Category: Somaliland

– INEE UMR 5608 –
– Univ. Toulouse –

Jessie CAULIEZ CNRS Researcher INEE, UMR 5608, Laboratoire TRACES Université Toulouse jessie.cauliez[at] Personal page Jessie Cauliez, archaeologist, ethno-archaeologist, specialist in prehistory and research fellow at the CNRS, has been leading the Franco-Djiboutian mission PSPCA “First food Production Societies in the Horn of Africa” since 2014. She is a member of the Mixed Research Unit 5608…
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– INSHS UMR 8167 –
Orient & Méditerranée
– Ivry-syr-Seine –

Jérémie SCHIETTECATTE CNRS Researcher INSHS, UMR 8167 Orient & Méditerranée, Ivry-syr-Seine j.schiettecatte[at] Personal page Co-direction of the French archaeological mission in Eastern Tigray (MAFTOr), study of the regional settlement process in historical periods. Expertises / Field of study Archeology History Countries of activity in the Rift Eritrea Ethiopia Somaliland GDR Rift partners ARCCH TCTB GDR…
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