Category: Anthropology

ADONGO Christine – INSHS UMR 8177 – EHESS-IIAC – Paris

Christine ADONGO PhD Student INSHS, UMR 8177 EHESS-IIAC, Paris adongoc[at] Personal page Christine Adongo is currently an early stage researcher doing PhD at l’Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS – Paris), and a member of Institut Interdisciplinaire d’Anthropologie du Contemporaire (IIAC). She attained both her bachelors and Masters degrees in Environmental science at…
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CAULIEZ Jessie – INEE UMR 5608 – TRACES – Univ. Toulouse

Jessie CAULIEZ CNRS Researcher INEE, UMR 5608, Laboratoire TRACES Université Toulouse jessie.cauliez[at] Personal page Jessie Cauliez, archaeologist, ethno-archaeologist, specialist in prehistory and research fellow at the CNRS, has been leading the Franco-Djiboutian mission PSPCA “First food Production Societies in the Horn of Africa” since 2014. She is a member of the Mixed Research Unit 5608…
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CREVECOEUR Isabelle – INEE UMR 5199 – PACEA – Univ. Bordeaux

Isabelle CREVECOEUR CNRS Researcher INEE, UMR 5199 PACEA Université de Bordeaux isabelle.crevecoeur[at] Personal page Phenotypic diversity, behavior and dispersion of human populations in the Horn of Africa and the Nile Valley at the end of the Upper Pleistocene and the beginning of the Holocene. Principal investigator of the IRP ABASC (Biological Anthropology and Archaeothanatology in…
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HARMAND Sonia – INEE UMR 5608 –
TRACES – Univ. Toulouse

Sonia HARMAND Research Professor INEE, UMR 5608,Laboratoire TRACESUniversité Toulouse Jean Jaurès sonia.harmand[at] Personal page Sonia Harmand is an archaeologist and the director of the Mission Préhistorique au Kenya / West Turkana Archaeological Project in Kenya. Her research focuses on reconstructing the skills and cognition of the earliest tool-making hominins in Africa, and particularly pre-Homo species.…
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HAZARD Benoît – INSHS UMR 8177 – CNRS / EHESS – Paris

Benoît HAZARD CNRS Researcher INSHS, UMR 8177 CNRS/EHESS, Paris benoit.hazard[at] Personal page Benoit Hazard is working on anthropo-scenes in Africa. Research are based on two ethnographic sets: the invention of “modern water” in the wells system of pastoralists groups (Chalbi Desert, North Kenya); the study of the socio-ecological changes due the energy transition in the…
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– INSHS UMR 7186 –
– Paris –

Marion LANGUMIER PhD Student INSHS, UMR 7186 LESC-IIAC,Paris marion.langumier[at] Personal page I have been conducting ethnographic research in the lower Omo region (Debub Omo Zone, Ethiopia) since 2016 in the Muni (Mursi) society and in the regional urban centers. Now a PhD candidate in Social Anthropology, I am writing a monography about the town of…
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– INSHS UMR 8177 –
– Paris –

Susan ONYANGO PhD Student INSHS, UMR 8177 EHESS-LAIOS, Paris sonyango1931[at] Earlier career in the field of development communication, working with NGOs and then as a consultant in the geothermal domain. Now, Phd student addressing the gap between the design of larger industrial geothermal projects and the needs of the local population (participation in geothermal development…
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TALLIO Virginie
– INSHS UMR 5115 –
– Sciences Po –

Virginie TALLIO Assistant professor INSHS, UMR 5115 LAM (Les Afriques dans le monde) Sciences Po Bordeaux virginie.tallio[at] Personal page Expertises / Field of study Anthropology Countries of activity in the Rift Uganda GDR Rift partners Université Makerere (Ouganda) GDR Rift research theme The Rift heritages Systems dynamics Natural resources Training / Education Search for GDR…
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VARET Jacques
– SARL Géo2D –

Jacques VARET Assistant professor Director Géo2D SARL Géo2D (Ressources géologiques pour le développement durable) Orléans j.varet[at] Personal page Jacques Varet is the current President of SARL Geo2D (a consulting company specialized in geological resources for sustainable development) .The company works for several French companies such as ( ALCEN group, ELECTERRE de France, AFD, CLEMESSY, ENERTIME,…
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