Monthly bibliography review :
January 2022

Monthly bibliography review

January 2022

You will find some references monthly collected on the web related to the main topics of our communities. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, and you can mention any additional work or text to complete it. These references will be stored after one year in the tab Knowledge transfer / books – publications.

East African Rift

9 – [HTML] Sediment provenance and silicic volcano-tectonic evolution of the northern East African Rift System from U/Pb and (U-Th)/He laser ablation double dating of …

EE ZawackiMC van SoestKV Hodges, JJ Scott… – Earth and Planetary …, 2022 – Elsevier

… Detrital zircons from two major rift basins within the East African Rift System
(EARS) provide a means to evaluate not only sediment provenance and landscape dynamics
in sedimentary basins, but also the timing of the silicic volcano-tectonic evolution of the rift …

8 – [HTML] Spatial variability of geogenic contaminants in drinking water sources: Insights into hydrogeological controls, geospatial data for safe water supply and …

J Ijumulana – 2022 –

… The positive low-low spatial patterns were determined around the major
and minor rift valley escarpments both in the west and east of the East African Rift Valley (EARV)
graben and around the stratovolcanoes within the graben. Other potentially toxic elements …

7 – Spatial modeling of the occurrences of geogenic fluoride in groundwater systems and implications for the provision of safe drinking water in Tanzania

J IjumulanaFJ Ligate, P Bhattacharya, A Ahmad… – 2022 –

 … In this study, the machine learning approach was developed and used to
study the environmental factors controlling the local variability in fluoride concentration in
drinking water sources of northern Tanzania within the East African Rift Valley. The approach …

6 – [HTML] Thermal structure of the African continent based on magnetic data: Future geothermal renewable energy explorations in Africa

S ElbarbaryMA ZaherH SaibiAR Fowler… – … and Sustainable Energy …, 2022 – Elsevier

… Shallow DBMS regions appear to be associated with active rifting (eg, the
Red Sea, East African Rift system) and localized volcanism or thermal plumes (eg, Hoggar
and Tibesti). The DBMS increases towards the central north (Libya) and central parts of Africa (…

5 – East Africa’s Human Environment Interactions: Historical Perspectives for a Sustainable Future

R Marchant – 2022 – Springer

… environmental contrasts and environmental variability comprises the great
East African Rift System, volcanic mountains, extensive … of the uplifted geology resulted in
the topographically complex landscape that we know today as the East African Rift System with …

4 – The principles of helium exploration

D Danabalan, JG Gluyas… – Petroleum …, 2022 –

… Tanzanian section of the East African Rift as a case study. … East African Rift
contain most if not all of the pre-requisites for an economic helium province. Noble gas data
from gas seeps in the West and East branches of the Tanzanian section of the East African Rift …

3 – Some of the geological challenges and opportunities associated with the dynamics of the Cenozoic East African Rift System

GJ Hearn – Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and …, 2022 –

… The third axis comprises the East African Rift System (EARS) that formed
from the Early Miocene (c. 20-25 Ma) by the easterly-… Impact of the East African Rift System
on the routing of the deepwater drainage network offshore Tanzania, western Indian Ocean. …

2 – Preliminary Seismic Hazard Analyses for the Ugandan Region

D Cheriberi, E Yee – Applied Sciences, 2022 –

… in the southern part of the country and the East African Rift branch which runs
from lake Turkana in the north to Lake … the East African Rift System, the seismicity and structural
geology in the country is dominated by the tectonics associated with this East African Rift …

1 – [HTML] Holocene Environmental History of Lake Chamo, South Ethiopia

E Carr –

… Abstract East African Rift Valley Lakes hold a rich source of information for
palaeoclimate change. Specifically, the sediment archives of Lake Chamo, one of the Ethiopian
Rift Valley Lakes, reveal short-term climatic fluctuations and environmental instability during …

East African populations

3 – Social Cohesion and Refugee-Host Interactions: Evidence from East Africa

AMS Betts, MF Stierna, N Omata, OCB Sterck – 2022 –

… interaction in shaping social cohesion between refugees and host communities
in East Africa. It draws upon first-hand quantitative (n… It also suggests that ethno-linguistic
proximity between refugee and host populations is associated with more positive attitudes. In …

2 – Ethnobotanical Uses, Nutritional Composition, Phytochemicals, Biological Activities, and Propagation of the Genus Brachystelma (Apocynaceae)

AO Aremu, NP Hlophe, J Van Staden, JF Finnie – Horticulturae, 2022 –

… that are traditionally utilised among rural communities, especially in East
Africa, southern Africa, West Africa, and northern and … The need for new propagation protocols
to mitigate the declining wild populations and ensure their sustainability remains pertinent…

1 – [HTML] Detection and population genetic analysis of kdr L1014F variant in eastern Ethiopian Anopheles stephensi

JN Samake, S Yared, D Getachew, P Mumba… – Infection, Genetics and …, 2022 – Elsevier

… Anopheles stephensi is a malaria vector that has been recently introduced into
East Africa… stephensi populations in Ethiopia to inform vector control strategies. In the present
… by comparing the vgsc gene in the two populations. We found no kdr mutations in the …

East African environments

5 – The role of pathogen mediated insect superabundance in the east‐African emergence of a plant virus

R DonnellyCA Gilligan – Journal of Ecology – Wiley Online Library

… landscape populations of the insect, have been implicated in cassava virus
emergence. Studies have been unable to select from several hypotheses, however, as to the
dynamic drivers of superabundant whitey associated with the emergence in eastAfrica of …

4 – [HTML] Detection and population genetic analysis of kdr L1014F variant in eastern Ethiopian Anopheles stephensi

JN Samake, S Yared, D Getachew, P Mumba… – Infection, Genetics and …, 2022 – Elsevier

… Anopheles stephensi is a malaria vector that has been recently introduced into
East Africa… stephensi populations in Ethiopia to inform vector control strategies. In the present
… by comparing the vgsc gene in the two populations. We found no kdr mutations in the …

3 – Origin, Persistence, and Vulnerability to Climate Changes of Podocarpus Populations in Central African Mountains

J Migliore, AM Lézine, M Veuille, G Achoundong… – Forests, 2022 –

… populations occur in East Africa, only a few isolated and usually small
populations remain in western Central Africa (Cameroon to Angola). Studying the evolutionary
history of such relictual populations can … 1000 km) in East Africa, contrary to what we observed in …

2 – East Africa’s Human Environment Interactions: Historical Perspectives for a Sustainable Future

R Marchant – 2022 – Springer

… East Africa covers an area of about 6.2 million km2 and, for the purposes
of this book, comprises the countries of Kenya, Tanzania, … Thus, East Africa varies from
wet and cold highlands with remnants of permanent ice through to arid lowlands, from hyperhumid …

1 – [HTML] Improved detection of abrupt change in vegetation reveals dominant fractional woody cover decline in Eastern Africa

TA Abera, J HeiskanenEE MaedaBT Hailu… – … Sensing of Environment, 2022 – Elsevier

… In this study, we analyzed fractional WCCs in East Africa during 2001–2019.
New WC loss hotspots and degradation corridor, which were not captured in global products,
were identified near protected areas and in agricultural lands located close to pastoral and …

East African society

5 – Investigating the Effects of Tour Guides Training on their Performance in Kenya

F Kabii – Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol …, 2022 –

… In Kenya, little research has been conducted to determine the role of guides in
satisfying customers and protecting the environment… (x 2 =0.254,df=2,P=0.885) and training
on culture and history of East Africa (x 2 =1.140,df=2,P=0.566). Respondents’ training needs …

4 – [HTML] Enhancing national climate services: How systems thinking can accelerate locally led adaptation

A Grossi, T Dinku – One Earth, 2022 – Elsevier

 … In this perspective, we highlight two recent projects in East Africa that
acknowledged ENACTS early as one component in a broader climate services ecosystem. In
doing so, we illustrate how the social, political, institutional, and cultural systems surrounding …

3 – The application of solar drying process for the valorisation of papaya fruit

I Pacifico, L De Gara, A Stellari, L Marinoni… – … Food Research and …, 2022 – Springer

 … Food loss and malnutrition are critical aspects of modern society and a
source of concern especially in developing countries, such as East Africa. The aim of the work
was to provide an eco-sustainable solution to both problems, using an economical and green …

2 – [LIVRE] First People: The Lost History of the Khoisan

A Smith – 2022 –

… During my stay in East Africa I had the opportunity to visit Maasai homesteads
(manyattas), my first contact with Africa’s pastoral … We also have to consider when the shift
took place from male dominance in society, as seen in the larger non-human primates, such …

1 – [PDF] Vernacular Broadcast and National Disintegration in East Africa

IS Thuranira –

… conflict and tension in society leading to break ups of nationhood in various
states in East Africa. The paper isolates two case … effectiveness in reaching out to even the
nonliterate members of the society. However, the researcher also found out that there are other …

East African paleo

3 – [HTML] Stratigraphic divisions and their stratigraphic framework and correlation in Northeast Africa

C WANG, W XIANG, F LI, J WANG… – Geological Bulletin of …, 2022 –

… events, discuss about the paleo-geomorphic in study area during the
Mesozoic, and analyze the areas with prospecting potential. … and eastern Ethiopia:implications
for crustal evolution in East Africa[J].Journal of African Earth Sciences, 1998, 26(2):207-227. …

2 – The use of Z-scores to facilitate morphometric comparisons between African Plio-Pleistocene hominin fossils: An example of method

JF Thackeray, O Kullmer – South African Journal of Science, 2022 –

… South Africa and East Africa each have a rich palaeoanthropological
heritage, but the taxonomy of fossil hominins from these regions is controversial. In this study,
two morphometric methods related to the quantification of variability in morphology have been …

1 – [HTML] Holocene Environmental History of Lake Chamo, South Ethiopia

E Carr –

… The sediment core from Lake Chamo provides additional results about the
timing and process in East African climate changes during Holocene. This study is significant
because, other than a recent investigation of the physical parameters of Lake Chamo and its …

East African history

6 – Distribution and occurring state of copper-gold mineral resources in Northeast Africa

F LI, W XIANG, C WANG, G ZENG, F WU… – … Bulletin of China, 2022 –

… Copper-gold deposits are the main types of mineral resources in Northeast
Africa with great metallogenic potentials,and their metallogenic processes are closely related
to the evolution history of Nubian Shield in the east African orogenic belt.Orogenic gold …

5 – Routes to Emancipation in East Africa

F Becker, M Liebst – Oxford Research Encyclopedia of African History, 2022 –

… As state power was weak along the East African Coast in the 19th century,
abolition was almost impossible to thoroughly impose, as the British colonizers soon discovered.
In Lamu, Kenya, most slave owners retained their slaves despite the 1907 ordinance, …

4 – Zadok Adolu-Otojoka and Music Education in Uganda: An Oral History

M Wabyona – Journal of Historical Research in Music …, 2022 –

… East African region. Although his career is widely discussed, very little or no
documentation of his celebrated life is available for reference. Therefore, this oral history was
intended to chronicle historical … have inspired many across the East African region to pursue …

3 – Kuwait’s foreign relations with East Africa

MA Leichtman – The Gulf States and the Horn of Africa, 2022 –

… To contextualise this recent focus, this chapter will outline the history of relations
… on the long history of relations between Kuwait and Tanzania, the largest East African …
the Human Development Index, has a unique history and foreign policy that led the vulnerable …

2 – East Africa’s Human Environment Interactions: Historical Perspectives for a Sustainable Future

R Marchant – 2022 – Springer

… My own approach to working across the East African region and being able
to connect to its’ peoples, places, and history has been profoundly influenced by the voices
I have encountered over the past thirty years working in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. …

1 – [CITATION] Reimagining Money: Kenya in the Digital Finance Revolution. Sibel Kusimba. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2021. 240 pp.

D Rodima‐Taylor – 2022 – Wiley Online Library

… Reimagining Money: Kenya in the Digital Finance Revolution is an insightful
ethnography about digital payment in the East African country … Chapter 5 tracks the history of
changing money forms in Kenya, showing that contemporary money networks still coordinate …


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