beneficiaries for written feedback (one-page report + summary of expenses) and a small podcast presentation for the GDR website.

The scientific committee of the GDR

The 2022 selection


As part of my post-doctoral research, I received funding from the GDR Rift to acquire comparative data to test the phylogenetic validity of an extinct primate species (Soromandrillus quadratirostris), and to explore its substrate preferences and mobility behaviour.

These research questions are part of a collaborative effort involving researchers from the University of California, Berkeley (Prof. Leslea Hlusko and Dr. Marianne Brasil) and Western Washington University, Bellingham (Dr. Tesla Monson). Ultimately, the GDR Rift-funded study will provide a better understanding of the phylogenetic and functional diversity of papionine monkeys from the Omo-Turkana Basin and a better understanding of the evolution of fossil ecosystems in this region of eastern Africa.

Other mobility

  • Aloyce Amasi (PhD NMAIST, Tanzania)
  • Tomas Bedane (PhD student – Palevoprim)
  • Bakari Chaka (PhD Masai Mara Univ, Kenya)
  • Perrine Poirier (PhD CEREGE, France)
  • Juliana Godifrey (PhD NMAIST, Tanzania)
  • Friyat Kidane (PhD student – Toulouse)
  • Thifhelimbilu Mulabisana (PhD – ITES)
  • Jerome Mwimanzi (PhD NMAIST, Tanzania)
  • Joseph Kalonga (PhD NMAIST, Tanzania)
  • Charity Konana (PhD Masai Mara Univ., Kenya)
  • Florin Zainescu (Post-doc, ITES, France)
  • Louis Gaudaré (PhD Univ. Rennes, France)
  • Susan Onyango (PhD EHESS, Kenya)
  • Misganaw Woldetsadik (PhD Univ. Bordeaux, Ethiopia)


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