Veille mensuelle bibliographique :
novembre 2021

Veille mensuelle bibliographique

Novembre 2021

Vous trouverez ici les références de quelques articles et ouvrages glanés au fil du mois sur le web concernant les principales thématiques de nos communautés. Cette liste ne se veut pas exhaustive, et vous pouvez nous mentionner tout ouvrage ou texte supplémentaire pour la compléter. Ces références seront archivées au bout d’un an dans l’onglet Diffusion du savoir / ouvrages.

Le Rift de l’Afrique de l’Est

14 – Cenozoic tectono-sedimentary evolution of the northern Turkana Depression (East African Rift System) and its significance for continental rifts

A NutzT Ragon, M Schuster – Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2021 – Elsevier

il y a 11 jours – Rifting is an emblematic facet of continental drift and its early stage (ie,
stretching phase) is pivotal to be fully characterized and understood because it then
conditions all subsequent stages of the break-up cycle. Although the final architectures of …

13 – Willingness to pay for fluoride-free water in Tanzania: disentangling the importance of behavioural factors

L Gutierrez, G Nocella, G Ghiglieri… – International Journal of …, 2021 – Taylor & Francis

il y a 18 jours – … Approximately 200 million people, mainly concentrated in rural areas of
the Great East African Rift Valley, suffer from fluorosis caused by excess of fluoride naturally
contained in water. This study employs the RANAS (Risk, Attitude, Norm, Ability, Self-regulation) …

12 – [HTML] Volcanic activity and hazard in the East African Rift Zone

J BiggsA AyeleTP FischerK Fontijn… – Nature …, 2021 –

il y a 25 jours – Over the past two decades, multidisciplinary studies have unearthed a rich
history of volcanic activity and unrest in the densely-populated East African Rift System,
providing new insights into the influence of rift dynamics on magmatism, the characteristics …

11 – Redefining East African Rift System kinematics

DS StampsC KreemerR Fernandes… – …, 2021 –

Abstract East African Rift System plate geometries and surface motions are some of the least
constrained in the context of global plate motion models. In this study, we used GPS data to
constrain Somalian plate rotation and to suggest a new tectonic plate geometry for the …

10 – Variations in melt emplacement beneath the northern East African Rift from radial anisotropy

EL ChambersN HarmonCA Rychert, D Keir – Earth and Planetary Science …, 2021 – Elsevier

Where and how melt is stored in the crust and uppermost mantle is important for
understanding the dynamics of magmatic plumbing systems and the evolution of rifting. We
determine shear velocity and radial anisotropy in the magmatically rifting northern East  …

9 – Linking surface and subsurface volcanic stratigraphy in the Turkana Depression of the East African Rift system

N Schofield, R Newton, S Thackrey… – Journal of the …, 2021 –

The Northern Kenya Rift is an important natural laboratory for understanding continental
rifting processes. However, much of the current understanding of its geological evolution is
based on surface outcrops within footwall highs due to a lack of subsurface geological …

8 – [PDF] Reconstructing vegetation history of the Olorgesailie Basin during the Middle to Late Pleistocene using phytolith data

RN KinyanjuiM MeadowsL Gillson… – … –The African Pollen …, 2021 –

il y a 29 jours – … The basin lies near the southern end of the Eastern Arc of the East African
Rift System (EARS). To the south it is bounded by lavas associated with Mt. Olorgesailie, an
extinct Pliocene-Early Pleistocene age volcano, while to the north, east and west the basin is …

7 – [HTML] Dynamic modelling provides new insights into development and maintenance of Lake Kivu’s density stratification

F Bärenbold, R Kipfer, M Schmid – Environmental Modelling & Software, 2021

… Lake Kivu is a 485 m deep, Central-East African rift lake with huge amounts of
carbon dioxide and methane dissolved in its stably stratified deep waters. In view of
future large-scale methane extraction, one-dimensional numerical modelling is an …

6 – [HTML] Ni partitioning between olivine and highly alkaline melts: An experimental study

A Koshlyakova, A Sobolev, S Krasheninnikov… – Chemical Geology, 2021

… (2011) for ugandites and leucite basanites from the western branch of the East
African Rift. Observed olivine/groundmass Ni partition coefficient D(Ni) (wt%) was
31.2 ± 3.7 and 34.4 ± 1.5 (or D(Ni) (mol.%) 48.6 and 53.5) for small and larger …

5 – [PDF] Observations and Geoinformation

V Kopacková-Strnadová, V Rapprich, V McLemore… – International Journal of …, 2021

… The complexes of Sukulu and Tororo are the southernmost occurrences of the
silicate alkaline–carbonatite suites linked with the East African Rift System forming N–S
trending belt. They intruded into the Precambrian basement complex in SE Uganda (Bell …

4 – Geochemistry and origin of explosive alkaline volcanism in the early Rukwa Rift, southwestern Tanzania

L Lawrence – 2021

… Leigh Lawrence studied the nature and origin of early rift magmatism in the
Western Branch of the East African Rift. He discovered and modelled an entirely
new mechanism of explosive volcanism and provided new insights into the …

3 – [HTML] Cretaceous–Quaternary seismic stratigraphy of the Tanga offshore Basin in Tanzania and its petroleum potential

BN Mvile, EB Kiswaka, OO Osinowo, IM Marobhe… – Journal of Petroleum …, 2021

… Sedimentary development of the offshore basins of East Africa has been
influenced mostly by tectonics and partly by climate, sea level fluctuations, basin
topography and syn-depositional interaction of down-slope gravity flows and along-slope …
2 – Landslides in a Changing Tropical Environment: The North Tanganyika-Kivu Rift Region, Africa

A Depicker – 2021

… The North Tanganyika-Kivu Rift Region (NTK Rift) is a landslide-prone
mountainous environment embedded in the western branch of the EastAfrican Rift.
The area encompasses parts of the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) …

1 – Tectonic and Structural Controls on Geothermal Systems

MA Alam – Geological and Geo-Environmental Processes on …, 2021

… (i) magmatic arcs above subduction zones at convergent plate margins (eg, the
Andean Volcanic Arc), (ii) divergent margins—intra-oceanic (eg, Mid-Atlantic Ridge)
and intra-continental (eg, East African Rift, Central Indian Rift), (iii) transform plate …

Les populations d’Afrique de l’Est

5 – Prevalence of Os Acromiale in an Indigenous East African Population: A Computerized Tomography Scan-based Study

M Atinga, N Baraza, S Wambui… – The Annals of …, 2021 –

il y a 6 jours – Background: Failure of fusion to any of the acromion physes at maturity may
lead to an os acromiale. A radiological review into the prevalence of os acromiale in an
indigenous East African population was performed using computer tomography (CT) …

4 – Invisible Resilience: Indigenous Knowledge Systems of Earthquake Disaster Management in Kagera Region, Tanzania

H Hambati – Utafiti, 2021

… A good portion of the community in residence throughout these wards
demonstrated that they are well aware of the existence of several active sites in the
East African Rift Valley System where carbon dioxide gas is emitted from the …

3 – Psychological impact of a volcano eruption-Mount Nyiragongo.

H Dhillon, S Sasidharan – Egyptian Journal of Psychiatry, 2021

… Mount Nyiragongo volcano, located on the western branch of the East African Rift
valley in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), is one of the most active volcano in
African continent. It is located 15 km north of Goma city, the capital of North Kivu …

2 – [PDF] Groundswell Africa A Deep Dive on Internal Climate Migration in Tanzania

KK Rigaud, A de Sherbinin, B Jones, A Arora, S Adamo – 2021

… This report was developed by the World Bank’s Environment Global Practice as
part of a knowledge activity on internal climate migration … In East Africa, rapid
population growth has contributed not only to land fragmentation, which has spurred …

1 – [PDF] Physical-chemical water parameters structuring phytoplankton assemblages in endorheic and alkaline lentic system, Lake Rukwa in the Western Rift Valley, Southern …

E Moto, RS Maghembe – Ukrainian Journal of Ecology, 2021

… Several studies on phytoplankton of the Rift Valley soda lakes in East Africa have
been conducted in the Eastern Rift Valley with little attention … The species of
phytoplankton observed in this study have been recorded in other East Africa …

Les environnements de l’Afrique de l’Est

32 – [PDF] Financing sustainability: A trend analysis of impact fund allocation in East Africa

L Dal Negro, Y Madjitey, M Mazzanti – Cultures and Local Practices … –

il y a 2 jours – … To understand why the measurement of social and environmental impact
by impact investors in East Africa is inconsistent, it is relevant to recognise that such impacts
are complex and difficult to track, especially by firms based in poor communities, as small …

31 – Distinct roles of land cover in regulating spatial variabilities of temperature responses to radiative effects of aerosols and clouds

L Wei, Y Wang, S Liu, GJ Zhang… – Environmental Research …, 2021 –

il y a 4 jours – … while East Africa and South Africa are in the arid climate zone where
vegetation-scarce … climate sensitivity there, East Africa experiences larger temperature changes
to aerosol … In arid regions such as East Africa and South Africa, the largest aerosol DRE along …

30 – [PDF] Trends and Drivers of Refugees in Africa

M Adesina, M Adeel, O Omigbile, A Abiodun… – … Journal of Environment … –

il y a 7 jours – … Results: Seven countries account for about 66.3% of the refugee population
in Africa within 1990 to 2017, five of which are in East Africa. The trend in population of African
refugees from 1990 to 2017 can be divided into four phases. Phase one, a sharp decline in …

29 – [PDF] Comparison of respiratory health impacts associated with wood and charcoal biomass fuels

K Woolley, S Bartington, T Kabera, XQ Lao… – Environ …, 2021 –

il y a 9 jours – … Conclusion: Our population-based observational data indicates that in Asia
and East Africa there is a greater risk of ARI among … Some governments have adopted
legislative approaches to restrict the use of charcoal due to the recognised environmental and …

28 – [PDF] Projecting armed conflict risk in Africa towards 2050 along the SSP-RCP scenarios: a machine learning approach

JM HochSP de BruinH Buhaug… – Environmental … –

il y a 9 jours – … In SSP1-RCP2.6, conflict risk is low in most regions although the Horn of
Africa and parts of East Africa continue to be conflict-prone. Conflict risk increases in the more
adverse SSP3-RCP6.0 scenario, especially in Central Africa and large parts of Western Africa. …

27 – [PDF] Mitigating Low Agricultural Productivity of Smallholder Farms in Africa: Time-Series Forecasting for Environmental Stressors

M TabarD LeeDP HughesA Yadav – 2022 –

il y a 10 jours – … Our work is being evaluated by officials at PlantVillage for potential future
deployment as an early warning system in East Africa. … early warning system for smallholder
farmers in East Africa (who can use these warnings to proactively address their irrigation needs). …

26 – Sponges as simple biomonitoring tools for trace element pollution in marine environments: insights from a Kenyan study focused on the leaf sponge Phyllospongia …

BO Ohowa, LI KiteresiVW Wanjeri… – African Journal of …, 2021 – Taylor & Francis

il y a 10 jours – … Table 3: Comparison of trace element concentrations in Phyllospongia
foliascens (minimum–maximum, µg g−1 dry weight) in this study (Kenyan coast) with those
in other sponge species from various environments elsewhere. Environment type: Control–impacted…

25 – The Global Drivers of Wildlife Tourism and its Future Potential in a Changing World

M KIRKLAND – 2021 –

il y a 11 jours – … by attractive species as a result of climate change, but environmental impacts
of increased visitation may need to be addressed. … The current loss of global biodiversity
is a critical environmental problem that is reaching a crisis point. Despite the adoption of …

24 – Challenges and Strategies for Accessibility Research in the Global South: A Panel Discussion

G Barbareschi, M Swaminathan… – X Latin American …, 2021 –

il y a 13 jours – … With limited published research, and a large range of socio-cultural, practical
and environmental differences across the Global … in various regions of the Global South
from Latin America to East Africa and South Asia. Panelists will give an initial overview of their …

23 – Does the expansion of the species’ breeding range also involve the establishment of new migratory routes and new wintering ranges? The case of the citrine wagtail …

F Ferlini, KM Olsen – Rivista Italiana di Ornitologia, 2022 –

il y a 17 jours – … Porter RF & Scott DA, 2005 – Report on the environmental training
programme for Iraqis and birds recorded in Syria, 20-29 January 2005. Birdlife International.
Internal Report, 16 pp Porter RF & Suleiman AS, 2020 – Checklist of the Birds of the Socotra …

22 – Fecal steroids as a potential tool for conservation paleobiology in East Africa

AC KempCH Vane, AW Kim, CL Dutton… – Biodiversity and …, 2021 – Springer

il y a 18 jours – … Conservation paleobiology seeks to leverage proxy reconstructions of ecological
communities and environmental conditions to predict future changes and inform management
decisions. Populations of East African megafauna likely changed during the Holocene …

21 – An exploration of media regulation and accountability

L Obonyo – The Global Handbook of Media Accountability, 2021 –

il y a 18 jours – … While some of these papers advocated for the nation’s independence, the
majority were content with the sustenance of an environment that … Growth of the vernacular
press in colonial East Africa: Patterns of government control (Doctoral dissertation). University of …

20 – Determinant Factors Of Teff Production In Agriculture Sector Of Oromia Regional State: Ethiopia


il y a 19 jours – … Its’ cultivating in East Africa for thousands of years (D. Andrea 2008). It is a
required food in African countries like Ethiopia and Eritrea. It has been growing specific
environmental conditions like from sea level up to 2800 m above sea level, required temperature, …

19 – [PDF] Seasonal resource categorisation and behavioural adaptation among non-human primates: Implications for hominin carnivory in the Early Pleistocene

J Clark, GJL Matás –

il y a 19 jours – … of many nonhuman primates living in tropical and subtropical environments.
Much previous research has emphasised the seasonal … We end with an exploration of the
gradual consolidation of the hominin carnivory niche in the Early Pleistocene of East Africa, to …

18 – [HTML] Unlocking climate finance potential and policy barriers—A case of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Sub-Saharan Africa

EM Mungai, SW NdirituI Da Silva – Resources, Environment and …, 2021 – Elsevier

il y a 20 jours – … Analyzing five investment indicators, using secondary sources of information,
and conducting interviews with key stakeholders, the RE and EE investment potential,
investment gap, and policy barriers in 14 countries from West, Central, Southern, and East Africa …

17 – [HTML] Allometric models for estimating leaf biomass of sisal in a semi-arid environment in Kenya

I Vuorinne, J Heiskanen, M Maghenda… – Biomass and …, 2021 – Elsevier

il y a 20 jours – … Sisal was introduced to East Africa in the early 20th century and although
its production followed the decrease in demand after the 1960s, it remains an important cash
crop for the area [5,6]. The global interest in environmentally friendly materials and the recent …

16 – Desert Locust Stopped by Tibetan Highlands during the 2020 Upsurge

J Liu, M Lecoq, L Zhang – Agronomy, 2021 –

il y a 25 jours – … In 2019–2020, a major upsurge originated in the southern Arabian Peninsula
and gradually spread to east Africa, then to south-west … It is clear that the high-altitude
environmental conditions in the Himalayan mountains provided an important natural barrier that …

15 – [HTML] Experiences of seeking healthcare across the border: lessons to inform upstream policies and system developments on cross-border health in East Africa

F Ssengooba, D Tuhebwe, S Ssendagire, S Babirye… – BMJ open, 2021 –

il y a 27 jours – … There is need for a policy environment to enable East Africa invest better and
realise synergies for these communities. This will advance Universal Health Coverage goals
for communities along the border who represent the far fang areas of the health system with …

14 – [HTML] An Investigation of the Factors That Motivated Illegal Settlements in the Mau Forest, Kenya

A Jebiwott, GM Ogendi, AA Alo, R Kibet – Open Journal of Ecology, 2021 –

il y a 28 jours – … elicited serious political and environmental debates regarding its conservation
status, as the forest is fast dwindling and the repercussions felt widely across the country. The
forest, regarded as the largest indigenous montane forest in east Africa, has been hard hit …

13 – [PDF] Lower to Mid-Pliocene pollen data from East African hominid sites, a review

R Bonnefille, B Bourel – Quaternary Vegetation Dynamics–The African … –

il y a 29 jours – … for the Lower Pliocene outcrops at five hominid sites in East Africa located within
the intertropical region between 3◦ South to 11◦ North… their interpretation for reconstructing
past vegetation, environment, and inferred climatic parameters at the studied hominin sites. …

12 – [HTML] … in the abundance of isoprenoid GDGT membrane lipids and their producers in the water column of a meromictic equatorial crater lake (Lake Chala, East Africa …

AJ BaxterLGJ van BreeF Peterse… – Quaternary Science …, 2021 – Elsevier

il y a 29 jours – … Organic biomarker proxies associated with these lipids, such as the TEX 86
paleothermometer and Branched and Isoprenoid Tetraether (BIT) index, are often used in
paleoenvironmental reconstructions for the marine environment, but their general applicability in …

11 – Quantitative multi-factor characterization of eco-environmental vulnerability in the Mount Elgon ecosystem

D Wanyama, B Kar, NJ Moore – GIScience & Remote Sensing, 2021 – Taylor & Francis

il y a 31 jours – … The Mount Elgon ecosystem (MEE), an important hydrological and socio-economic
area in East Africa, has exhibited significant landscape changes. These are driven by both
natural factors and human activities. Yet, the vulnerability of this ecosystem is poorly …

10 – [HTML] Anthropogenic effect on wetland biodiversity in Lake Tana Region: A case of Infranz Wetland, Northwestern Ethiopia

BG Eneyew, WW Assefa – Environmental and Sustainability Indicators, 2021

… In East African Rift Valley, continued cultivated land expansion has remarkably
contributed to the decrease of vegetation cover (Ketema et al., 2020). Similarly, in
Kibasira swamp of Tanzania, the total population of mammals had significantly … 

9 – Temporal variations in rainfall patterns in Kilembe, Uganda

Y Tibara, B Wahab, AK Aremu – World Water Policy

… Uganda is one of the least developed countries (LDCs) in East Africa and
occupies an area of 241,038 km 2 . Kasese District is composed of principally three
topographical features, namely, the mountainous areas, which consist of rugged … 

8 – [PDF] The Effect of Soil and Water Conservation Structures on the Soil Biophysical and Chemical Properties in the Gidabo Sub-basin, Ethiopian Rift Valley

G Hassen, A Bantider, A Legesse, M Maimbo – International Journal of Environmental …, 2021

… The southeastern rift valley region of Ethiopia is part of the Great East African Rift
Valley. The administrative boundary of the Gidabo river sub-basin is in the Southern
Nations Nationalities and Peoples and the Oromia Regional States of Ethiopia (see … 

7 – Integrating satellite images and topographic data for mapping seasonal grazing management units in pastoral landscapes of eastern Africa

MG Shibia, A Röder, FP Fava, M Stellmes, J Hill – Journal of Arid Environments, 2022

… Several of the rangelands in East Africa including the one in the current study
area are characterized with a high inter-annual variability of rainfall with almost up to
33% coefficient of variation (Engler et al., 2018). The length of growing season is …

6 – Hydro-chemical characterization of groundwater and evaluation of health risk assessment for fluoride contamination areas in the eastern blocks of Purulia district …

P Chowdhury, BP Mukhopadhyay, S Nayak, A Bera – Environment, Development and …, 2021

… The origin of high bicarbonate and fluoride concentrations in waters of the Main
Ethiopian Rift Valley, East African Rift system. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 22(4),
391–402. … Endemic fluorosis in the Ethiopian Rift Valley. Tropical and … 

5 – Influence of trees on landscape temperature in semi-arid agro-ecosystems of East Africa

L Villani, G Castelli, F Sambalino, LAA Oliveira… – Biosystems Engineering, 2021

In the Dodoma region of Tanzania, overexploitation of natural resources has led to a
severe land degradation and, consequently, to the need to restore local ecosystems.
Within the possible strategies, the farmer managed natural regeneration agroforestry …

4 – Pastoral coping and adaptation climate change strategies: Implications for women’s well-being

SE Walker, BL Bruyere, JN Solomon, KA Powlen… – Journal of Arid …, 2022

… Pastoral women in the semi-arid rangelands of East Africa are significantly
burdened by the vulnerability to and responsibility for responding to changing
climates. Consequently, understanding how adaptation and coping strategies …

3 – [HTML] Working lives of maternity healthcare workers in Malawi: An ethnography to identify ways to improve care

A Merriel, M Larkin, J Hussein, MC Makwenda… – AJOG Global …, 2021 – Elsevier

il y a 33 jours – … Maternal mortality in East Africa is high with a maternal mortality rate (MMR) of
428/100,000 live births. Malawi, whilst comparing … We have described how the social order
of the hospital was related to the way staff interacted with their environment. Loveness’s case …

2 – PastoralScape: An Environment-Driven Model of Vaccination Decision Making Within Pastoralist Groups in East Africa

M SottileR Iles, C McConnel, O Amram… – Journal of Artificial …, 2021 –

il y a 34 jours – Economic and cultural resilience among pastoralists in East Africa is
threatened by the interconnected forces of climate change, contagious diseases spread and
evolving national and international trade. A key factor in the resilience of livestock that …

1 – [PDF] Impact of Colonial Land Policies on Agriculture in East and West Africa

P Torru, W Island –

il y a 36 jours – … The reverse was the case in British West Africa where the environment was
endowed with fertile soil necessitating the participation … Share cropping in West Africa and
squatting in East Africa became widely used as a means through which most Africans were able …

Les sociétés d’Afrique de l’Est

22 – [LIVRE] Polygamy: a Very Short Introduction

SMS Pearsall – 2022 –

il y a 2 jours – … inclusion of Sarah and Hagar, as well as young Ishmael and Isaac, highlights
the centrality of women and children in a society based … Royal power in the early modern
kingdom of Buganda in east Africa also increasingly intertwined with polygyny in this same era. …

21 – Climate Risk Management in Agricultural Extension System in Ethiopia

E Lemma, T Denboba – 2021 –

il y a 4 jours – … This project collaborates with the CGIAR Research Program on Climate
Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) East Africa to enhance climate risk under
different management practices in agriculture sectors and strengthen the skill gaps. In this regard, …

20 – 11 Stateless Armenians in Ethiopia Under Fascist Occupation (1936–1941): Foreignness and Integration, From Local to Colonial Subject

B Adjemian – Citizens and Subjects of the Italian Colonies: Legal …, 2021 –

il y a 6 jours – … However, substantiating the in-depth integration of Armenian immigrants and
their descendants into the local Ethiopian society is … his Hungarian wife were to be considered
as subjects of Italian East Africa by the Italian administration. Hence, they were supposed …

19 – [HTML] The Hamar cattle model: the semantics of appearance in a pastoral linguaculture

S Petrollino – Language Sciences, 2022 – Elsevier

il y a 6 jours – … The methods, tasks and stimuli used in the study were tailored for the
collection of comparative data among different pastoral societies of East Africa. Their practical
application is discussed, illustrating the effectiveness in revealing important aspects of cattle-…

18 – Maasai Girls’ Experiences of Ukimwi ni Homa (AIDS Is a Fever): Idioms of Vulnerability and HIV Risk in East Africa

K Hedges – Human Organization, 2021 –

il y a 6 jours – There have been enormous strides in response to the AIDS epidemic in the past
decades; however, adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) remain at high risk for new
HIV infection throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Recognizing this continued discrepancy, I for …

17 – The Archaeology of Feasts and Feasting in Africa

L Gijanto – Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Anthropology, 2021 –

il y a 7 jours – … events in more hierarchical societies. Where feasting has been identified,
it is done with the aid of documentary or oral sources. Most of these studies are focused on
locations and time periods of interoceanic trade in west and east Africa. Feasting has been …

16 – The Indian Ocean as a Memory Space: A Conversation with Neera Kapur-Dromson

JN Karugia – Matatu, 2021 –

il y a 14 jours – … of entangled Afrasian transregional spaces within the complexity of cosmopolitan
societies across the Indian Ocean. The film was part … My ancestors came from British India
to what was then British East Africa. I chose to make the trip in the reverse direction—from …

15 – Creating Their Own Future by Face-to-Face Negotiation: Lifeworld of East African Pastoralists.(Koushou ni Sei o Kakeru: Higashi Afurica Bokuchikumin no Seikatsu …

T SAGAWA – 2021 –

il y a 19 jours – … Finally, he implies that the penetration of the market economy into pastoral
societies might drastically change their logic of … Many anthropologists have been fascinated
by pastoralists in East Africa, who have distinctive and impressive characteristics. The author of …

14 – Challenges and Opportunities of Utilization information technology in Education in the period of COVID19 Pandemic “Case study of East Africa University in Bossaso

MA Warsame – 2021 –

il y a 26 jours – … utilization E-learning during the COVID-19 crisis in East Africa University
encountered teachers and learners, To determine the availability … The study targets the society
that includes students, teaching staff and non-teaching staff in the Information Technology (IT) …

13 – [HTML] Participatory scenario planning and framing of social-ecological systems: an analysis of policy formulation processes in Rwanda and Tanzania

L Rutting, J VervoortH Mees… – … and Society, 2021 –

il y a 32 jours – … To address our research objective, we analyzed two cases in East Africa in
which the participatory scenario planning process of CGIAR’s Climate Change, Agriculture
and Food Security program was applied. This is a type of science-policy engagement process …

12 – The new science of the enchanted universe

M Sahlins – The New Science of the Enchanted Universe –

il y a 32 jours – … Yet the vast majority of cultures throughout human history treat spirits as
very real persons, members of a cosmic society who … He takes readers around the world,
from Inuit of the Arctic Circle to pastoral Dinka of East Africa, from Araweté swidden gardeners …

11 – Age Set vs. Kin: Culture and Financial Ties in East Africa

J Moscona, AA Seck – Kin: Culture and Financial Ties in East Africa …, 2021 –

il y a 33 jours – … We document strong within-cohort spillover effects in age set societies that are
absent in kin-based societies. We also find inter-generational spillover effects within families
in kin-based societies that are absent in age set societies. These results indicate that age …

10 – [PDF] History, Memory, and the Heritage of Slavery on the Kenyan Coast

PO Abungu, C Coret – 2021 –

il y a 38 jours – … the way this past has been variously understood by the contemporary coastal
society and by the Kenyan state and its institutions. Today’… The history of these two places
is linked to slave trafficking at its height in East Africa in the nineteenth century. Many runaway …

9 – [HTML] An Investigation of the Factors That Motivated Illegal Settlements in the Mau Forest, Kenya

A Jebiwott, GM Ogendi, AA Alo, R Kibet – Open Journal of Ecology, 2021

… The complex is situated in the rift valley province of Kenya, about 170 km
northwest of Nairobi. It straddles across four counties; Bomet to … ironwood (Olea
capensis), red stinkwood (Prunus africana) and East African yellow-wood (Podocarpus … 

8 – [PDF] Tourism and Economic Growth in Ethiopia and Kenya-A Comparative Analysis

WA Reda – International Journal of Public Administration and …, 2021

… The panel data regression analysis depicts that the combined fixed effect model
for Ethiopia and Kenya explains 58.29 percent of the variability in the economic
growth of the two East African countries. The individual random effect model of each … 

7 – Women in Executive Political Leadership in Africa

OO Fayomi, OP Salau, RO Popoola, OW Adigun – The Palgrave Handbook of African …, 2021

… of political empowerment and leadership for Eastern Africa women? This section
navigates women’s political leadership in East Africa concerning Uganda. We chose
Uganda for this for certain reasons: First, the country’s history of dictatorship – both … 

6 – [PDF] The African Continental Free Trade Area: Trading Africa into Sustainability?

C Janssens, P Havlik, E Boere, A Palazzo, A Mosnier… – 2021

… – 2020 in Africa and then simulate trade and market scenarios for the period 2020
– 2050, with population and income assumed to grow according to the second
Shared Socioeconomic Pathway (SSP2) (Fricko et al. 2017). Under this projection … 

5 – [HTML] Participatory scenario planning and framing of social-ecological systems: an analysis of policy formulation processes in Rwanda and Tanzania

L Rutting, J Vervoort, H Mees, P Driessen – Ecology and Society, 2021

… To address our research objective, we analyzed two cases in East Africa in which
the participatory scenario planning process of CGIAR’s Climate Change, Agriculture
and Food Security program was applied. This is a type of science-policy … 

4 – [PDF] Impact of Desert Locusts (Schistocerca Gregaria) on Livelihoods, Food Security and Its Management Practices in Ethiopia

H Adula – The International Journal of Science & Technoledge, 2021

… The population of the Ethiopia up to 80 percent depends on agriculture for their
livelihoods. The worst desert locust outbreak in 25 years is … Women and girls are
mostly vulnerable to riskas the situation deteriorates across the Horn and East Africa …

3 – The Integration of Language and Society: A Cross-Linguistic Typology

AY Aikhenvald, RMW Dixon, N Jarkey – 2022

… Cattle-herding groups in East Africa are well-known for their elaborate
categorization of different kinds of cattle based on their distinctive colours. As Evans-Pritchard
(1940: 41) put it, ‘linguistic profusion in particular departments of life is one of the … 

2 – [PDF] Kenya’s first White Rhino Conservation and Management Action Plan

C Khayale, P Omondi, L Kariuki, P Muruthi, N Gichohi… – Pachyderm, 2021

… Key activities of the WRAP include the following: (1) incorporating SWR meta-population
management as a component in the East Africa Community–Rhino Management
Group (EAC-RMG), (2) conducting grassland management through the control of …

1 – [PDF] Covid-19 Pandemic and Implementation of World Bank Supported Education Initiatives in East Africa

M Mhagama, DO Onyango – 2021

… This move did not leave out institutions of learning in Africa, and East Africa in
particular, which equally … In East Africa, the closure of institutions of learning such
as schools is said to have interrupted educational … This will make girls to become …

La paléo de l’Afrique de l’Est

5 – [PDF] Reconstructing vegetation history of the Olorgesailie Basin during the Middle to Late Pleistocene using phytolith data

RN KinyanjuiM MeadowsL Gillson… – … –The African Pollen …, 2021 –

il y a 29 jours – … and Bremond, L., 2009 Phytoliths of East African grasses: An assessment of
their environmental and taxonomic significance based … and Guiot, J., 2008, Phytolith indices
as proxies of grass subfamilies on the East African tropical mountains. Global and Planetary …

4 – Modern pollen studies from tropical Africa and their use in palaeoecology

ACM JulierS Manzano, E Razanatsoa… – … Dynamics–The African … –

il y a 29 jours – … We found that most countries across tropical Africa have some modern pollen
records, with East African countries being … This review is intended to guide palaeoecologists
and palynologists embarking on new studies by bringing together the history of modern …

3 – Lower to Mid-Pliocene pollen data from East African hominid sites, a review

R Bonnefille, B Bourel – Quaternary Vegetation Dynamics–The African Pollen …

… As a result of these new discoveries, geological studies have continued, being
connected to following field expeditions and exploration of new sites in the Ethiopian
Rift. We present here the revised geological context, adding chronological precision … 

2 – Reconstructing vegetation history of the Olorgesailie Basin during the Middle to Late Pleistocene using phytolith data

RN Kinyanjui, M Meadows, L Gillson, MK Bamford… – … Dynamics–The African …, 2021

The Olorgesailie basin, located in the East African Rift System (EARS), southern
Kenya (1.5–1.6S, 36.4–36.5E, 940–1040 m asl), is an important site for
palaeoanthropological, palaeontological and geological research, with sediments …

1 – Changes in the cyclicity and variability of the eastern African paleoclimate over the last 620 kyrs

W Duesing, S Kaboth-Bahr, A Asrat, AS Cohen… – Quaternary Science …, 2021

… sapiens in eastern Africa the climate was distinctly wetter and less variable. …
Trauth: Funding acquisition; conceptualization of the work; revising the manuscript;
Finn Viehberg: revising paleo … Effect of vegetation cover on millennial-scale …

L’histoire de l’Afrique de l’Est

25 – Africanising African history: decolonisation of knowledge in UNESCO’s general history of Africa (1964-1998)

LRC Schulte Nordholt – 2021 – scholarlypublications …

il y a 5 jours – … historical initiative was of the utmost importance, not just because of history
itself, but because … historical discipline, the practice of writing history or the history of history
writing. When used in its sense as the study of historical methods or the philosophy of history I …

24 – Ubuntu Philosophy as a Technology for the Foundational Architecture of African Ecclesiology in Reference to Harvest Revival Ministry Churches in Kenya.

PLO Oduor – East African Journal of Traditions, Culture and …, 2021 –

il y a 7 jours – … The study employs the scholarship of the historical Christian narrative from
the analogical perspective of a journey of the Israelites in the Pentateuch towards Canaan.
This was a journey that was characterized by pulsations of moving and stopping based on the …

23 – Ceramics in Indian Ocean Trade: The East African Experience

V Nowrojee – Matatu, 2021 –

il y a 14 jours – … East African history is poorly documented, and the paucity of written records
makes coinage almost the only link, with porcelain, between archaeology and its recorded
history… items were prized items on the East African Coast, although Chinese utilitarian ware …

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22 – A Lake to Serve: The Exploration, Modification, and Degradation of Lake Victoria, 1920s to 1960s

JC Breitinger – The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 2021 – Taylor & Francis

il y a 16 jours – … Indeed, the patterns of the scientific exploration of East African great lakes and
its reciprocal effect with the development of the … The study was commissioned by the
Conference of the East African Governors, who expressed their gratitude afterwards. Copies were …

21 – [PDF] Impacts of the Land Tenure System on Sustainable Land Use in Ethiopia

H AzadiS Movahhed Moghaddam… – … to Sustainable Life on …, 2021 –

il y a 18 jours – … However, Ethiopia’s history has witnessed different rulers during different
epochs, and this has brought different land management systems. Ethiopia is the … Several
theories about the factors affecting living and land management in the East African highlands have …

20 – An exploration of media regulation and accountability

L Obonyo – The Global Handbook of Media Accountability, 2021 –

il y a 18 jours – … e history is rooted in the jostling for space at the newsstands by businesses, like
the … e East African Standard had until 1963 been identified with the colonial administrations
and was the dominant paper. Besides the Daily Nation and the East African Standard, …

19 – The World Wars and Their Legacies in Africa and in the Affairs of Africans: The Case of East Africa—Kenya

EC Ejiogu, A Igwedibia – Journal of Asian and African …, 2021 –

il y a 19 jours – … ’s body politic remains a recurrent feature of governance in that East African state.
The analytical reconstruct that emerged in the article is … The distillation piece of scholarship
that ensues here in this article conveys the powerful extent to which the personal history …

18 – Creating Their Own Future by Face-to-Face Negotiation: Lifeworld of East African Pastoralists.(Koushou ni Sei o Kakeru: Higashi Afurica Bokuchikumin no Seikatsu …

T SAGAWA – 2021 –

il y a 19 jours – … Chapter 1 (Society and History of the Turkana) provides a general outline
of the society and history of the Turkana. In a Turkana’s life, livestock play indispensable
roles not only economically but also socially and culturally. Patrilineal descent groups, territorial …

17 – Risk Factors Associated with The Development Of Endometriosis

M Ezekiel, MV Agnes, K Lutz – 2021 –

il y a 21 jours – … Several factors including the genetic profile, menstrual characteristics,
reproductive history, Müllerian duct anomalies and uterine growths, as well as the hormonal
and metabolic environments have been suggested to be involved in the onset of endometriosis. …

16 – Imperialism and Development: The East African Groundnut Scheme and its Legacy, by Nicholas Westcott

A Sutton – The English Historical Review, 2021 –

il y a 23 jours – The East African Groundnut Scheme, running from November 1946 to
January 1951, is infamous. It is a notorious catastrophe of British colonial development and
a peerless example of imperial hubris. It must be mentioned in most modern British history  …

15 – Scale matters: A Spatiotemporal Analysis of Freshwater Conflicts from 1900-2019

DH Dinko – Water Resources Management, 2021

… water conflicts, intrastate conflicts are predominantly in India and East Africa. In
contrast interstate, water conflicts are more common in Central Asia and East Africa. …
Critics, however, undercuts the points to the fact that reductionists ignore diversity …

14 – 3. Decolonization in Africa: Experiences in International Responsibility

B Urquhart – Decolonization and World Peace, 2021

… Looking back on the history of Africa for the last hundred or so years, one is
inclined to question the applicability of the word “responsibility.… increasingly
concerned with the effects of decolonization in the Middle East itself, in Africa, and …

13 – [PDF] Impact of Colonial Land Policies on Agriculture in East and West Africa

P Torru, W Island

… In that case, the colonial land administration in West Africa may not have been
different from that in East Africa. (Hopkins:1973:213) In … For this reason, there
were more plantations in East Africa, especially Kenya, than in West Africa due to …

12 – [PDF] History, Memory, and the Heritage of Slavery on the Kenyan Coast

PO Abungu, C Coret – 2021

… The history of these two places is linked to slave trafficking at its height in East
Africa in the nineteenth century. Many runaway slaves (watoro in kiswahili) settled in
the Witu region in the middle of the nineteenth century, after having, for many of them …

11 – Validity and acceptability of the Swahili pGALS screening tool at a tertiary referral hospital in Kenya

K Jacqueline, N Anthony, M Angela – Rheumatology, 2021 –

il y a 25 jours – … Evidence suggests poor practice of paediatric musculoskeletal clinical skills
could be a cause for delay and that history suggestive of … Swahili is well understood and
spoken in Kenya and other East African countries and for the pGALS to be incorporated in our …

10 – A Spirit of Revitalization: Urban Pentecostalism in Kenya, by Kyama M. Mugambi

A Dunlop – Evangelical Quarterly: An International Review of Bible …, 2021 –

il y a 27 jours – … He provides not only a history of the rise of Pentecostalism in Kenya (chs. 1–4),
but an … The testimony became ‘a pillar of East African Charismatic expressions of Christianity’
(… The testimony became ‘a pillar of East African Charismatic expressions of Christianity’ (…

9 – Clinical, imaging and pathological characteristics of pancreatic tumors among adult patients at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret, Kenya

WA Abila – 2021 –

il y a 30 jours – … Kenya reports a uniquely high incidence of pancreatic cancer in the EastAfrican
region. Increased recognition of mass forming … There was a low incidence of smoking,
alcohol use, family history of cancer, individual history of cancer and pancreatitis. The most …

8 – The Post-Independence Theatres of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

J Plastow – A History of East African Theatre, Volume 2, 2021 – Springer

il y a 33 jours – So much theatre has been made in these nations post-independence that a
comprehensive overview would be impracticable. This chapter therefore offers an
historicised framework into which are interpolated a series of case studies of important …

7 – Theatre for Development in East Africa

J Plastow – A History of East African Theatre, Volume 2, 2021 – Springer

il y a 33 jours – Under the umbrella heading of Theatre for Development, but encompassing a
host of forms of social activist theatre, this chapter offers the first regional history of how and
why such productions have come, from the 1980s, to dominate the theatre landscape in …

6 – Colonial Theatre in British East Africa: Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika

J Plastow – A History of East African Theatre, Volume 2, 2021 – Springer

il y a 33 jours – Covering a period from the 1920s to the early 1960s this chapter explores
how indigenous cultural, Christian missionary and western educational forces all affected
the development of theatre in the colonial period. The significance of major colonial cultural …

5 – Francophone Theatre: Burundi, Djibouti and Rwanda

J Plastow – A History of East African Theatre, Volume 2, 2021 – Springer

il y a 33 jours – This chapter is concerned with the particular influences and theatrical outputs
resulting from the dominance of a francophone cultural and linguistic sensibility. It compares
the Belgian colonial influence in then Ruanda-Urundi with that of the French in Djibouti …

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4 – A History of East African Theatre, Volume 2: Central East Africa

J Plastow – Springer

il y a 33 jours – This is the second volume of A History of African Theatre. Volume one began
with an extensive contextualising introduction to the major concerns of theatre across the
whole region before focusing on the theatres of the Horn of Africa, looking at Somali …

3 – The Journey of the Church: Engagement and Interactions through the Crisis towards the Finish in Alignment with Eschatological Times.

PLO Oduor – East African Journal of Traditions, Culture and …, 2021 –

il y a 34 jours – … The study employs the scholarship of the historical Christian narrative from
the analogical perspective of a journey of the Israelites in the Pentateuch towards Canaan.
This was a journey that was characterized by pulsations of moving and stopping based on the …

2 – Landslides in a Changing Tropical Environment: The North Tanganyika-Kivu Rift Region, Africa

A Depicker – 2021 –

il y a 35 jours – … mountainous environment embedded in the western branch of the EastAfrican
Rift. The area encompasses parts of the eastern … To reconstruct the forest cover trends, we
rely on the historical aerial photographs of 1958 that are conserved at the Royal Museum …

1 – Mitochondrial DNA D‐loop sequence analysis reveals high variation and multiple maternal origins of indigenous Tanzanian goat populations

A Nguluma, M Kyallo, GM Tarekegn… – Ecology and …, 2021 – Wiley Online Library

il y a 35 jours – … The Small East African (SEA) goat are widely distributed in different agro-
ecological zones of Tanzania. We report the genetic diversity, … Studying the genetic history
of domestic animals can provide crucial clues about past events and main pathways used for …


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