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ASSEFA Gettie Yared
– INEE UMR 5199 –
– Univ. Bordeaux –

Gettie Yared ASSEFA PhD Student INEE, UMR 5199 PACEA, Université de Bordeaux yaredsefa[at] Currently working as curator at the National Museum of Ethiopia in paleoanthropology, in Addis Ababa, and PhD student in PACEA lab in Bordeaux for African hominin fossils study, especially dental material. Expertises / Field to study Paleoanthropology Countries of activity in the…
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– INSU UMR 7330 –
– Aix-en-Provence –

Doris BARBONI CNRS Researcher INSU, UMR 7330 CEREGE, Aix-en-Provence barboni[at] Personal page I study fossil pollen and phytoliths as paleobotanical markers of past vegetation in order to reconstruct paleovegetations associated with Mio-Pliocene and Pleistocene hominins in Central and East Africa. I am interested in the interactions between plants, vegetation and present-day climate in the tropics,…
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BLANC Guillaume
– INSHS UR 7468 –
– Univ. Rennes 2 –

Guillaume BLANC Assistant Professor INSHS, UR 7468, Tempora Université de Rennes 2 guillaume_blanc[at] Personal page Expertises / Field of study History Countries of activity in the Rift Ethiopia GDR Rift Research theme The Rift heritages Natural resources Search for GDR Rift members by Institute / Laboratory / Other Expertises / Field of study Countries of…
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– INEE UMR 7262 –
– Univ. Poitiers –

Jean-Renaud BOISSERIE CNRS senior Researcher INEE, UMR 7262 PALEVOPRIM Université de Poitiers jean.renaud.boisserie[at] Personal page I study the evolutionary history of extinct large mammals, their impact on their fossil ecosystems, and the factors that shaped their paleobiology and ecological niches. In particular I work in the Lower Omo Valley, with the multidisciplinary team Omo Group…
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– INEE UMR 5608 –
– Univ. Toulouse –

Jessie CAULIEZ CNRS Researcher INEE, UMR 5608, Laboratoire TRACES Université Toulouse jessie.cauliez[at] Personal page Jessie Cauliez, archaeologist, ethno-archaeologist, specialist in prehistory and research fellow at the CNRS, has been leading the Franco-Djiboutian mission PSPCA “First food Production Societies in the Horn of Africa” since 2014. She is a member of the Mixed Research Unit 5608…
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– INSU UMR 6249 –
– Environnement –
Univ. Franche Comté

Hélène CELLE-JEANTON Professor INSU, UMR 6249 Chrono-Environment, Université Franche Comté helene.celle[at] Personal page I took interest in water resources management in the Rift in terms of availability and sustainability of surface and groundwaters for drinking water supply and preservation of the environment. Expertises / Field to study Geochemistry Geology Hydrology Countries of activity in the…
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– INSU UMR 6118 –
– Univ. Rennes 1 –

Previous Next Olivier DAUTEUIL CNRS senior Researcher INSU, UMR 6118 Paléo2D, Université de Rennes 1 olivier.dauteuil[at] Personal page The coupling of the processes driving the dynamics of the Okavango Delta (Botswana). Expertises / Field of study Geodynamic Paleoenvironment Tectonic Countries of activity in the Rift Bostwana GDR Rift partners Okavango Research Institute GDR Rift Research…
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DAVTIAN Gourguen
– INEE UMR 7264
– Univ. Nice –

DAVTIAN Gourguen Research Engineer CNRS INEE, UMR 7264 CEPAM, Université de Nice gourguen.davtian[at] Personal page Expertises / Field to study Geography Hydrogeology Modeling Countries of activity in the Rift Ethiopia Kenya GDR Rift Research theme The Rift Heritages Natural resources Training / Education Search for GDR Rift members by Institute / Laboratory / Other Expertises…
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– INEE UMR 5199 –
– Univ. Bordeaux –

Anne DELAGNES CNRS senior Researcher INEE, UMR 5199 PACEA, Université de Bordeaux anne.delagnes[at] Personal page I am a prehistorian who performs archaeological research along the eastern African Rift system in order to reconstruct the dynamics of human settlement in relation to the emergence of new technical practices, new behavioural skills and related paleoenvironments, from the…
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FRANCE Lydéric
– INSU –
– Univ. Lorraine –

Lydéric FRANCE Assitant professor INSU, Centre de Recherches Pétrographiques et Géochimiques CRPG, Université de Lorraine lyderic.france[at] Personal page Igneous petrology, geochemistry, metamorphic petrology, structural geology, mineralogy, experimental petrology, volcanology… to study… …Magma reservoir processes. Expertises / Field of study Geochemistry Geodynamics Volcanology Countries of activity in the Rift Djibouti Ethiopia Tanzania GDR Rift research theme…
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