GAUDARÉ Louis – INSU UMR 6118 – Paléo2D – Univ. Rennes 1


PhD Student

INSU, UMR 6118 Paléo2D,
Université de Rennes 1


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Thesis title: Dynamics of the Okavango rift system (Botswana): couplings between geodynamics, climate, and impact on the ecosystem.

Description of the research project: My research focuses on the ground deformation of the Okavango Rift Zone (northern Botswana) and its impact on the Okavango Delta system. The objective is to better understand the different processes at play in this region, such as tectonic activity due to the propagation of the East African Rift System, sedimentary processes and the flexural response of the crust to hydrological processes. To do so, I use a multidisciplinary approach combining geomorphological field studies, remote sensing (mainly based on topographic, InSAR and SAR data) and GPS data.

Framework: This research project results from the collaboration of four laboratories: Geosciences Rennes, LETG Rennes, the Okavango Research Institute (Botswana University) and ITES Strasbourg.

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