2024: GDR-Rift Symposium


May 13-17 2024 

GDR Rift Symposium

Maasai Mara University in Narok, Kenya, will host the next GDR Rift symposium in May.
This international meeting will be structured along scientific presentations, training for students and staff, and 2 days of scientific visits around the host site.

The symposium will address 4 main themes:

  • Geophysics, modeling and AI trends towards conservation of the Rift
  • Innovative approaches for ecology and biodiversity conservation in the Rift
  • Energy versus ressources paradigme in the Rift
  • Emerging challenges in human and animal health in the Rift

The full program and registration details will be provided at a later date.

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Composition of the scientific committee for the 2024 symposium:

  • Dr. Aloys Osano, MMU
  • Prof. Romulus Abila, MMU
  • Prof. Justus Simiyu, MMU
  • Prof. Olga Otero, Univ. Poitiers
  • Dr. Doris Barboni, CNRS
  • Dr. Jean-Baptiste Eczet, EHESS
  • Mr. Bakari Chaka, MMU (Secretariat of the Team)


  • Mr. Reson Lankeu, MMU (invited)
  • Dr. Charity Konana, MMU (invited)
  • Dr. Christel Tiberi, CNRS (invited)



Great African Rift
Interdisciplinary Group

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