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BRUGAL Jean-Philip – INEE UMR 7269 –
LAMPEA – Aix-en-Provence

Jean-Philip BRUGAL EmeritusCNRS senior Researcher INEE, UMR 7269 LAMPEA Aix-en-Provence jean-philippe.brugal[at] Personal page Quaternary studies in the field of animal communities with integrated approaches of paleontology, zooarchaeology and taphonomy. Actualist and (paleo)eco-ethological studies, especially on human and animal predation. Reconstruction of paleoenvironments and climatic context in the Plio-Pleistocene. Expertises / Field to study Paleoecology Paleoenvironment…
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SMITH Benjamin – INEE UMR 7264 – CEPAM – Nice

Benjamin SMITH Postdoctoral Researcher INEE, UMR 7264 CEPAM -Nice bdsmith1991[at] Personal page Research themes: Late Pleistocene and early Holocene hunter-gatherer societies in Africa. I am interested in the organization of hunter-gatherer lithic technology, especially stone procurement. My research explores how technological organization can be studied to understand the major evolutionary and demographic changes of the…
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ADONGO Christine – INSHS UMR 8177 – EHESS-IIAC – Paris

Christine ADONGO PhD Student INSHS, UMR 8177 EHESS-IIAC, Paris adongoc[at] Personal page Christine Adongo is currently an early stage researcher doing PhD at l’Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS – Paris), and a member of Institut Interdisciplinaire d’Anthropologie du Contemporaire (IIAC). She attained both her bachelors and Masters degrees in Environmental science at…
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EPOC – Univ. Bordeaux

Hugo ALBAREDES PhD Student INSU, UMR 5805 EPOC, University of Bordeaux hugo.albaredes[at] Personal page My PhD research is about finding and dating cryptotephras in marine sediment cores around the Horn of Africa, over the last million years. The aims are : to provide a tephrostratigraphic framework, and to correlate these tephras with tuffs from the…
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ASSEFA Gettie Yared – INEE UMR 5199 – PACEA – Univ. Bordeaux

Gettie Yared ASSEFA PhD Student INEE, UMR 5199 PACEA, Université de Bordeaux yaredsefa[at] Currently working as curator at the National Museum of Ethiopia in paleoanthropology, in Addis Ababa, and PhD student in PACEA lab in Bordeaux for African hominin fossils study, especially dental material. Expertises / Field to study Paleoanthropology Countries of activity in the…
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BARBONI Doris – INSU UMR 7330 – CEREGE – Aix-en-Provence

Doris BARBONI CNRS Researcher INSU, UMR 7330 CEREGE, Aix-en-Provence barboni[at] Personal page I study fossil pollen and phytoliths as paleobotanical markers of past vegetation in order to reconstruct paleovegetations associated with Mio-Pliocene and Pleistocene hominins in Central and East Africa. I am interested in the interactions between plants, vegetation and present-day climate in the tropics,…
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BEAUDET Amélie – INEE UMR 7262 – PALEVOPRIM – Univ. Poitiers

Amélie BEAUDET CNRS Junior professor INEE, UMR 7262 PALEVOPRIM, University of Poitiers beaudet.amelie[at] Personal page Expertises / Field to study Evolution Paleoanthropology Paleontology Countries of activity in the Rift Bostwana Malawi Mozambique GDR Rift Research theme The Rift heritages Training / Education Search for GDR Rift members by Institute / Laboratory / Other Expertises /…
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BEDANE Tomas Getachew – INEE UMR 7262 – PALEVOPRIM – Univ. Poitiers

Tomas Getachew BEDANE PhD Student INEE, UMR 7262 PALEVOPRIM, Université de Poitiers tomas.getachew.bedane[at] Personal page Currently, I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Poitiers. My research interest focuses in exploring the relationships between morphology and dietary behavior of megaherbivores (proboscidean; elephants, and their relatives) revealed from hominid bearing sites of the Afar Rift…
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BLANC Guillaume – INSHS UR 7468 – Tempora – Univ. Rennes 2

Guillaume BLANC Assistant Professor INSHS, UR 7468, Tempora Université de Rennes 2 guillaume_blanc[at] Personal page Expertises / Field of study History Countries of activity in the Rift Ethiopia GDR Rift Research theme The Rift heritages Natural resources Search for GDR Rift members by Institute / Laboratory / Other Expertises / Field of study Countries of…
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BLASI-TOCCACCELI Alicia – Glendal campus –
Midwestern University – USA

Alicia BLASI-TOCCACCELI Postdoctoral researcher Glendal campus, Midwestern University, USA ablasi[at] Personal page I study functional anatomy of plio-pleistocene hominins’ shoulder with biomecanical modeling methods. Notably, I work with Omo Group Research Expedition from the lower Omo Valley. Expertises / Field to study Modeling Paleoanthropology Countries of activity in the Rift Ethiopia GDR Rift Research theme…
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