January 11-14 2022: winter school
“Climate Change and Biodiversity”

Winter school “Climate Change and Biodiversity”

Prospects postponed to a later date which will be communicated to you.

The Institute of Mathematics for Planet Earth is organising a winter school on the theme of “Climate Change and Biodiversity” at the Institut Pascal (Orsay).

It will address the impact and response to climate change and human activities at the population and ecosystem levels, as well as biodiversity management and bio-economy models. Three application-oriented lectures will be given by specialists in these topics and will be complemented by shorter lectures presenting projects at the interface between mathematics and life sciences, as well as current key mathematical questions on these topics.

The school is open to researchers from all disciplines; the participation of PhD and post-doctoral students is particularly encouraged.


Registration is free, compulsory and open until 24/12/2021.

Information and registration on the school’s website: https://impt-biodiv.sciencesconf.org/


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