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Lamya Khalidi is a researcher in archaeology with the French CNRS at the CEPAM laboratory in Nice. A Cambridge University graduate, she has 25 years of experience in Middle East and African archaeology and currently leads the VAPOR-Afar fieldwork project in Ethiopia. Her research examines human-landscape interactions in the context of the development of the first production societies, principally during periods of Neolithization and of the establishment of the first proto-urban societies in the Middle East and in the Horn of Africa. Her research focuses particularly on fingerprinting obsidian circulation to study the dynamics of mobility, contact and exchange in the African Horn and the Arabian Peninsula and the links that existed between these regions, the Middle East and North Africa.

Fieldwork Projects:

  • VAPOR-Afar, Ethiopie (dir. L. Khalidi)
  • AGXIM TelluS-Rift, Ethiopia (dir. C. Doubre)
  • LSA Sequence in Ethiopia, Ethiopia (dir. C. Ménard)
  • PSPCA, Republic of Djibouti (dir. J. Cauliez)
  • Kadrouka, Sudan (dir. O. Langlois, Ph. Chambon, P. Sellier)

Research Projects:

  • 2021 – in progress: Partenaire dans l’ANR ‘Nilafar’ (PI M. Revel)
  • 2021: UCAJedi Idex ‘CORETEX’ (PI L. Khalidi, M. Gabriele)

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